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Pranksters Replaced Donald Trump Jr.'s New Book In Store

Folks, these are definitely interesting times we live in. Of course, to "live in interesting times" was supposedly an old Chinese curse, and frankly, it's easy to see why it's taken that way. Would you just love some peace and tranquility instead of a cacophony of squabbles?

Sure, that's easy to say now. But honestly, it wouldn't take long to get bored of that. So we may as well grab some popcorn and enjoy the drama while we can.

Donald Trump Jr.'s new book, *Triggered*, hadn't even been on store shelves for a week before pranksters had some fun with it.

Amazon's listing describes Triggered as exposing "all the tricks that the left uses to smear conservatives and push them out of the public square, from online 'shadow banning' to fake accusations of 'hate speech.'"

So that sounds *fun*.

Basically, you can expect more of the same from his social media feed: attacks on the left and victimhood for the right. What else would you expect from the president's son?

So yeah, a few days after *Triggered* made it onto store shelves, it had been pranked.

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Spotted at a New York City Barnes & Noble, the cover had been replaced, with a title reading "Daddy, Please Love Me."

Was somebody actually *triggered*? Were they trying to *trigger* Junior?

As an added dig, the books were put on display in the Young Adult section of the store.

As pranks go, it's been picking up plenty of steam online.

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It's been making the rounds on Instagram and Twitter. On Reddit, a pic somebody grabbed in the store has been upvoted more than 20,000 times, and it's still climbing.

The pranksters behind the new cover have shown off their subversive graphic artistry before.

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The group behind it, which goes by @tglnyc on Instagram and @tglnewyork, has put up posters in the NYC subway system before, like this image prodding Fox News.

T.G.L. stands for "The Good Liars".

It's a team-up between comedians Davram Stiefler and Jason Selvig.

"We decided to make the honest version of Don Jr.’s book cover to help him feel like he could express his feelings to his father, President Trump," they told HuffPost.

Alongside the prank, TGL added #DonnyLovesDaddy which got a lot of love.

Some tweets simply enjoyed the prank itself, while other people began sharing memes and making jokes about other ways Junior "loves Daddy".

Many of their targets seem to be right-wing personalities, but it's worth noting that they've also pranked former Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio, too.

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So far, Donald Jr. has yet to comment on the prank.