Entitled Friend RUINS Game Night by Stealing Wife's Vodka! 😱🚨

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🎲 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy tale of D&D drama that'll make your head spin faster than a natural 20! 😱 Meet our lovely couple: a supportive fiancée and her anxious, D&D-loving man. He finally finds his crew, but there's one bad apple spoiling the bunch - enter Chris, the frat-boy with a penchant for outdated jokes and a serious lack of boundaries. 🙄 When Chris starts helping himself to our girl's top-shelf vodka, things take a turn for the worse. 😠 Get ready for a wild ride filled with awkward confrontations, shattered campaigns, and one burning question: did our heroine ruin her fiancé's beloved game, or was she justified in standing her ground? 🤔 Let's dive in and find out! 🍿

🎲 Fiancé's Exciting New D&D Group! 🐉

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

😄 Meeting New People... Except for Chris 😒

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

🙄 Chris and His Cringeworthy "Jokes" About His Wife

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

🤔 Why Does a Twenty-Something Talk Like a 1950s Oil Tycoon?

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

🏠 D&D Session at Our House... What Could Go Wrong? 😅

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

😠 Chris Helps Himself to My Pricey Vodka! 🍸

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

🤬 Chris's Infuriating Response: "Welcome to Marriage!"

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

😤 Letting It Go... My First Mistake

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

🤨 Fiancé Confirms Chris Didn't Ask Him Either

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

🙃 Another D&D Session, Another Vodka Incident

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

🤯 The Audacity! Chris BYOBs but Still Drinks Mine!

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

😡 Chris Calls Me a B*tch for Complaining!

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

🚨 Enough Is Enough! I Tell Chris to Leave

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

😬 Awkward Aftermath... Did I Ruin the Game?

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

🤔 The Dilemma: Keep Playing with Chris or Start Anew?

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

😕 Fiancé Supports Me, but Worries About Future Problems

goldencain1410 | goldencain1410

😱 D&D Disaster: Did I Ruin My Man's Game Night? 🎲

Well, well, well... looks like our girl found herself in quite the pickle! 😅 She stood up to Chris, the boundary-crossing, vodka-stealing, wife-disparaging "bad boy" of the D&D crew, and now she's worried she might have single-handedly shattered her fiancé's beloved game night. 💔 Talk about a critical fail! 🎲 But let's be real, Chris was way out of line with his entitled attitude and sexist remarks. 😒 Our heroine may have saved the day by giving him the boot, even if it meant risking the campaign. 🦸‍♀️ Now, the question on everyone's mind: was she the a-hole for putting her foot down, or did she roll a natural 20 in the game of life? 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this epic tale of D&D drama! 🍿

Friend steals vodka, ignores rules, and is likely bad DM. NTA.

pnutbuttercups56 | pnutbuttercups56

Start your own DND campaign and leave Chris behind! 🚨

Regular_Sample_5197 | Regular_Sample_5197

DM's extra work doesn't allow raiding players' pantry. NTA.

N_Who | N_Who

Respect people's homes and belongings, even with close friends. 🏠

dasUltimate89 | dasUltimate89

Avoid abusive and thieving players. Explore other gaming groups instead. NTA 👍

soayherder | soayherder

Experienced DM contributes to food/drinks like everyone else 👍

Long-Repeat5208 | Long-Repeat5208

NTA. Banishing Chris until he apologizes and promises not to drink your good booze is reasonable 👍

mmm__donuts | mmm__donuts

DM explains entitlement and suggests Chris apologizes with NAT20.

BuilderCG | BuilderCG

DM steals vodka, commenter supports OP, hopes for better DM 🤞

chuchinchichu | chuchinchichu

Hilarious commentary on entitled friend's outdated vocabulary and behavior.

cheesezombie | cheesezombie

Suggests playing D&D elsewhere to avoid entitled friend Chris 🤔

ha_look_at_that_nerd | ha_look_at_that_nerd

Don't be a sucky houseguest, ask nicely for expensive vodka! 🥂

stolenfires | stolenfires

Stand your ground and don't tolerate disrespect. 💪

fornikate777 | fornikate777

A bad DM can ruin the game and make it bigoted 😕

knightfrog1248 | knightfrog1248

Standing up for yourself is never being the a**hole ✌🏻

advisory-council | advisory-council

Respect is key! Entitled friend ruins game night, not welcome back. 🙅

Missus_Missiles | Missus_Missiles

Respect for personal property is key, NTA 👍🍸

Turtledonuts | Turtledonuts

Stealing someone's vodka and then calling them cheap? 🤦‍♂️ NTA wins

Feeling-Chemist-9394 | Feeling-Chemist-9394

Suggests finding a new DM, securing belongings with empathy.

rivmcd | rivmcd

Chris gets called out, NTA prevails 👏

phrosey | phrosey

Chris is an entitled misogynist who makes boomer jokes. NTA

Idriane | Idriane

Cooking for game night doesn't give Chris the right to steal.

Curious-Charity-5368 | Curious-Charity-5368

Bad friends and bad DND don't mix 🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friend steals wife's vodka at game night, commenter calls him out.

