Seamstress' Strict Return Policy TESTED By Sneaky Teen 😲

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🧵 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy tale of a college student's sewing side hustle gone awry. 😱 Our crafty protagonist makes custom dresses on the cheap for all sorts of fancy events. 💃 She's got a pretty generous return policy, but one customer just might be trying to pull a fast one on her. 🙅‍♀️ Did this girl really follow the rules, or is she just trying to get a free dress? 👗 Let's dive in and unravel this thread of drama! 🍿

🧵 Sewing Savvy College Student's Side Hustle 💃

throwaway5am | throwaway5am

Not Quite Couture, But Customers Love It! 💖

throwaway5am | throwaway5am

The Return Policy Rundown 📜

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A Dress Dilemma Unfolds 👗😱

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Customer Claims Cancellation, Wants Cash Back 💸

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Furious Fashionista Fights Back! 😡

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Worn Once, Can't Be Resold 🙅‍♀️

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Technically Right, Morally Murky? 🤔

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The Great Dress Debacle: Who's in the Right? 👗🤔

Whew, talk about a fashion fiasco! 😅 Our sewing student thought she was being fair with her return policy, but this customer seems to be taking advantage. 😒 I mean, wearing the dress to a different event and then trying to return it? That's just not cool. 🙅‍♀️ But technically, the girl did follow the policy to a T. 📜 So is our seamstress in the wrong for refusing the refund? 🤷‍♀️ The internet is buzzing with opinions on this one! 🐝 Let's see what the masses have to say about this dramatic dress debacle. 🍿👗

Charge a deposit and no returns, stand your ground 💪

Away_Refuse8493 | Away_Refuse8493

Sneaky teen tries to defraud seamstress with dress return 🙅‍♀️

ghostforest | ghostforest

NTA calls out sneaky teen for trying to return worn dress 😲

Brave-Cheesecake9431 | Brave-Cheesecake9431

Teen tries to return used dress, comment defends seamstress's policy.

mizu5 | mizu5

Expert tip: Big retailers sew unreturnable tags on expensive garments. (NTA!)👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sneaky teen tries to cheat seamstress, gets denied refund 👀

FoxUniCarKilo | FoxUniCarKilo

Fair returns policy exploited, refund and policy change suggested. 🙏

StevenKnowsNothing | StevenKnowsNothing

Experienced seamstress advises on handling a sneaky return scam 💁‍♀️

Agitated_Ad3302 | Agitated_Ad3302

Don't mess with small businesses! NTA shuts down entitled customer

StLgogo | StLgogo

Helpful advice on handling tricky customers and protecting your business 👍

JeemsLeeZ | JeemsLeeZ

NTA. Relatable experience at McDonald's with entitled customers.

Leilanee | Leilanee

Strict return policy debated, consensus: NTA, girl takes advantage 🙂

mezza1969 | mezza1969

Sneaky teen caught in a lie, seamstress not obligated 👀

HowardProject | HowardProject

Generous return policy tested by sneaky teen, NTA wins.

BazTheBaptist | BazTheBaptist

Debating between NTA and ESH on sneaky teen's return.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sneaky teen followed policy but still an a**hole. Legal advice given.

jointfamily | jointfamily

Firm but Fair 🙅‍♀️ You're not a department store, no refunds.

VioletSkyeDreams | VioletSkyeDreams

User defends seamstress and advises to update return policy 🧵

Melanie-Littleman | Melanie-Littleman

Sneaky teen tests seamstress' strict refund policy 🤔

nrsys | nrsys

Avoid future problems by stating "no returns" policy upfront. NTA.

trailer_trash_dreams | trailer_trash_dreams

NTA questions seamstress' return policy after sneaky teen's scam.

drfrink85 | drfrink85

Seamstress' return policy tested by sneaky teen, NTA stands firm 💪

Cold-Release4985 | Cold-Release4985

Advice on legal requirements for return policy and dealing with difficult customers 🤔

rollerskatesahoy | rollerskatesahoy

Keep the money! Seamstress' strict no return policy justified. 👍

cupcakesarelove | cupcakesarelove

Advice for small business owners on setting sustainable pricing 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Seamstress gives advice on return policy and pricing. 👍

fishmom5 | fishmom5

Sneaky teen tests seamstress' return policy, but NTA prevails ✂️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Seamstress' return policy backfires on sneaky customer, ESH 🤨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sneaky teenager tries to scam seamstress, NTA wins 💯

handydandy2020 | handydandy2020

Teen tries to exploit return policy, commenter says NTA.

airazaneo | airazaneo

Sneaky teen tries to break policy, gets caught. NTA.

