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Woman Earns 'Kidz Bop Karen' Nickname For Road Rage Rant In Bizarre Video

You may have noticed that when a video of someone acting unreasonably goes viral, that person will quickly be known by a catchy nickname.

Although names such as "Permit Patty" and "Swing Set Susan" are typically used when the people they encounter suspect racist attitudes, it seems they can now apply in less specific instances of someone making a scene.

Although much is still unclear about the situation that the subject of the full video found herself in, her unusual demeanor does a lot to illustrate the reason for her new nickname.

As far as the video's uploader, 29-year-old Chelsea Klein can tell, her strange encounter began when her Lyft driver cut off another vehicle.

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As she told Fox News, she was unaware of this when the other vehicle's driver gave her the finger, so she responded with a thumbs up.

As the video begins, the woman commenters have since dubbed "Kidz Bop Karen" sarcastically tells Klein she's cute with a wide-eyed expression.

YouTube | Chelsea Klein

Apparently, Klein had told her to calm down when she started berating the Lyft driver, which only enraged the woman further.

As the driver repeatedly apologizes for his apparent mistake, the woman then sticks her tongue out at Klein.

YouTube | Chelsea Klein

Presumably, this was a reaction to Klein's decision to film the encounter. It is unclear how the discussion on cuteness started.

The woman then expresses her impression that Klein thought it was "cute" that the driver "almost hit her kids."

YouTube | Chelsea Klein

She then suggests that Klein needs to apologize for the intent that "Karen" has essentially assigned to her.

Klein then asks her how stopping in the middle of the road helps the situation at all.

The woman retorts by calling Klein a rude word and apparently mimics the way she told her to calm down.

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As the driver attempts to apologize again, "Karen" then indicates that she's not as upset with the driver as she is with Klein.

She then proceeds to unleash more expletives at Klein.

At this point, Klein suggests that the woman's language is setting a poor example for her children.

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She also reminds the woman that her car window is open.

To this, she replies that her kids can't hear the exchange because they're listening to Kidz Bop.

With that, you now know why this woman is referred to as "Kidz Bop Karen."

Contrary to the woman's assumption, Klein said she started filming because she was worried what "Karen" would do in her rage.

As she put it, "I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was filming just in case of an emergency. I still haven’t processed it."

And if you watch the full video, you might understand what's so difficult to process about this encounter.

Be advised that this video contains strong language.