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Mom Group On Facebook Crowdsources Life-Saving Organ Donation For Baby

When one mom made a Facebook post in a mom's group in an attempt to find a liver donor for her son, she had no idea that a fellow mom would bravely step forward.

Now this incredible story is capturing the internet's heart and shedding light on the important issue of organ donors.

Parenting groups on Facebook have become popular ways for parents to connect.

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They're a place for parents to vent, share tips, and offer up any hand-me-downs to others who may need them.

One mom was even able to find an organ donor for her young son following a post in a Facebook group for moms.

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Beth Rescsanski of New Haven, Connecticut made a post in a local mom group after finding out that her 11-month-old son, Callum, needed a liver transplant.

Over 100 moms in the group offered to see if they would be a potential match.

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Of those volunteers, a single mom named Andrea Alberto was a match. She agreed to give a piece of herself to this baby, even though she had only seen pictures of him on Facebook.

When asked why she agreed to donate part of her liver to a baby she never met, Andrea's answer was simple.

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"Every time, my answer is the same: we are all in this together. I believe the world is good; I believe people care about and for each other; and I believe if one of my kids needed something, someone in my network would step forward and offer all they could," she said on a fundraising page.

Andrea left her own two sons at home and travelled from Boston to New Haven for the procedure.

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Andrea is only the 97th unrelated liver donor to be recorded. Liver transplants involve taking a small piece of the organ from a matched donor and transplanting it in the recipient. Over time, the transplant will grow to the size of the full organ.

The transplant was successfully completed on September 24, 2019.

Facebook | Andrea Alberto

Both Andrea and Callum recovered from the 10-hour surgery and Andrea said she's happy that her liver has a new "home" in Callum.

Even though she donated a part of herself, Andrea said she's gained so much from this experience.

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"I am so grateful I was able to walk this path and for all those who walked with me. I cannot adequately express my gratitude," she said in a Facebook post.

Andrea hopes her story will inspire others to consider organ donation as well.

Facebook | Andrea Alberto

"The decision to donate was an easy one for me, but I am constantly reminded of (and surprised by) how rare this is. There were 401 living liver donors in 2018.. but there are over 13,000 people waiting for a healthy liver," she said in a Facebook post.

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