High-Risk Mom-to-Be Makes BOLD Move to Ban Hubby from Delivery Room 👶👶👶

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🤰🏻 Buckle up, folks! We've got a doozy of a story here. Our leading lady is about to pop out not one, not two, but THREE babies! 👶👶👶 But wait, there's more! This isn't your average, run-of-the-mill pregnancy. Oh no, we're talking high-risk, complications galore, and a hubby who's not quite sure how to handle it all. 😰 Will our mama-to-be navigate this emotional rollercoaster with grace? Or will the stress of it all send her over the edge? 🎢 Let's dive in and find out! 🏊‍♀️

🤰🏻 Triplets on the Way... But with Complications! 😰

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👨‍⚕️ Doctor's Orders: Keep the Delivery Room Crowd to a Minimum 🚫👥

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📞 Hubby Assumes He's Got a Front Row Seat to the Baby Show 🤔

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💔 Wifey Wants to Fly Solo... Cue the Gamer Hubby Lockdown 🎮🔒

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🛌 Bed-Bound Mama Tries to Coax Hubby Out of Hiding 😕

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🍼 Plot Twist: These Babies Were a Surprise! 😲

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🙅‍♀️ Mama Never Wanted Kids... But Now She's All In! 💪

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🤢 Hubby Can't Handle the Sight of... Tampons?! 😳

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💑 UPDATE: Emotional Heart-to-Heart Leads to Compromise 🤝❤️

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🙏 Gratitude for the Judgments... Except for the Haters! 😒

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Triplet Mama's Delivery Room Drama: To Hubby or Not to Hubby? 🤔

Our triplet mama is in quite the pickle! 😅 With a high-risk pregnancy and a hubby who can't handle the sight of a tampon, she's wondering if it's best to go solo in the delivery room. 🙅‍♀️ But wait, there's a twist! After an emotional heart-to-heart, hubby dearest is determined to be by her side, even if it means facing his fears. 😱 Will he rise to the occasion and be the supportive partner she needs? 🤞 Or will he pass out at the first sight of blood? The internet has spoken, and the verdict is in... but you'll have to keep reading to find out! 😉 Let's see what the masses say about this delivery room debacle!

Expecting mother's motives questioned for banning husband from delivery room.

mollyec | mollyec

Pregnant woman bans husband from delivery room. Understanding NAH comments.

strikingfirefly | strikingfirefly

Toxicity towards fathers is disqualifying this man's right to be upset 😡

Vast_Lecture | Vast_Lecture

Let him be there for the birth 👍

Notmyname2000 | Notmyname2000

Pregnant woman called out for tracking triplets in comment section 😑

[deleted] | [deleted]

User thinks banning husband from delivery room makes OP YTA.

ComprehensiveFlight4 | ComprehensiveFlight4

Sharing the delivery room experience is important, YTA.

JustForLaughsNinetyD | JustForLaughsNinetyD

Curious commenter asks why husband's presence would be stressful.

dweebyweeby | dweebyweeby

User argues against banning husband from delivery room with humor.

JustForLaughsNinetyD | JustForLaughsNinetyD

Supporting a stress-free labor room for mother and baby 👶👶👶

[deleted] | [deleted]

Doctor's recommendation unclear, seek clarification before making decision.

bgk67 | bgk67

Excluding your husband from delivery room is wrong. YTA 😠

erratic_bonsai | erratic_bonsai

A commenter disagrees with the mom-to-be's decision and shares their own experience.

AcaciaJules | AcaciaJules

Get informed about c-sections and talk to your OB 👨‍🍳

youandthecapt | youandthecapt

Pregnant woman bans husband from delivery room. NAH, but consequences?

ElectricFleshlight | ElectricFleshlight

Sensible compromise needed for complex situation ✌🏻

RealSteveIrwin | RealSteveIrwin

Father shares touching birth experience, urges mom to reconsider ban 👶

GTdeSade | GTdeSade

User disagrees with mom-to-be's decision, but sympathetically so 👍

CJ_Pallas | CJ_Pallas

Controversial opinion sparks debate about fathers' rights in delivery room.

Haust9 | Haust9

Husband's confusion over delivery room ban is understandable 😔

teke367 | teke367

Excluding husband from delivery room when baby at risk? YTA 😑

DarthTJ | DarthTJ

Banning husband from delivery room? YTA, and a pretty big one.

PM_me_euros | PM_me_euros

Husband banned from childbirth, YTA. Marriage in jeopardy 👶👶

mandude57 | mandude57

Questioning if doctor meant husband, clarifying complications and procedure.

TravelingBride | TravelingBride

Mom-to-be bans hubby from delivery room, but is it fair?

digi-cow | digi-cow

Mom-to-be bans hubby from delivery room, but husband's feelings matter ❤️

MatildaJWX | MatildaJWX

NAH mom-to-be expecting triplets, bans husband from delivery room

WW76kh | WW76kh

Choosing to ban husband from delivery room, potential consequences ahead.

