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Man Rode Electric Shopping Cart From Walmart To Bar To Avoid Drunk-Driving Charge

Those electric carts kept at the front of Walmart locations are usually reserved for people with mobility issues who can't get around as easily as the rest of us and who need a little extra help to get their shopping done.

Of course, some able-bodied people can't resist taking a ride in one of these vehicles themselves. Those are the folks you see in videos on YouTube, whipping around their local Walmart with one hand plunged inside a bag of chips and the other not-so-expertly steering them in and out of aisles.

However, one Houma, Louisiana man wasn't looking to have a little harmless fun when he got behind the wheel of one of these electric carts; he was actually looking to avoid a DWI.

Brice Kendell Williams was recently enjoying a night out on the town at a local bar when he decided to switch locations.

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It was at this point that the 32-year-old realized he was much too drunk to drive his own car. But he wanted to keep the good times going and knew he needed to get to that other bar somehow.

Since he didn't want to risk a drunk-driving charge, he decided to pocket his car keys, which was a good decision.

However, the bad decision came when Williams opted to skip the taxi, Lyft, or Uber route, and picked a different method of transportation.

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According to CNN, he ventured to a nearby Walmart where he stole an electric shopping cart. You know, one of those scooters with a metal basket hanging off the front.

He then proceeded to drive that cart to the bar because hey, you can't get a DWI if you're not a car, right?

Unsurprisingly, one of the patrons at this second establishment called the cops to report that a man had driven up in an electric cart.

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A deputy with the sheriff's office arrived at the bar and saw the cart in question parked in the parking lot between two cars because everyone knows the perfect hiding spot is in plain sight.

As it turns out, Williams managed to drive the cart over half a mile from Walmart, and honestly, I'm just impressed that little scooter's battery actually lasted that long.

Williams was ultimately charged with a felony — "Unauthorized use of a movable", to be exact.

Facebook | Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office

According to the official statement from the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office, he admitted that he had stolen the cart in order to avoid a DWI. And technically, he succeeded. Technically.

Williams' bond was set at $2,500 which is way more than an Uber ride would have cost him. Just saying.

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