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Jeff Goldblum Says He Would Consider Working With Woody Allen Despite Sexual Abuse Allegations

Actor, Jeff Goldblum says that he would still consider working with Woody Allen again, despite the sexual abuse allegations that have been hovering over him for months.

Renowned filmmaker, Woody Allen, was accused by his daughter, Dylan Farrow, of molesting her when she was seven years old.

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Her adoptive mother, Mia Farrow, and Woody, co-adopted all of Mia's children during their relationship.

Their breakup was followed by a bitter custody battle for the three children and Woody, ultimately, marrying Mia's daughter from a previous marriage, Soon-Yi Previn.

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Soon-Yi and Woody have been married since December 22, 1997, and have two adopted daughters together.

Woody was never prosecuted over the molestation charges and he strongly denies their validity.

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But Dylan and her mother continue to fight tooth and nail to prove his alleged guilt.

While many actors have sworn off working with Woody Allen ever again, including Greta Gerwig, Ellen Page, Evan Rachel Wood, and others, others have publicly admitted that they would still be willing to.

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Scarlett Johansson, for instance.

When Scarlett was asked in an interview how she felt about Woody, she said: "I love Woody. I believe him, and I would work with him anytime."

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"I see Woody whenever I can, and I have had a lot of conversations with him about it. I have been very direct with him, and he's very direct with me. He maintains his innocence, and I believe him."

"It's hard, because it's a time where people are very fired up, and understandably," she added.

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Things needed to be stirred up, and so people have a lot of passion and a lot of strong feelings and are angry, and rightfully so. It's an intense time."

And now, Jeff Goldblum has said that he would work with Woody again as well.

Jeff, who has worked with him before on the film, Annie Hall, believes that Woody deserves due process.

“I know I enjoyed working with him many years ago," he continued. "And I sat in with his band once too."

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He explained that he does, however, very much support the #MeToo movement.

"Even though I feel like this cultural shift [the #MeToo movement] is very, very positive and long overdue," he said.

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"I support it wholeheartedly and take it very seriously, I also admire his body of work.

"So I would consider working with him again, until I learned something more [negative]."

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Many fans have taken to Twitter to drag Jeff for the comments he made about working with Woody again.

Fans are suggesting that Jeff Goldblum siding with Woody Allen is worse than him unexpectedly dying.

This is obviously extreme, but it goes to show how angry some people are over this.

Others respected that Jeff believes everybody deserves to be assumed innocent until proven guilty but still think Woody is "creepy" regardless.

Marrying your step-daughter is certainly unconventional by most standards...

Handfuls of people are actually canceling Jeff Goldbum altogether.

"Well, Jeff Goldblum can [expletive] right off," said another user. "Sadly Jeff Goldblum has left the Holy Trinity," wrote another. "Paul Rudd has ascended, joining Tom Hanks and Keanu Reeves."

Let this be a lesson to all of you: No one is "uncancellable". One wrong move in Hollywood and you will get blacklisted!

"Jeff Goldblum really decided to dive headfirst into being cancelled for being a disappointing predatory creep didn't he? It's like he decided to out with a bang," another tweeted.

Let us know what you think of Jeff Goldblum being open to working with Woody Allen again, despite sexual abuse allegations.

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Is he canceled? Or should he be given the benefit of the doubt?