Ungrateful Dad Expects PhD Student to Be His Errand Girl - BACKFIRES Badly! 🤯

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🎄 The holidays are a time for family, but for this dad and his PhD student daughter, it's become a battleground of errands, excuses, and escalating tensions! 😬 When Dad started asking his daughter to help with some holiday shopping, he never expected it would lead to her packing her bags and threatening to spend Christmas with her girlfriend's family instead! 🎁🚪 Let's dive into this festive family drama and see if we can unwrap who's really being naughty or nice! 🎅😇

🎓 Daughter's Busy Grad School Life 📚

daughterthrowaita | daughterthrowaita

😞 Only Two Weeks at Home? 🏠

daughterthrowaita | daughterthrowaita

🎁 The Sweater Exchange Dilemma 😬

daughterthrowaita | daughterthrowaita

🙅‍♀️ Daughter Says No to Errand 😤

daughterthrowaita | daughterthrowaita

🤨 Dad Questions Daughter's Workload 🤔

daughterthrowaita | daughterthrowaita

😴 "Sitting on Her Ass" All Day? 🍑

daughterthrowaita | daughterthrowaita

🎁 Another Gift Pickup Request 🛍️

daughterthrowaita | daughterthrowaita

📅 Dad Calls Out Daughter's "BS" Excuse 🤥

daughterthrowaita | daughterthrowaita

😠 Dad Puts His Foot Down 🦶

daughterthrowaita | daughterthrowaita

🚪 Daughter Packs Her Bags 💼

daughterthrowaita | daughterthrowaita

🤷‍♂️ Dad Thinks Daughter is Being Ridiculous 🙄

daughterthrowaita | daughterthrowaita

❓ AITA or is Daughter Self-Centered? 🤔

daughterthrowaita | daughterthrowaita

👨 Clarification #1: I'm Her Dad 🧔

daughterthrowaita | daughterthrowaita

📅 Clarification #2: Grade Due Dates 📝

daughterthrowaita | daughterthrowaita

Dad vs. Daughter: The Holiday Showdown! 🎄🔥

Looks like this dad and daughter are in a serious holiday pickle! 😬 Dad thinks his PhD student daughter should be more helpful with errands during her break, but she's not having it, insisting she's too busy with work. Things heat up when Dad calls her out on her excuses and tells her to stay somewhere else if she's going to have that attitude! 😠 Daughter takes him up on that offer, packs her bags, and says sayonara to family Christmas! The rest of the family is furious with Dad now, but he still thinks his Daughter is being self-centered and childish. 🙄 The internet is about to weigh in on this holiday drama, so grab your popcorn, and let's see what they say!

Epic clapback shuts down dad's self-centeredness. 💯

JeepNaked | JeepNaked

YTA is not impressed with entitled dad's ridiculous requests. 😑

lazyhere1122 | lazyhere1122

Elderly Redditor shares experience, calls out OP's behavior as entitled. 👍

lonnielee3 | lonnielee3

Dad tries to boss around PhD student, gets called out. 😒

Caspian4136 | Caspian4136

Daughter stands up to entitled father, values career over errands! 💪

cranbeery | cranbeery

Dad expects PhD student daughter to be an errand girl 🤯

Shoddy-Indication-76 | Shoddy-Indication-76

Father crosses the line, checks daughter's work calendar. YTA 🤯

cheezitapplepie | cheezitapplepie

PhD student claps back at entitled dad's errands request. YTA.

Emotional_Fan_7011 | Emotional_Fan_7011

Dad demands daughter run his errands, calls her out on 'BS'. YTA 👎

SmarthaSmewart | SmarthaSmewart

Dad expects daughter to do his errands, gets called out. 😂

AGoodSO | AGoodSO

Dad expects daughter to be his errand girl, kicks her out. YTA 👎

WaywardPrincess1025 | WaywardPrincess1025

Dad gets called out for expecting daughter to run errands 😱

jrm1102 | jrm1102

Dad tries to make daughter his personal slave. Gets called out. 👏

madding1602 | madding1602

Dad's entitled behavior backfires, called out for treating daughter poorly 😡

monk_a_launcher | monk_a_launcher

Dad learns a hard lesson about treating his PhD daughter like a servant 😞

StormsOfRainAndSalt | StormsOfRainAndSalt

Dad expects PhD student to be an errand girl - BACKFIRES 👊

Malibucat48 | Malibucat48

Daughter calls out entitled dad, leaves him to retire alone 👏

editmultiverse | editmultiverse

Heartbreaking comment highlights dad's selfishness and daughter's burden. 😢

destroyerofspacetime | destroyerofspacetime

Demanding dad wants PhD student to be his errand girl 😠

Jess1ca1467 | Jess1ca1467

Daughter calls out entitled dad, commenters share similar experiences. YTA 🤯

angrybee93 | angrybee93

YTA wants PhD student to be errand girl, comment shuts it down! 💯

Lgebbie1995 | Lgebbie1995

Dad belittles PhD student's work, demands errands and wonders why she's distant. YTA.

kdog1591 | kdog1591

When parents play stupid games, they win stupid prizes 😂

Layli2020 | Layli2020

Dad learns the hard way: don't treat your daughter like a secretary. YTA 🙄

GlitterSparkleDevine | GlitterSparkleDevine

Daughter's workload undervalued, YTA. 🤨

meliisma | meliisma

Expecting a PhD student to run errands? YTA got served 👏

Ornery_Anxiety9786 | Ornery_Anxiety9786

Academic responsibilities explained, YTA for expecting errands. 👍

MotherODogs4 | MotherODogs4

Ungrateful dad learns a lesson - don't take your daughter for granted. 😂

miyuki_m | miyuki_m

Dad expects PhD daughter to be errand girl? YTA and BACKFIRED badly! 👎

jardiniere82 | jardiniere82

Dad calls daughter self-centered, but he's the real YTA. 😑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dad learns to not expect too much from busy daughter. 🙌

