My Dad's Mistress Harassed My Mom... Now She Wants to Play Happy Family 😠

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🍿 Grab your popcorn, folks, because this family drama is juicier than a soap opera! 😱 I'm a 24-year-old affair baby 👶 caught in the middle of a messy family feud. 🔥 My dad's ex-wife and my half-sister have been giving me the cold shoulder since birth, but now that I'm thriving, sis wants to play nice? 🙄 Buckle up, because this story is a wild ride! 🎢

🍼 The Unexpected Affair Baby 👶

MilordGrint | MilordGrint

💔 Divorce and Remarriage 💒

MilordGrint | MilordGrint

😒 The Mutual Indifference Pact 🙈

MilordGrint | MilordGrint

💰 The Bitter Half-Sister's Greed 😠

MilordGrint | MilordGrint

🎓 Dad's Generosity to Half-Sis 💸

MilordGrint | MilordGrint

🤰 Harassing Mom's Complicated Pregnancy 😡

MilordGrint | MilordGrint

🗑️ Half-Sis's Cruel Words & 'Gifts' 😤

MilordGrint | MilordGrint

🚮 The Garbage Bag 'Gift' 🙄

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🌍 Living My Best Life Abroad 🥰

MilordGrint | MilordGrint

😲 Dad's Shocking Revelations 📞

MilordGrint | MilordGrint

👯‍♀️ Half-Sis Wants to Bond Now? 🤨

MilordGrint | MilordGrint

🙅‍♀️ Thanks, But No Thanks Sis 😒

MilordGrint | MilordGrint

🤰 Reminding Dad of the Harassment 😤

MilordGrint | MilordGrint

🤷‍♀️ No Interest in 'Sister Bonding BS' 🙅‍♀️

MilordGrint | MilordGrint

🤔 AITAH for Not Giving Her a Chance? 🗣️

MilordGrint | MilordGrint

Family Feud: Half-Sis Wants to Bond After Years of Harassment! 😱

Little Miss Half-Sis had a change of heart after years of treating me like garbage! She harassed my mom during her pregnancy, wished me dead, and sent me her old clothes in a trash bag. But now that I'm living my best life abroad with my soon-to-be hubby, she suddenly wants to be besties? Sorry, sis, but I'll pass on this 'sister bonding BS.' Let's see what the internet says about this juicy family drama!

A blunt comment on infidelity with a touch of humor 😂

HygorBohmHubner | HygorBohmHubner

NTA. The mistress wants a happy family now? Young and stupid indeed 🤣

churchofdan | churchofdan

NTA is sympathetic towards OP's feelings but holds dad responsible.

ChakraMama318 | ChakraMama318

NTA, but let's not forget neither parent is angelic 🙄

Tasty_Doughnut_9226 | Tasty_Doughnut_9226

Don't forget the other side of the story 😔

Easy_Sector2703 | Easy_Sector2703

Sister is AH but commenter questions 'sweetest person alive' label 🤔

Timely_Tie3496 | Timely_Tie3496

A commenter calls out the poster's mother's affair, offers a different perspective 🤔

SassyQueeny | SassyQueeny

The commenter holds nothing back, calling out the father's infidelity.

DeerBest3901 | DeerBest3901

NTA, but commenter calls out bias and condemns parents' behavior.

OpenlyAMoose | OpenlyAMoose

Forgive sister for mistreating mom? NTA says community 🤔

blueeyed94 | blueeyed94

Family drama at its finest 😠 ESH

BranBranMuffinWoman | BranBranMuffinWoman

A heartbreaking experience of an affair baby. Cheating destroys families 😢

tmink0220 | tmink0220

Intense comment section, accusing all parties of being trash 😠

Mean-Impress2103 | Mean-Impress2103

NTA comments on OP's father's hypocrisy with sarcasm 😜

Trin_itty_bitty | Trin_itty_bitty

Fiery comment calls out mom's infidelity, supports OP's decision.

nazim_yh | nazim_yh

A blunt assessment of the situation and a call for perspective.

Donna56136 | Donna56136

User calls out commenter for defending 'trash parents' 😠

2021disaster | 2021disaster

Harsh criticism towards mother's infidelity, no replies.

shayjax- | shayjax-

No need to entertain the mistress, focus on your new family 👍

Aloreiusdanen | Aloreiusdanen

Empathetic response to complex family situation 🙏

zaritza8789 | zaritza8789

NTA for maintaining relationship but YTA for lack of empathy 😠

mspooh321 | mspooh321

NTA, but commenter points out the impact on dad's prior family 😠

Aberrantkitten | Aberrantkitten

A harsh truth: mom's affair doesn't make her innocent in this.


Understanding the mistress's perspective and considering forgiving half sister.

Constant-Pirate-7722 | Constant-Pirate-7722

Set boundaries with dad, he can't talk to mistress about you. #NTA 👍

TheYankcunian | TheYankcunian

Mother's infidelity caused family trauma, sister not obligated to forgive 😠

Remarkable-Low-643 | Remarkable-Low-643

Divorce is tough, playing happy family with mistress sounds impossible 😠

Last-Mathematician97 | Last-Mathematician97

No sister, no problem. NTA shuts down mistress's request 😌

Cybermagetx | Cybermagetx

Harsh judgment of mother's actions in messy family situation.