Threwaway42 | Threwaway42

Clarifying confusion about delivery method while discussing husband's absence.

future_nurse19 | future_nurse19

Perspective from a fellow mom who had emergency C-section.

you-know-poo | you-know-poo

Mom-to-be wants to protect husband from potential trauma, but he deserves a choice too. 😔

uniquegirl2011 | uniquegirl2011

Prioritizing safety and comfort over tradition is NTA move 👍

juswundern | juswundern

To ban or not to ban? The moral dilemma explained 🤔

BananaNutBread77 | BananaNutBread77

Respecting a woman's privacy during childbirth is important 👩🏻툀d💪

Mission_Somewhere | Mission_Somewhere

Father criticizes OP for banning husband from delivery room. 🤯

TigerUSF | TigerUSF

NTA/NAH husband pouts instead of discussing wife's ban from delivery room 🤷‍♀️

Gremlin95x | Gremlin95x

COVID forces dad-to-be out of delivery room, mom's health first 😬

meadowlarked | meadowlarked

Pregnant woman bans husband from delivery room, and here's why ✅

Roswulf | Roswulf

Supportive husband prioritizes wife's needs during childbirth ❤

5evenThirty | 5evenThirty

Disagreeing comment suggests husband shouldn't be banned from delivery room.

OneTwoWee000 | OneTwoWee000

Supportive commenters agree: NTA for banning husband from delivery room

RamsLams | RamsLams

Supportive comment shows willingness to be there for spouse during delivery 👏

AdmiralRed13 | AdmiralRed13

Mom-to-be receives support for banning husband from delivery room.

luala | luala

Double standards for gender roles in delivery rooms? NTA wins.

LefthandedLemur | LefthandedLemur

Pregnant woman considers banning faint-prone husband from delivery room. NTA.

LhunLaurelin | LhunLaurelin

OR Nurse explains safety measures during c-section and supports husband's presence 👨🏻‍👩🏻‍👧🏻‍🧻

evnthlosrsgtlcky | evnthlosrsgtlcky

Mom-to-be decides to ban hubby from delivery room. NTA

PrincessTemperance | PrincessTemperance

Choosing to ban husband from delivery room: consequences for relationship. 🤔

Jadrid | Jadrid

Misunderstood doctor's advice, husband has a right to be hurt 😔

S1039861 | S1039861

Consider letting him in, but he's also acting immature. ESH 🙅🏻👶


Navigating a difficult decision with empathy and communication 👥👭

ciaoamaro | ciaoamaro

User questions the relationship and trust between high-risk couple.

nkabatoff | nkabatoff

Supportive comment highlights importance of partner's presence during childbirth.

mlwspace2005 | mlwspace2005

Mom-to-be compromises, prioritizes husband's comfort over safety/health ESH 🤷‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Banning husband from delivery room for his own good. NTA.

Ms_Ciao | Ms_Ciao

User calls out mom-to-be for banning husband from delivery room

WeBeDragns | WeBeDragns

Spouse questions why mom-to-be doesn't want husband in delivery room

Stellaaahhhh | Stellaaahhhh

Expectant mother wants husband in delivery room, pandemic restrictions disallow.

Kiizka | Kiizka

Husband's presence during childbirth is important, YTA for banning.

Spkpkcap | Spkpkcap

NAH/ESH judgement on husband ban, medical reasons for partner presence.

Pretty_Green_Feather | Pretty_Green_Feather

Husband banned from delivery room, NAH, avoiding gruesome childbirth.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Clear communication is key to solving this delicate situation 🤔

izzyoftheashtree | izzyoftheashtree

NAH comment suggests letting husband in delivery room with backup plan

ilovemyboyfriend1000 | ilovemyboyfriend1000

Pregnant woman defends banning husband from delivery room 👶

[deleted] | [deleted]

Compromise is key. Discuss and plan for a positive experience 👍

PushLittleDaisies | PushLittleDaisies

NTA mom-to-be prioritizes safety of high-risk delivery. 👶👶👶

PeppermintPizzas | PeppermintPizzas

Mom-to-be bans hubby from c-section due to vomiting risk 👶

Usual_Resolution | Usual_Resolution

Supportive comment encourages self-care and sets boundaries.

youm3ddlingkids | youm3ddlingkids

Supportive comment applauds mom-to-be's decision to prioritize health and well-being.

sleipnirthesnook | sleipnirthesnook

Excluding the father from the delivery room is not a good idea 🤷‍♀️

ccpfinn12345 | ccpfinn12345

Expecting mom sets boundaries for delivery room, husband overreacts 🤰🏻👨‍❤️‍👨 NAH

DaZebraffe | DaZebraffe

Pregnant woman's right to choose who's in the delivery room. 👶

KayskolA | KayskolA

Husband ban during delivery? Short-sighted or reasonable for c-section?

rlb199779 | rlb199779

Supportive commenter offers compromise for high-risk delivery concerns ❤️

beelucie | beelucie

Mom-to-be asserts her right to choose who's in delivery room.

AD317 | AD317

Supportive comment urges communication and understanding during high-risk pregnancy 👏

PurlPaladin | PurlPaladin

Giving birth is personal and traumatic. NTA for wanting privacy. 👶

itsyamomcallin | itsyamomcallin

Partner not allowed in hospital due to safety risks. 😷

sparklesparkle5 | sparklesparkle5

Mom-to-be faces backlash for banning husband from c-section 🤰

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom prioritizes health of her triplets over husband's presence ✅

baby_witch_raver | baby_witch_raver

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