ShinyGallinule | ShinyGallinule

Stealing host's liquor stock? NTA. Entitled friend got booted?

ur_mom_cant_get_enuf | ur_mom_cant_get_enuf

Engage with D&D Discord for alternative game night ideas! 👍

Jaxglonestar | Jaxglonestar

Protective husband/DM won't tolerate entitlement at game night! 👏

Lightworthy09 | Lightworthy09

Cheering for the wife who kicked out entitled DM. 🎉👏 #NTA

Electronic_Ad5751 | Electronic_Ad5751

NTA for standing up to entitled friend; take revenge with DnD.

Emmaryin | Emmaryin

Trashy behavior leads to spared horror story and new DM.

RebelGrrrrrl | RebelGrrrrrl

Chris was definitely in the wrong, and where was the fiancé? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment encourages husband to find new DM or learn DM'ing 👍

lacroixfanboy | lacroixfanboy

Suggests alternatives to deal with problematic DM 🤔

Kushpapa420x | Kushpapa420x

Female gamer defends host's rules, suggests banning entitled friend. 💪

Riyeko | Riyeko

Respectful D&D player defends partner, not tolerating entitlement 💪

Hex_Crossfire | Hex_Crossfire

DMs should mediate issues, not cause them. NTA in this case.

Merri-Weather | Merri-Weather

Don't subject yourself to misogyny and theft at game night! 👎

General-Sentence7047 | General-Sentence7047

NTA shuts down sexist D&D player and suggests alternative game night.

Obeisance8 | Obeisance8

Don't let an incel disrespect you in your own house! 🙅‍♀️

SirHarley | SirHarley

Choosing a bigoted DM over no DM? 🤷‍♀️ NTA, fiance and friends are.

wetcherri | wetcherri

Compliment sparks DM potential in midst of game night drama ✌️

somethingtonote | somethingtonote

DM named Chris steals vodka, but commenter offers DM tip.

Otherwise_Fox_1404 | Otherwise_Fox_1404

Entitled friend insulted and stole alcohol, NTA for kicking out. 👏

BriaKhalifa | BriaKhalifa

Stand firm and kick the entitled thief out! 💪

mkswords | mkswords

NTA gets support for standing up against entitled friend.

sounders127 | sounders127

Entitled friend disrespects host and possibly cheats on wife. NTA.

LuckyRoux89 | LuckyRoux89

Feeling guilty for not feeling guilty about calling someone out. 🤷‍♂️

SierraOscar33 | SierraOscar33

Respect is key. Entitled friend steals vodka and disrespects host. NTA

MissCheyenne14 | MissCheyenne14

Friend steals vodka, husband needs to hold him accountable. 🤔

Strider-SnG | Strider-SnG

A spicy take on re-titling the thread. 🔥

Difficult_Plastic852 | Difficult_Plastic852

Stand your ground and cut off toxic friends. NTA!

Wild_Promise_49 | Wild_Promise_49

Support for standing up against misogynistic behaviour 👏

TheMysticalBaconTree | TheMysticalBaconTree

NTA. Friend's disrespect unacceptable. Partner should support and learn to DM. 💪

WoofingtonSpiff | WoofingtonSpiff

Online DnD games suggested after entitled friend ruins game night.

SJ2012 | SJ2012

Lock up the liquor or find a new game night spot! 🍸

Throwaway_grlacct | Throwaway_grlacct

Take charge and protect your booze with a bra-lock! 💪🍸

LittleRedCarnation | LittleRedCarnation

NTA and a vodka-stealing jackass ruins game night 🤬

Throwjob42 | Throwjob42

Support for kicking out entitled, misogynistic friend from game night.

Secure_Mochinut | Secure_Mochinut

Beware of the vodka-stealing friend, but embrace being a DM! 😎

aiolyfe | aiolyfe

Setting boundaries is important, NTA for standing up for yourself. 💪

ViolaVetch75 | ViolaVetch75

Excluding toxic players for a better game night 👍

GrWr44 | GrWr44

Stand up for yourself and kick that entitled loser out! 💪

DeusIntus | DeusIntus

Take charge and learn to DM for better game nights! 🏖

callmenoodles | callmenoodles

Avoid bad D&D with entitled friends like Chris. NTA.

UndeniablyMyself | UndeniablyMyself

DM is not playing around with entitled friend Chris 🤬

realm_maker88 | realm_maker88

Husband learns to stand up for wife in game night drama ✨

LingonberryPrior6896 | LingonberryPrior6896

Don't let entitled friends ruin game night with theft! 🎲

MissingStarlight | MissingStarlight

Standing up to bad behavior takes courage. Good job! 💪

pastellorama | pastellorama

Bad DM and entitled friend ruins game night. NTA.

redfishie | redfishie

Standing up to sexist friend at game night. NTA wins!

BeTheCheeto | BeTheCheeto

Encouraging comment to learn DMing and avoid power-tripping players. 👍

techsupportlibrarian | techsupportlibrarian

Respect in your own home is non-negotiable! 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Chris steals vodka, but OP and fiancé have each other ❤️

junkdumper | junkdumper

Respect boundaries, bad friends are bad friends. NTA 👍

The_Last_Sunflower | The_Last_Sunflower

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