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Donald Trump Jr. Blasts Joy Behar's 'Blackface' And Whoopi Goldberg's Polanski Comments

So, this went well.

During Donald Trump Jr.'s visit to The View, he went head-to-head with not just Meghan McCain (which we expected), but Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, too.

Some of it involved blackface, some of it involved Roman Polanski, and all of it involved his father, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Jr. visited "The View" with his girlfriend, Kimberly Guifoyle.

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He was there on a tour for his book, Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us.

A big focus of their time on The View was centered around his father's behavior while in office.

Meghan McCain gave Don Jr. an opening to discuss her father.

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He evaded the subject until co-host Sunny Hostin point-blank pointed out that Trump disrespected McCain's father, the late John McCain, a number of times.

"I understand that and I’m sorry about that," he said. "They did have differences, I agree with that."

When asked if insulting gold-star families was worth it, Don evaded giving an answer.

The conversation got very heated.

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After Whoopi and Don Jr. went blow for blow, Joy stepped in to discuss Trump Sr.

"To her point," Joy said, pointing to Meghan, "he also called Mexicans rapists —"

Don cut her off to say Trump meant "some" are.

Whoopi moderated the interruptions and quieted everyone down.

"He called some Mexicans rapists, he attacked the handicapped —"

"That's also not true."

The crowd was not impressed with that denial. She was likely referencing the gif above, where Trump was seen mocking a disabled reporter.

Joy continued on.

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"We heard the Access tape where he had bragged about grabbing women by their genitalia.

"That's what Meghan was talking about. She's talking about lowering the discourse to his level. Which is horrible for this country. Even if people are working, we don't wanna have a country like that!"

The crowd applauded her.

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"We've all done things that we regret," Don Jr. began. "I mean, talk about bringing the discourse down: Joy, you've worn blackface —"

"No, I have not," Joy retorted.

Whoopi tried to call a halt.

Don Jr. then brought up Roman Polanski.

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"You said that Roman Polanski — 'It wasn't rape rape,' When he raped a child. So let's talk about serious things."

Don was referencing Whoopi's 2009 comment on The View:

"I know it wasn't rape-rape. It was something else but I don't believe it was rape-rape."

Whoopi: "So, you wanna bring this up?" Me: Oh, it's about to get ugly in here.

Firstly, both Whoopi and Joy insisted that Joy was never in blackface.

In 2016, Joy admitted she went as a "beautiful African woman" for Halloween one year, and showed the pictures on The View. Don Jr. later retweeted a video of her admission.

Whoopi did not think it was blackface.

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"Listen, being black, I recognize blackface. This I can say to you, okay?"

Don nodded.

"Now that you've broken this piece of ice, because I guess this is the fight you wanted —"

Don Jr. insisted that was not the fight he wanted.

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"I'm talking about character," Don Jr. said.

"Are you questioning my character?" Whoopi asked.

Don clarified that no, he was not, but that he believed Whoopi was questioning his father's own character.

Whoopi said she was not questioning anybody.

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"I simply said, when you're talking about your father's 'taken more heat than anybody else,' that is not so."

"As a President? Come on," he said.

"Yes, as a President! Yes!" Whoopi replied.

Kimberly said Trump is getting crushed every day.

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"He's a President!" Whoopi said.

Things then devolved into out and out yelling and arguing, so Whoopi halted the conversation to go to commercial.

She failed to address her Roman Polanski comments.

Don Jr. took to social media after the interview.

Sifting through the retweets on his timeline, he made a few comments about his appearance.

He was most notably happy with how upset the other co-hosts were, particularly Joy and Whoopi.

He also wanted to talk about the Ukraine whistleblower.

The whistleblower's name is being withheld by major press outlets.

The whistleblower's anonymity and their safety against any retaliation are meant to be protected by law. However, pressure has been increasing from Trump allies to publish the name.

You can watch the whole interview here.

Be warned that it is incredibly hard to make out what everyone is saying towards the end, as most of it involved a lot of raised voices and straight-up shouting. (But it's The View, so what else is new).