Wife Demands Open Marriage - Husband's Reply Will STUN You 💔

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😳 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy marital drama unfolding before our very eyes! 👀 A husband finds himself in a pickle when his wife drops a bombshell 💣 - she wants an open marriage! 😱 But our main man isn't having any of it. He's all about keeping his peace ✌️, even if it means saying goodbye to his wife and kid. 💔 Is he being selfish, or is he just prioritizing his own well-being? 🤔 Let's dive into this scandalous story and see what unfolds! 🍿

🚨 Marital Mayhem: Wife Wants Open Marriage, Husband Says No Way! 😱

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👨‍👩‍👦 Family Life Was Going Smoothly... Until Now 😬

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🙅‍♂️ Husband's Motto: If It Threatens My Peace, I'm Out! ✌️

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😏 Things Were Heating Up Again... Or So He Thought 🔥

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💔 Wife Drops a Bombshell: She Wants to Sleep With Other People! 😲

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😳 Husband Is Shocked and Hurt by Wife's Proposal 💔

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🤔 Husband Takes Time to Think, Cries It Out 😢

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😭 Tears Flow as Husband Ponders What to Do 💧

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🚫 Husband Lays Down the Law: Open Marriage = Divorce 💔

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🤷‍♂️ Husband Puts His Peace First: "Why Should I Care?" 😤

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😡 Wife Accuses Husband of Being Selfish and a Bad Dad 👎

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🤐 Husband Tells It Like It Is: Son Will Get Over Divorce 🤷‍♂️

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😌 Husband Prioritizes His Peace Over Wife's "Drunk Teenager" Desires 🍺

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😱 Husband Chooses Peace Over Wife's Open Marriage Desires! 🚫💔

Well, well, well! 👀 Looks like this husband is in quite the predicament! His wife wants to spice things up 🌶️ by sleeping with other people, but he's not down for that kind of party. 🙅‍♂️ He's all about keeping his peace ✌️, even if it means divorcing his wife and only seeing his kid on weekends. 😢 Some might call him selfish 😤, but he's just doing what he thinks is best for his own well-being. 🧘‍♂️ Can you blame him? 🤷‍♂️ Let's see what the internet has to say about this scandalous situation! 🍿

Divorce is better than unhappy marriage, but don't neglect your kid 👍

MagicCarpet5846 | MagicCarpet5846

NTA for not wanting open marriage but YTA for 'me first' mindset ❌

NuzlockeJoe | NuzlockeJoe

Poor communication, unequal parenting, and divorce aftermath. ESH.

scooties2 | scooties2

Parent prioritizes mental health, suggests therapy for child. 👨🏼‍🟫

Just-Comfortable2230 | Just-Comfortable2230

Mom prioritizes child over wife's open marriage demand 😠

RestaurantFrequent77 | RestaurantFrequent77

Divorce dilemma: Should a father give up majority custody? YTA.

No-Increase-4721 | No-Increase-4721

User calls out OP for self-centeredness in parenting duties. 🚨

blanchebeans | blanchebeans

User calls out bad behavior in marriage, suggests divorce or change.

RegrettableBiscuit | RegrettableBiscuit

Ex-teacher explains why staying together for the kids is selfish 👏

ConsistentRough4128 | ConsistentRough4128

Harsh judgement on husband's parenting skills and selfishness. 🤯

tomatofrogfan | tomatofrogfan

Prioritizing your child's needs is essential. Consider custody arrangements carefully.

Equal_Audience_3415 | Equal_Audience_3415

Don't be a YATAH - Communication and counseling could help 🤝

gufiutt | gufiutt

NTA for refusing open marriage but YTA for custody terms.

Wrong-Ferret1542 | Wrong-Ferret1542

NTA for leaving but YTA for your attitude towards custody 👍

tranceorange91 | tranceorange91

NTA for not wanting open marriage but YTA for how you acted 🙄

Xandercoleman | Xandercoleman

Once you open the open relationship box, it can't close 👍

neanderbeast | neanderbeast

Divorce and parenting is tough, don't be a selfish parent 👏

amitheassholeaddict | amitheassholeaddict

Parenting priorities questioned, leaving justified, custody request criticized. 🤔

Renway_NCC-74656 | Renway_NCC-74656

🚨 YTA Alert: Commenter calls out manipulative behavior and ignorance 🚨

deedeekye | deedeekye

Wife demands open marriage, husband called selfish. NTA wins.

yesimreadytorumble | yesimreadytorumble

Divorce is the right choice when one spouse wants open marriage. 👍

boredathome1962 | boredathome1962

YTA for wanting weekend-only custody of your child 💔

firefly232 | firefly232

Divorcing over differing values on monogamy and parenting. NTA 👌

Sea_Celi-595 | Sea_Celi-595

NTA for divorce, but priority check needed. Don't blindside wife. 👉 Grow up and take responsibility. 👨‍🎲