SubtextuallySpeaking | SubtextuallySpeaking

Sneaky teen exposes loophole in seamstress' return policy 🤪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fair judgment with friendly policy suggestion 👍

slippery-pineapple | slippery-pineapple

Business owner faces criticism for strict return policy.

rk06 | rk06

Return policy tested by sneaky teen, ESH in situation.


Straightforward solution to sneaky teen's return attempt 👍

fakemoose | fakemoose

Professional dressmaker defends strict return policy, #NTA 🙌

EndedUpFine | EndedUpFine

Fair judgment but flexible policy could avoid future conflicts 🙌

pompous_poptart | pompous_poptart

Fair judgment on return policy with room to improve. 👍

CADreamn | CADreamn

Update your policy to prevent sneaky returns. 😎

AGirlInTheCityy | AGirlInTheCityy

Legal loophole forces strict return policy, empathetic response offered

[deleted] | [deleted]

Return policy woes: when does one become the a**hole? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Customer accuses seamstress of being unfair with sneaky teen return 😕

grw313 | grw313

NTA defends seamstress' strict return policy 🧵

Lotex_Style | Lotex_Style

Sneaky teen exposed? NTA suspected of lying about event 🤔

Emotional-Lime-2268 | Emotional-Lime-2268

Sneaky teen tries to bypass seamstress' strict return policy 😲

XxmsmaliciousxX | XxmsmaliciousxX

Teen tries to loophole seamstress' return policy, but is called out (NTA)

GeekFit26 | GeekFit26

Sneaky teen exploits loophole in strict return policy. NTA.

FearlessShelterless | FearlessShelterless

Return policy abuse is not acceptable, NTA for enforcing it 👍

tomgeekx | tomgeekx

Clear explanation of return policy, NTA sentiment.

Oscar-D-Grouch70 | Oscar-D-Grouch70

Sneaky teen's return policy scam gets served by seamstress 🔍

Bangbangsmashsmash | Bangbangsmashsmash

Protect yourself and your business: document everything! 👍

justMeinD | justMeinD

Sneaky teen tries to return a used dress - NTA's IG plan.

Belle_Requin | Belle_Requin

Refund policy criticized, but seamstress not at fault. 👍

pintofbeer14336 | pintofbeer14336

Seamstress's return policy challenged by customer's pre-worn dress return. 💃

sari964 | sari964

Seamstress denies refund for sneaky teen's return request. NTA.

KazzaQ66 | KazzaQ66

Clever suggestion to improve seamstress's return policy. 🧵

Eira_Bliss | Eira_Bliss

Customer defends seamstress' return policy, suggests change for better profits 💰

PmMeLowCarbRecipes | PmMeLowCarbRecipes

Sneaky teen tests seamstress' return policy, but NTA in the end.

Stefie25 | Stefie25

NTA but return policy needs updating to avoid sneaky customers 😒

Rayvinblade | Rayvinblade

Sneaky teen tries to return dress, but commenters say NTA 😊

Dimityblue | Dimityblue

Sneaky teen tries to return worn dress, seamstress wins! 👏

fuzzy_mic | fuzzy_mic

Seamstress enforces strict return policy, catches sneaky teen wearing dress.

Status-Pattern7539 | Status-Pattern7539

Customer defends wearing dress and supports strict return policy 😊

Mommy-Q | Mommy-Q

NTA customer tries to cheat seamstress, fair policy enforcement suggested 👍

tomtomclubthumb | tomtomclubthumb

A loophole in the return policy tested by sneaky teen 💰

Bitter_Ad7420 | Bitter_Ad7420

Sneaky teen tests seamstress' strict return policy, NTA claps back

Chaouleon | Chaouleon

Seamstress' strict return policy defended, but warned of potential exploitation 🤔

Flaky_Fee8314 | Flaky_Fee8314

Sneaky teen tries to scam a small business owner 👀

Glasgowghirl67 | Glasgowghirl67

NTA defends small business owner's return policy 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

No refund required for custom-made items unless faulty. NTA.

fruitbat1994 | fruitbat1994

Sneaky teen's deceptive return plan exposed. NTA in sight 😎

PaganMastery | PaganMastery

Seamstress should drop strict return policy according to commenter.

kap2007 | kap2007

Tailor receives support for strict return policy from fellow dress makers.

jupiter0342 | jupiter0342

NTA, but update policy to deny return for wearing to event 😊

Weak-Status | Weak-Status

Value of custom work questioned, no clear winner in argument.

sew_no_mercy | sew_no_mercy

Custom work means no returns, NTA has a point! 😎

Shintox | Shintox

Strict return policy defended, custom dresses can't be returned.

KrazyKatz3 | KrazyKatz3

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