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Shih Tzu Terrifies Us All By Stealing Owner's Dentures

I love shih tzus, but I'll admit to being biased. My two dogs are a purebred shih tzu and a shih tzu-poodle mix.

So when I say that they are the cutest, cleverest, wonderfulest doggos in the world, I'm 1000% right. Because reasons.

So this sweetheart named Maggie stole my heart immediately.

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I mean, I'm going to follow her on Instagram just to see that sweet face all the time.

But Maggie's cuteness isn't what's made her internet famous.

Instagram | @magstermoomoo

Although it totally deserves to. Look at that sweet face! I want to kiss it and smoosh it so much!

No, Maggie went viral because she was naughty in the funniest, most terrifying way.

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Her mom, Eunice, shared the story on Twitter.

She explained that her father (Eunice's) had been having a bad day with his dentures and took them out before a mid-afternoon nap.

When he awoke, the dentures were gone.

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Since dentures don't tend to walk away on their own, someone must have taken them.

When he discovered that Maggie was the thief, he was greeted with her brand new, *terrifying* smile.

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She hadn't just stolen them, Maggie had managed to get them lodged into her mouth just right.

Like, it's a seriously upsetting look, while also being hilarious.

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I think they belong to her now. I would just get new ones, Grandpa.

While her family has kept the dentures away from her since, Maggie is clearly a dog that likes to get into mischief.

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That's not unusual for the breed. Shih tzu's are sometimes too clever for their own good.

Judging by her Halloween outfit, her family is used to it.

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I want that sweater for my boys. It's delightful.

To follow more of Maggie's shenanigans, check out her account on Instagram.