NerdyGreenWitch | NerdyGreenWitch

Brutal honesty: everyone in this situation is an a-hole 🤣

Missingthetea | Missingthetea

Mom not innocent, skip meeting dad's mistress turned happy family 🙄

melissa3670 | melissa3670

Empathize with half-sister's anger, but don't defend affair actions 🤷‍♀️

Embarrassed-Yogurt60 | Embarrassed-Yogurt60

Acknowledging mother's past, NTA for not wanting to meet sister

InSilenceLikeLasagna | InSilenceLikeLasagna

NTA OP, but commenter points out mother's affair and dad's wrongdoing 👎

bg555 | bg555

A heartwarming example of how people can change 😊

Money_Amphibian5001 | Money_Amphibian5001

Age matters in reconciliation. NTA for calling out behavior.

MeatOpening3207 | MeatOpening3207

Guilt-tripping to reconcile with affair baby - NTA for refusing 👀

chillipow_ | chillipow_

NTA's step-sibling understandable but blame should be on adults. 😠

Strong-Extension-976 | Strong-Extension-976

Planning for a difficult future: Civility or boycott funeral? 🤔

MelQMaid | MelQMaid

NTA commenter slams the cheating dad and homewrecking mum 🤭

LilacFilter | LilacFilter

Dad's mistress wants to reconcile? She wants something, NTA.

RNGinx3 | RNGinx3

Cut ties with your selfish dad, NTA.

Pink_lady-126 | Pink_lady-126

Reconciliation? More like a delusional happy ending 😑

TalkAboutTheWay | TalkAboutTheWay

NTA, but family is a mess. Sister and dad are AHs.

LandscapeEffective91 | LandscapeEffective91

NTA, but your dad is the real drama queen 🙄

Special-Hyena1132 | Special-Hyena1132

Avoiding rumors is the key 🔑 to solving the problem.

ZPC3zdg3acx9nbtkxc | ZPC3zdg3acx9nbtkxc

Questioning the sister's regret and suggesting NTA for OP

throw05282021 | throw05282021

You're NTA for not wanting to meet your dad's mistress's child 🙅

Weaseltime_420 | Weaseltime_420

NTA commenter calls out age inconsistency and defends against dad's accusation

Petentro | Petentro

No obligation to meet half-sister. Father created drama.

raonstarry | raonstarry

A scathing comment calling out OP for absolving their parents from blame 🤬

rainbookworm | rainbookworm

Harsh truth about infidelity and family betrayal 😞

Crafty_Classroom_239 | Crafty_Classroom_239

Complicated family dynamics with blame on multiple parties 🤷‍♀️

drinkme678 | drinkme678

Half-sister doesn't deserve to meet you or be mentioned. 🙅

Mapilean | Mapilean

NTA calls out father's hypocrisy and predicts sister's motives.

Frequent-Material273 | Frequent-Material273

NTA suspects dad's mistress has ulterior motives 🤔

fading__blue | fading__blue

Choose who you want in your life 👍, regardless of past mistakes 😊

ScriptyLife | ScriptyLife

Sibling rivalry or genuine concern for dad's well-being? 🤔


Family member reaches out on deathbed, treats OP like sh*t 😒

kgbjay | kgbjay

No reason to reconcile with someone who insulted you 🙄

BobTheInept | BobTheInept

Cutting off toxic family members is okay. NTA 🙌

lapsteelguitar | lapsteelguitar

NTA but commenter questions calling mom 'sweetest person alive' 🤔

ComfortableBig8606 | ComfortableBig8606

Sister bond shattered by dad's mistress, now a stranger knows all 😠

ChrisInBliss | ChrisInBliss

Cutting ties with dad after mom's affair. NTA.

Square_Bad_1834 | Square_Bad_1834

Harsh judgement on mother's affair and father's ostracization.

QueenofSheeeba | QueenofSheeeba

Not the a**hole for not wanting to meet dad's mistress.

Accomplished_Buy8681 | Accomplished_Buy8681

Empathetic comment supporting OP's decision-making; acknowledging valid emotions and suggesting setting boundaries.

FatCatsnDogsRule | FatCatsnDogsRule

Don't meet her. Harassed your mom, now wants happy family? 😠


NTA for calling out mistress's regret after years of drama. 👏

katie-kaboom | katie-kaboom

Half DNA means sh*t. She harassed your family, kick rocks 👊

Signal_Historian_456 | Signal_Historian_456

Understanding the complex family dynamics 👀

Cursd818 | Cursd818

No obligation to play happy family with dad's mistress 🙄

PotemkinPoster | PotemkinPoster

OUCH! Comment calls out mom's affair with a married man 🤯

Early-Tale-2578 | Early-Tale-2578

Sarcasm at its finest... 🙄

SweetLanchik | SweetLanchik

Support for NTA verdict and sarcastic congrats on nuptials 😠

Fit_Measurement_1871 | Fit_Measurement_1871

Cutting toxic people out of your life is healthy 👌

DawnShakhar | DawnShakhar

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