Mirroredentity | Mirroredentity

Putting your child first doesn't mean sacrificing mental health 👍

Fun_Comparison4973 | Fun_Comparison4973

Communication is key in any relationship. Listen before judging. 💍

deegirl1995 | deegirl1995

Husband stands up for himself and son against wife's selfish demand 👊

SupermarketOk9538 | SupermarketOk9538

One comment, no mercy: YTA for not caring about family 👎

reyballesta | reyballesta

Parenting priorities questioned in open marriage dilemma 🤔

SportySue60 | SportySue60

Balancing mental health and relationships while considering other options 🤔

Foxxymint | Foxxymint

Divorce advice: prioritize your child's emotional well-being. 👨🏻‍🎤

Carolinamama2015 | Carolinamama2015

Selfishness in a marriage and parenting is a recipe for disaster 🤐

Wandered_Off | Wandered_Off

Divorce okay for no open marriage, but consider child's wellbeing 👍

Cupcakesmommy | Cupcakesmommy

Parenting vs Open Marriage: A Reddit Comment Debate 🤔

Comosellamark | Comosellamark

Put your child's needs first, YTA. 😡

FlysaMinelly | FlysaMinelly

User questions husband's response to wife's open marriage request

topeka_zapatista | topeka_zapatista

Parental neglect accusation sparks heated comment section 💥

Contentpolicesuck | Contentpolicesuck

User accuses commenter of being selfish and a narcissist.

Various_Layer_3254 | Various_Layer_3254

Red flags in the marriage and communication issues. YTA.

LovRGrl_2029 | LovRGrl_2029

Parenting comes before personal desires. YTA for prioritizing self.

Schlobidobido | Schlobidobido

Father's peace more important than being a weekend dad? 🤔

Lyceumhq | Lyceumhq

NTA for not wanting non-monogamy, YTA for treating wife poorly. 🤔


Husband not the a-hole for opposing open marriage but needs empathy

ReBL93 | ReBL93

Curiosity or not, YTA for not getting over it.

muikrad | muikrad

Husband refuses wife's proposal for open marriage, gets called out

Revolutionary_Alps31 | Revolutionary_Alps31

Parenting priorities over open marriage. Don't be an a**hole. 👍

Technical_File_7671 | Technical_File_7671

User tells off OP for selfish behavior - YTA verdict

library-batgirl | library-batgirl

Redditor calls out OP's selfishness in relationship mindset.

marcelyns | marcelyns

Custody battle in the making. Yikes 😱

Odd-Surprise5100 | Odd-Surprise5100

Accusation of selfishness sparks debate on parental duties. 🤔

hambreysueno | hambreysueno

Man criticized for neglecting his son in spite of wife's demand

kick_him | kick_him

Father gets called out for prioritizing himself over his child 😠

ewbanh13 | ewbanh13

Husband prioritizes self-interest over parenting, sparks controversy 🤔

Ok-Sorbet-5767 | Ok-Sorbet-5767

Marriage requires adapting to changes. YTA for being selfish.

chessto | chessto

User calls out husband's behavior as 'YTA' and suggests counseling

DML197 | DML197

Brutally honest reply calls out husband's immaturity and insecurity 🤬

GearSolarx | GearSolarx

Divorce her? YTA. But don't neglect your kid either 👨‍🍳

justamofo | justamofo

Parenting priorities questioned in response to open marriage request 🤔

Robincall22 | Robincall22

Putting yourself before your child? YTA. 👎

Mysterious-Ad-1131 | Mysterious-Ad-1131

Husband's dilemma: prioritize wife or child? ESH verdict.

Shirohitsuji | Shirohitsuji

Father prioritizes peace over son in marital dispute. YTA. 😠

torontash | torontash

Redditor calls out parent for prioritizing their feelings over child's

CaliWilly76 | CaliWilly76

Redditor calls out OP for wanting to shift childcare responsibility 😬

Next_Row_6965 | Next_Row_6965

Putting yourself first isn't always the best approach in marriage 👍

Consistent_Donut_902 | Consistent_Donut_902

NTA to wife but YTA to kid. Prioritize your child 👨‍👦‍👦 over yourself.

JawnStreet | JawnStreet

Selfish husband's disturbing behavior leaves child in tears. 😔

LegalPaperSize | LegalPaperSize

YTA for selfishness and lack of concern for child's well-being 😡

mayeam912 | mayeam912

User calls out selfish behavior and parenting incompatibility 🚫

booksiwabttoread | booksiwabttoread

ESH. Husband prioritizes himself over child in open marriage dilemma 💔

JimbosChafingShirt | JimbosChafingShirt

Harsh criticism towards a father who opposes open marriage. 😱

420_burner_69 | 420_burner_69

Putting yourself first before your kid is a bad move 👎

Rando6759 | Rando6759

Harsh criticism for abandoning child and self-centered behavior 💯

SteleUraniumBX | SteleUraniumBX

Parenting comes first! YTA for abandoning your responsibilities. 👍

Alexaisrich | Alexaisrich

Parenting criticism leads to deadbeat dad prediction 👎

ensuene | ensuene

Parenting priorities clash in marital dispute. NTA or ESH?

Dominoodles | Dominoodles

Fiery reply to bad dad defending open marriage 💥

footpicsof911 | footpicsof911

Harsh criticism for a father's actions 😞

ewyoureshort | ewyoureshort

Husband shuts down wife's demand for open marriage 👍

yaaaaa_baaaby | yaaaaa_baaaby

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