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John Cena Has Granted Over 600 Make-A-Wish Wishes, More Than Any Other Celebrity

I've never watched wrestling in my life, but I would still count John Cena as one of my favorite celebrities of all time.

Sure, his roles in comedy movies are amazing, but that's not why.

John Cena is constantly giving back.

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Just recently, he donated half a million dollars to the first responders who are fighting the raging wildfires in California, saying, "Out of respect to the people who I truly believe are heroes, my response will be to immediately donate half a million dollars to this cause,” in a Twitter video.

John Cena is also extremely active in the Make-A-Wish community.

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If you don't know, Make-A-Wish is a charity organization that grants the wishes of kids who are incredibly or terminally ill, often involving trips to exciting places or meeting the children's idols.

John Cena has granted over 600 wishes for the Make-A-Wish community.

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That's not only incredibly impressive on its own, but also that's more wishes than any other celebrity has granted.

What an amazing guy!

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When talking about his first experience with Make-A-Wish, Cena said, "I said, ‘If you ever need me for this ever, I don't care what I'm doing, I will drop what I'm doing and be involved because I think that's the coolest thing."

Cena explained that he views it as a gift.

"We've all experienced that joy of giving a gift for the holidays where you just nail it — that's the same gift I get in giving back to people's lives, in being able to give them wonderful emotional moments."

"The fact that I essentially play dress up for a living and can still be a force in providing hope and happiness for children and families?"

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"That’s extra, extra special. You can learn from any and every situation. I learned from every single child I meet and their families as well. It's incredibly rewarding."

Cena was asked what he would do if he had one wish.

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"I don’t know if 'Hang out with John Cena' would be at the top of my list," he said, "but fact that that is on someone's list is the coolest thing."

"So, I approach it with that attitude — like this is fantastic, let's make this wonderful."

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That attitude may be why Cena isn't only the celebrity with the most wishes granted, he's the celebrity with the most requests as well — no other celebrity has even passed 300, according to Today.

Cena's dedication to the cause is so inspiring.

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“It's a spectacular thing… When you give them happiness, they get an escape. You don't know the power of hope. Hope can equate to time and that's absolutely priceless," he said.