'Zorro' Reboot Coming To NBC But With A Female Lead

Oh yes, now fans of Zorro can watch their favorite action hero swing and slash his way through bad guys again...

Or should I say swing and slash her way through bad guys.

Yes, Zorro is returning, ladies and gentlemen.


Expect action, expect intrigue and expect romance.

Essentially, expect everything you'd usually expect from a Zorro movie.

This one, however, has a couple of twists to the titular vigilante.

Twists for a modern age...

The first twist for a modern age will be that this Zorro will be set in a modern age.


We're going into the 2020s for this one folks, so don't expect swords and horseback riding.

Also, there's one tiny little detail they're changing about Zorro. That he... will be a she.

What? A gender reversal on a traditionally male character? What will they come up with next!


This Zorro (named Z, possibly for brevity's sake) is described as:

“A female descendant of the warrior bloodline who will go to great lengths to protect the defenseless in her community.”

Right now, it's just in development for NBC


So don't expect anything Zorroish anytime soon, but know this:

In the future, we will be getting a gender-swapped Zorro.

And it will, if everything goes right, be pretty darn cool.