FallynAngyl | FallynAngyl

Unsupportive dad gets called out for commanding his PhD student daughter 🔥

Consistent_Today_303 | Consistent_Today_303

PhD student stands up to entitled dad's demands. YTA called out! 💯

Far_Anteater_256 | Far_Anteater_256

Dad learns the hard way not to treat his PhD daughter like a servant 😔

Platform40 | Platform40

Dad belittles hardworking daughter, expects her to run errands, and throws tantrum - YTA 👎

So_Much_Angry01 | So_Much_Angry01

Dad prioritizes requests over PhD student's goals 🤦‍♀️

SPolowiski | SPolowiski

Dad expects PhD student to be errand girl - gets backlash 💥

Ornery_Anxiety9786 | Ornery_Anxiety9786

Dad expects PhD student to be his errand girl, commenters call him YTA 😠

Relevant_Progress411 | Relevant_Progress411

Demanding father expects too much from busy daughter. YTA 👎

Emergency-Bowler-546 | Emergency-Bowler-546

Demanding dad expects PhD student to run errands, called out YTA 👎

AshlynM2 | AshlynM2

PhD student called out for being expected to be an errand girl - YTA

AggravatingPatient18 | AggravatingPatient18

Selfish dad learns hard lesson: don't mess with PhD students! 😈

murphsmama | murphsmama

PhD student claps back at entitled dad and his unreasonable demands 💥

EmuRemarkable1099 | EmuRemarkable1099

Don't treat your child like a personal assistant. 👎

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughter avoids spending time with dad because of his attitude 😩

semicoloncait | semicoloncait

Daughter plans to go no-contact with her entitled father ✨

Existing-Two-2574 | Existing-Two-2574

Daughter not a personal assistant, dad's entitled behavior backfires. YTA 👎

bokatan778 | bokatan778

Dad gets called out for being demeaning towards daughter's work 😡

messxviii | messxviii

Daughter stands up to entitled dad. YTA gets served 💯

AffectionateHand2206 | AffectionateHand2206

PhD student calls out entitled dad. Savage. 🤯👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect her work and career! Recent PhD says YTA 👊

PoodleNoodle | PoodleNoodle

Demanding daughter's help backfires, YTA in ongoing relationship issue. 🚫

evillittleperson | evillittleperson

Grown woman not errand girl, YTA for expecting otherwise. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughter calls out entitled dad for belittling her hard work. 👏

lightmay0 | lightmay0

Dad gets called out for treating daughter like an errand-girl 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughter is an adult, dad needs to do his own errands 👍

Particular_Elk3022 | Particular_Elk3022

Daughter is an adult, not an errand girl. YTA.

hightidesoldgods | hightidesoldgods

Dad gets called out for expecting daughter to be his errand girl 👎

malibuklw | malibuklw

Grad school is tough. Don't expect your kid to be your errand girl. YTA.

bacmom3 | bacmom3

Dad gets called out for expecting daughter to be his servant 👏

nejnoneinniet | nejnoneinniet

Grad student puts entitled dad in his place. Retirement home? 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Grad student claps back at entitled dad who expected free labor 💪

Naive_Possibility668 | Naive_Possibility668

Dad demands daughter's time but gets a lesson in boundaries 😎

Imaginary-Future-627 | Imaginary-Future-627

Dad's lack of respect for daughter's PhD work backfires badly! 👎

fireheart337 | fireheart337

Dad demands PhD student to be his errand girl - YTA

journeyintopressure | journeyintopressure

Entitled dad thinks daughter is 'self-centered', but he's the AH 🤦‍♂️ YTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dad treated PhD student daughter like a slave. Commenter enjoyed karma.

EbbWilling7785 | EbbWilling7785

Dad expects PhD student to be his errand girl 😠

DamnIGottaJustSay | DamnIGottaJustSay

Demanding daughter as a whipping boy? YTA, do things yourself 👎

[deleted] | [deleted]

Expecting a PhD student to be your errand girl? YTA big time! 🤯

Electrical-Log-3643 | Electrical-Log-3643

Respect goes both ways, YTA. Don't lose your daughter.

BeddingtonBlvd | BeddingtonBlvd

YTA. No need to spell it out, your entitlement is clear 😑

lianavan | lianavan

Grad student explains workload, calls out entitlement. 💪

OneUnderstanding3484 | OneUnderstanding3484

Daughter not personal assistant, dad's entitlement backfires. 🙄

Informal_Menu_595 | Informal_Menu_595

Dad expects PhD student to run errands, gets called out. YTA 😠

bobledrew | bobledrew

Demanding dad gets called out for treating his daughter like a servant 🤦‍♂️

pareidoily | pareidoily

Dad learns the hard way not to belittle his daughter's work. YTA 🤯

Sodonewithidiots | Sodonewithidiots

Parenting fail! 🤦‍♂️ YTA for not supporting your stressed PHD child!

happytobeherethnx | happytobeherethnx

Dad expects PhD student to be errand girl. YTA. 👎

dosgatitas | dosgatitas

Entitled dad expects PhD student daughter to be his errand girl 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daughter rightfully calls out entitled and disrespectful behavior. 🙌

SummerOracle | SummerOracle

Gatekeeping academic achievements? Not cool, dude. 😑

[deleted] | [deleted]

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