Dad GAMBLED Away Daughter's College Fund, Then Did the UNTHINKABLE 😱💸

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🎓 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy college drama unfolding before our eyes! 👀 Meet our protagonist, a bright-eyed student with big dreams and even bigger college plans. 🌟 But wait, there's a twist! 😱 Dad made a promise to fund this educational adventure, but now he's singing a different tune. 🎵 Grab your popcorn, 'cause this story is about to get wild! 🍿

🎓 Dad's Broken Promise: College Dreams Shattered! 😢

zealousideal-ice4566 | zealousideal-ice4566

💸 Expensive Tuition, but Manageable with Dad's Help... Or So I Thought! 🤔

zealousideal-ice4566 | zealousideal-ice4566

😲 Shocking Revelation: Dad's Empty Promises! 🤥

zealousideal-ice4566 | zealousideal-ice4566

💰 $70,000 Promised, Now Only $32,000 Left! 📉

zealousideal-ice4566 | zealousideal-ice4566

😭 Tears and Frustration: Dad's Risky Gamble! 🎲

zealousideal-ice4566 | zealousideal-ice4566

🙄 Dad's Twisted Logic: Be Grateful for His 'Smart' Investments! 💸

zealousideal-ice4566 | zealousideal-ice4566

😔 Feeling Ungrateful and Spoiled... Am I Wrong? 🤷‍♀️

zealousideal-ice4566 | zealousideal-ice4566

Family Drama: Dad's Risky Investments Jeopardize College Dreams! 💸😢

Our protagonist is in quite the pickle! Dad promised $70,000 for college, but his risky stock market moves have left only $32,000 in the pot. Now, tears are flowing, and accusations are flying! Is Dad a loser for gambling with the college fund? Or should our student be grateful for the remaining $32,000? Mom's not happy with the name-calling, but emotions are running high! Let's see what the internet has to say about this family feud!

Promised college fund gambled away? NTA for being upset. 😕

soulpeace2 | soulpeace2

Broken trust and unfulfilled promises, OP deserves better 👏

ThinScallion8697 | ThinScallion8697

Heartbreaking story of father's broken promise and betrayal. 💔 NTA.

Moondoria5 | Moondoria5

Stand your ground! You're NTA for protecting your daughter's future 👏

SheketBevakaSTFU | SheketBevakaSTFU

Father gambled away college fund and won't pay loans. NTA.

underneaththerose | underneaththerose

Father gambled college fund, OP hurt but NTA. Valid reaction 😒

readitsfun_damental | readitsfun_damental

Engaging in a heated debate on who's the AH 🤔

jgpitre | jgpitre

Father lied about college fund, daughter called him a loser. ESH.

Legitimate_Essay_221 | Legitimate_Essay_221

NTA. Express disappointment in a better way, but dad's wrong.

vandelay_inds | vandelay_inds

Trust broken, college plans derailed. NTA. Future decisions ahead. 👍

Beginning-Ice-1005 | Beginning-Ice-1005

Financial advice for college students looking for alternatives to loans 💰

Intelligent_Stop5564 | Intelligent_Stop5564

Promised college fund gambled away by dad, now what? 🤔

Strange_Pop_3673 | Strange_Pop_3673

Father gambles away daughter's college fund, denies offering to give it back. 💸😡

Dazzling_Window9981 | Dazzling_Window9981

Financial expert confirms dad's mistake with college fund investment.

deepwood41 | deepwood41

Father's broken promise jeopardized OP's financial future. NTA 👏

SoSpinsTheUniverse | SoSpinsTheUniverse

NTA. Parents broke trust and brushed off financial future. 💯

thoughts_are_hard | thoughts_are_hard

Team NTA supported for standing up for promised financial support 💪🏻

toranonekochan | toranonekochan

Parent gambled daughter's college fund, reneged on promise. NTA.

Overall_decent66696 | Overall_decent66696

Dad gambled away daughter's college fund. NTA for being upset.

ScorchieSong | ScorchieSong

NTA. OP's dad lied and screwed them over their education fund 💪🏻

recycleyoumf | recycleyoumf

Father gambled daughter's college fund, did not come clean. NTA

liquiditygentleman | liquiditygentleman

Dad gambled away college fund, NTA for being upset 😱💸

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dad promised daughter college fund, gambled it away. NTA reaction.

Internally_fuming | Internally_fuming

A cautionary tale about promises and gambles with student loans 🤔

Mrx-02 | Mrx-02

NTA plans their own future, parents should take loans to repay

Yo__Adrienne | Yo__Adrienne

Engaging in family financial planning helps you avoid conflicts later 📈💸

RoastBeefIsGood | RoastBeefIsGood

Capitalists defending risky investment of daughter's college fund are arseholes. NTA

doxamark | doxamark

Insult humorously, loser gambled away daughter's college fund, NTA.

