"I'm NOT Babysitting!" Sister's UNBELIEVABLE Reaction to Pregnancy News 🤯

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🤰 Well, well, well... looks like we've got a juicy family drama brewing! 😬 I'm pregnant (yay! 🎉), but my relationship with my childfree sister is getting a bit... complicated. 😅 She's never been a fan of kids, but now that I'm expecting, she's feeling left out. 😢 Buckle up, folks, because this story is a wild ride! 🎢 Let's dive in and see if I'm the a-hole for not involving her more in my pregnancy journey. 🤔

🤰 Pregnancy News: Sister Drama Brewing! 😬

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👩‍❤️‍👩 Trying for a Baby with My Wife 👶

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👭 Tale of Two Sisters: One Loves Kids, One... Not So Much 🙅‍♀️

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😬 Awkward Pregnancy Announcement: "I'm Not Babysitting!" 🍼

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🤷‍♀️ Indifferent Sister, Despite Pregnancy Updates 📅

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😒 No "Aunt" Title, Just Nicknames: Brats, Rugrats, Anklebiters 👶

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🎉 Excited Aunt-to-Be: Name Ideas & Due Date Inquiries 👶

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🤐 Didn't Bother Telling Childfree Sister About Pregnancy 🤰

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😐 Lackluster Reaction: Due Date & Back to Work Talk 💼

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🎥 Sonogram Reveal: Neglected to Tell Extended Family 👪

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🌍 Facebook Announcement: Mum's Family Kept in Touch 📱

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❤️ Positive Response & Support from Mum's Family 🙌

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😡 Upset Sister: Feeling Excluded & Hurt 😢

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🤷‍♀️ My Response: No Interest, No Effort 🚫

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😤 Sister Wants Involvement Now, But I'm Hesitant 🤔

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❤️ Love My Sister, But... 🤷‍♀️

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🤔 AITA for Not Involving My Childfree Sister? 🤷‍♀️

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😬 Sister Showdown: Pregnancy Edition! 🤰

Whew, talk about a family feud! 😅 My childfree sister is feeling left out of my pregnancy journey, but given her history of indifference towards kids and babies, I'm not sure I want to include her more. 🤷‍♀️ I mean, she's called my other sister's kids "brats" and "rugrats" - not exactly the most maternal vibe, right? 😬 But now that I'm posting sonograms and sharing the news with extended family, she's suddenly interested. 🤔 Is it unfair of me to keep her at arm's length, or should I give her a chance to be more involved? 🤷‍♀️ The internet has some thoughts... 💭

Calling your sister to announce your pregnancy isn't that hard 😒

coastalshelves | coastalshelves

Set boundaries but give sister a chance to be supportive 👍

bethfromHR | bethfromHR

Sibling bond trumps pregnancy excitement, YTA needs perspective.

BumDragon | BumDragon

Setting boundaries with family is important. You're not obligated to share.

tiggahiccups | tiggahiccups

Treating sister like extended family, fair response. #NTA 😊

Karlshammar | Karlshammar

Sister's lack of interest in pregnancy makes her not the AH 👍

Weak-Status | Weak-Status

Navigating family dynamics can be tricky, but judging relationships unfairly? YTA.

fivepasttwo | fivepasttwo

Include your sister in the loop despite her disinterest 👍

badwlf55 | badwlf55

Assuming disinterest without communication can lead to misunderstandings. Have a talk. 👍

krissil | krissil

Sister's childfree stance doesn't mean she hates you. YTA. 😠

Deerah | Deerah

NTA. Commenter shares a relatable story about exclusion and hypocrisy.

charlottedhouse | charlottedhouse

Engage in empathy, don't judge based on a relationship. 💜

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister's sudden interest in your pregnancy - NTA

Vinushka23 | Vinushka23

Respect your feelings, not everyone needs to be involved 👍

ChrisPBacon420Blaze | ChrisPBacon420Blaze

Sister's lack of excitement about pregnancy sparks NTA response 🤯

mimi_9999 | mimi_9999

NTA! Your pregnancy, your choice on who to involve 👏

ThePolyMoose | ThePolyMoose

Before making assumptions, try talking to your sister first 👍

dante_ofthe_endfurno | dante_ofthe_endfurno

Middle sister's overbearing behavior makes eldest sister uncomfortable 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries with family during pregnancy 🤯

pandatree_157 | pandatree_157

NTA. Sister's child-free identity is a problem, not yours. 🙅

conservio | conservio

Why would you want a toxic person around your baby? 😒

M0506 | M0506

NTA. Maybe she felt left out and awkward. Don't go out of your way to update her.

sahmwife | sahmwife

Supportive comment congratulating OP on her pregnancy and advising her to reassess the situation if her sister can respect her decision to have kids. 🎉

hrh_lpb | hrh_lpb

NTA comment: Sister's lack of enthusiasm doesn't excuse rude behavior 🙅


Don't shut out your sister. Keep her in the loop 😊

Clarybell90 | Clarybell90

Being child-free doesn't mean being disinterested. NAH, talk it out 👍

Ayo1912 | Ayo1912

Being direct with your sister about her attitude towards children 🤯

EmpressJainaSolo | EmpressJainaSolo

Respecting personal choices is important. YTA for not understanding.

NoApollonia | NoApollonia

Not obligated to tell family, sister dislikes kids interaction.

