On Set Photos Of Angelina Jolie's Suited Up For 'The Eternals' Have Leaked Online

Angelina Jolie has an impressive resume, to say the very least.

But soon she will be able to add Marvel to her ever-growing list, which will definitely have people talking about her again (but really, they never stopped).

Angelina Jolie is a powerhouse of a woman.


She is a phenomenal human being, and a great actress to top it all off.

People love watching her films, and she'll be starring in Marvel's The Eternals soon.

So, who exactly are The Eternals?

They are a group of celestial beings who are committed to fighting for the greater good.

They're like if Guardians of the Galaxy met the X-Men.

Angelina Jolie will be playing Thena.

YouTube | Golden Globes

She is a very wise, and very skilled fighter and was actually named after the Greek Goddess Athena.

As you can see, she is suited up in a gold suit, and her long platinum blonde hair looks amazing.

How excited are you for the film? What are you hoping to see?

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