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IKEA Contest Lets Kids Design Their Own Toy And See It Brought To Life In Stores

What isn't there to love about IKEA? They have the cutest home decor and homeware, as well as some pretty fire food and ice cream.

They also have a pretty fly kids section, with shelves full of the cutest stuffed toys, and people absolutely adore them.

While these toys are most likely designed by adult IKEA designers, the Swedish furniture tycoon is holding a contest for kids to design their own toys that could be brought to life!

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It's being put on through their loyalty program IKEA Family.

If you're interested in having your child enter, all you have to do is create an account and upload a photo of your child's drawing by November 21.

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Six lucky children will have their design chosen and transformed into a SAGOSKATT soft toy.

While it is a Canadian contest, these toys will be sold globally, which is wild!

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Here are the full terms on eligibility.

What's great is that 100% of toy sales will be donated to children's charities across Canada.

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I love this idea so much!

We can't wait to see what these creative kids come up with!

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