ItsTinkyWinky | ItsTinkyWinky

Sibling reaction to pregnancy news: NAH, but not supportive 🙅

Whenitrainsitpours86 | Whenitrainsitpours86

Set boundaries with family, not obligated to entertain unsupportive sister. 👍

thin_white_dutchess | thin_white_dutchess

Sibling rivalry or childfree choice? 🤔

Jikook97 | Jikook97

NTA. OP has the right to decide when to share.

Solenthis87 | Solenthis87

OP may be emotionally abusive towards sister. YTA. 😔

smiggypig | smiggypig

Sister accuses OP of playing favorites, YTA according to her.

Harley2280 | Harley2280

Have an open conversation with your CF sister about boundaries. YTA.

Peachw00d | Peachw00d

Sister upset about not being a top priority for involvement 🤯

psych3delicmess | psych3delicmess

Don't be an a**hole, let your sister be there for you 👏

ionights | ionights

Sister had three chances to be an involved aunt. NTA 👍

Cairnwyn | Cairnwyn

Stay connected with your sister during this major life event ❤️

Winnimae | Winnimae

Supportive comment defending OP's decision not to babysit. ❤️

nothinbetterthanne | nothinbetterthanne

NTA comment calls out subreddit hypocrisy on childfree family members.

ifuckinglovedragons | ifuckinglovedragons

INFO: Should you share pregnancy news with less-excited sibling?

SecretBattleship | SecretBattleship

Family drama unfolds as sister refuses to babysit. NTA.

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

Having a baby? Don't force family to be involved. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Suggests clearing the air and moving on after sister's reaction 😕

bunpudding | bunpudding

Mild YTA, but communication could have been better 👍

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

Not a kid person but supportive friend. Sister's being selfish. 🙄

SplodeyCat | SplodeyCat

Empathy and self-awareness are key in any relationship 💜

eldritcheye | eldritcheye

Respect her wishes, NTA. 🙌

bored_in_chemistry | bored_in_chemistry

Respect privacy rights: NTA decides when to share pregnancy news

libdurk | libdurk

It's OP's pregnancy news, not sister's entitlement. #NTA 😊

nilaismad | nilaismad

Including her in the future might be futile 😔

Lolapiranha | Lolapiranha

Expecting her to react the way you want her to? YTA 😒

ashes589 | ashes589

Don't assume childfree means siblingfree. YTA. 👎

itsMalarky | itsMalarky

Don't let your sister's behavior control your relationship. YTA 👀

dcoleski | dcoleski

Navigating family dynamics is tough, but setting boundaries is important. ❤️

russkayastudentka | russkayastudentka

Respectful NTA comment defends childfree lifestyle against entitled sister.

xjsscx | xjsscx

Pregnancy can be hard enough without unnecessary drama and comments. 😒

rhansberry | rhansberry

Respecting boundaries: NTA for not babysitting 🙌

about2godown | about2godown

Sibling jealousy during pregnancy? NTA, focus on positivity 😊

egru-no | egru-no

Respectful boundaries are important. Pregnancy news is personal 💁🏽

joyslinc | joyslinc

Respectful NTA comment advises to communicate with sister about involvement 👍

CinderDroplet | CinderDroplet

Sibling drama over pregnancy news. NTA. 🙅

Hypothetical_Sail | Hypothetical_Sail

Supportive comment, sharing personal experience with unsupportive family member.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister wants in on pregnancy news but is NTA.

codeverity | codeverity

Sister's lack of interest in pregnancy news. NTA.

LadyPundit | LadyPundit

Don't feel obligated to share if she doesn't show interest. 🤷‍♀️

evnthlosrsgtlcky | evnthlosrsgtlcky

Expecting support from CF sister who didn't react well? 🤨

Dogzillas_Mom | Dogzillas_Mom

You have the right to choose who to tell about pregnancy 👍

ParticularGrape9 | ParticularGrape9

Encouraging empathy towards childfree individuals can improve family relationships. ✨

lannabellelee | lannabellelee

Setting boundaries and protecting yourself. NTA for not giving in.

TheDirtyFuture | TheDirtyFuture

Sister's lack of interest and behavior are problematic, but you could involve her more.

squareappleplums | squareappleplums

Why include someone who doesn't care? NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supporting childfree choice but sister's behavior is insufferable. NTA. 👍

murdocjones | murdocjones

Respectful NTA parent-to-be offers olive branch to disinterested sister.

GhostOfAChild | GhostOfAChild

Sister jealous of OP's success, NTA for not including her. 😊

IrradiatedBeagle | IrradiatedBeagle

Setting boundaries with family during pregnancy 🤰🏼

sihaya09 | sihaya09

Encouraging comment on growth & understanding in family dynamics. 👍

Aloha227 | Aloha227

Protecting your child comes first, even from family members. 👍

Radman25426 | Radman25426

Sister upset for not being first to know, not for pregnancy 🤷‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. While some people may not be interested in kids, it's not an excuse to lash out and demand involvement. Sister brought it on herself. 🤷‍♀️

pink_gin_is_life | pink_gin_is_life

Don't exclude your childfree sister from major life events. YTA.

hammetar | hammetar

Being childfree doesn't excuse hateful comments. Respect is key. 💕

notabigdealnow | notabigdealnow

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