AmazingAmy95 | AmazingAmy95

Honesty about college funds is essential for planning and expectations 👍

KayakerMel | KayakerMel

Red flags: bad investment, broken promise, and future debt 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Clearing up misconceptions: OP is not getting 32K, NTA

callablackfyre | callablackfyre

Financial aid options for daughter's college after dad's betrayal 💰

Zhenja92 | Zhenja92

YTA comment suggests entitlement, but wishes good luck for college 👏

AnaA142 | AnaA142

Dad gambled away daughter's college fund, broke promise | NTA

straightupgong | straightupgong

Honesty is the best policy. NTA for taking different choices.

BarRegular2684 | BarRegular2684

Parents broke promise, NTA for not trusting them with loans 👍

OurLadyofHalloween | OurLadyofHalloween

Daughter's college fund gambled away, NTA for feeling cheated. 🤷‍♀️

slovakgnocchi | slovakgnocchi

Supportive commenter defends OP against harsh judgement 🙌

ComplexMonotony | ComplexMonotony

Investing against workers? NTA, dad's the AH 😠

MoneybagsMelbs | MoneybagsMelbs

Dad promised college fund, gambled it away. NTA for frustration.

firedncr24 | firedncr24

NTA, plan your college experience accordingly. It's easier alone. 💪

Satannista | Satannista

Don't let gifted money and plans move to future 👍

Big-Bicycle125 | Big-Bicycle125

Offering and rescinding $32k for college fund makes him TA 👎

pacifica333 | pacifica333

Harsh judgement on daughter's reaction to dad's gambling problem.

DarkLordKohan | DarkLordKohan

User defends father's bad investment, calls commenter privileged. 👏

Mike_P10 | Mike_P10

Debate on parental responsibility for child's education costs.

OperationBright2450 | OperationBright2450

Father gambled daughter's college fund and won't pay remaining loans. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Parent promises to help kids with college, not gamble it away 👍

LadyMjolnir | LadyMjolnir

NTA got screwed over by dad's gambling addiction 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father gambled away college funds, OP should plan own future. 👍

Unique-Yam | Unique-Yam

Plan your investments responsibly, dad's actions were unacceptable. NTA 👍

3doa3cinta | 3doa3cinta

Daughter rightfully upset after dad gambles away college fund. NTA. 😡

OkGold9619 | OkGold9619

College fund gambled away, but crypto loss may recover soon. NTA.

Onewithdolphins | Onewithdolphins

Consider community college or inquire about financial aid. NTA 👍

LibertyNachos | LibertyNachos

Betrayed by her own father 😢💸, she's definitely NTA.

ThaRedHoodie | ThaRedHoodie

Parent gambles away college fund, NTA for expecting reimbursement.👍

spasamsd | spasamsd

Daughter calls out dad for gambling her college fund away 💸

bripotato | bripotato

Father gambled away college fund, now refuses to pay. NTA.

Mtitan1 | Mtitan1

Dad gambled away college fund, NTA suggests he takes a loan 💰

bigdizizzle | bigdizizzle

Daughter's college fund gambled away, left with nothing. NTA. 🤷‍♀️💸

theatrewhore | theatrewhore

Dad gambled away college fund, future affected. NTA. 😱

herbalit | herbalit

Parents promised to pay for college, then gambled away funds. NTA.

tjk9orts | tjk9orts

Dad promised to pay for college, gambled away fund. NTA.

claire-bear-1102 | claire-bear-1102

Dad gambled away daughter's college fund, OP not exaggerating. NTA.

deathboy2098 | deathboy2098

Trust broken, move on and don't expect more. 👍

almostblue07 | almostblue07

NTA defends decision made based on broken promises for college fund.

RandowholikesAITA | RandowholikesAITA

Father gambled away daughter's college fund, NTA for being upset 😱💸

Primer2396 | Primer2396

Father gambled away college fund, now forcing debt. Enabling mother. NTA

feralgoblingirl | feralgoblingirl

Dad gambled daughter's college fund, but OP not the a-hole

GeneralRyha | GeneralRyha

Father gambled away daughter's college fund, NTA for being upset 😡

Primer2396 | Primer2396

Don't count on the money, plan for zero help. 💸

Double-dutcher | Double-dutcher

Suggests community college, warns against relying on gambler father's money.

bopperbopper | bopperbopper

Opportunity for merit scholarship was missed but NTA for dad's actions 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Avoid student loans if possible, says commenter with debt regrets 🤔

DumbThingsISay | DumbThingsISay

Parents owe their kids a good start in life 👨🏻💻, and gambling away a college fund is unacceptable. NTA

NothingAndNow111 | NothingAndNow111

Rebuking entitled daughter for expecting father's every remaining cent 😑

Electrical_Age_6542 | Electrical_Age_6542

Disappointment in parents' financial mismanagement, take business courses in college 😔💸

Lilliekins | Lilliekins

Gambling away college funds? OP's dad is a loser. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father gambled away college fund, NTA for cutting contact.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Breaking a promise to your child's college fund is unacceptable 😡

Zearria | Zearria

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