Ross Marquand Confirms Aaron And Jesus Were Romantic Off Screen On 'The Walking Dead'

The Walking Dead is basically a national treasure at this point, and with good reason.

It was action, drama, adventure, horror, and beautiful love stories all mixed into one neat package.

When we first met Aaron, he was involved in a relationship with Eric.

But unfortunately, during the battle with Negan, Eric didn't survive.

But Aaron found someone as time passed.

At a Comic-Con in Paris, Ross Marquand confirmed their relationship:

“I think it was kind of alluded to, in points. Tom Payne and I, we discussed [it], and we thought they probably were romantic at some point during the six-year time jump,”

He continued by saying:

“We didn’t know how that was going to look, exactly, but we sort of alluded to it. We decided it only made sense, because of their camaraderie, and they’re very similar. They’re both the recruiters for their respective communities, they have a lot in common.”

And Tom Payne agrees.

What a happy couple! Except, Jesus is dead now, so not so much.

Oh well, at least we kind of had it.