Trapped in a Sexless Marriage, He Did the UNTHINKABLE on Valentine's Day 💔😠

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy tale of marital woes that'll have you questioning everything you thought you knew about love and relationships! 💍💔 Meet our protagonist, a man trapped in a loveless marriage with a wife who's lost all interest in intimacy. 😢 Despite his best efforts to reignite the spark, nothing seems to work, and he's left feeling stuck and disillusioned. 😞 But when Valentine's Day rolls around, he decides to take a stand and completely ignore the holiday. 🙅‍♂️ Cue the drama! 🎭 His wife confronts him, and he's left wondering if he's the a**hole in this situation. 🤔 Let's dive in and see how this story unfolds! 👀

💔 Trapped in a Loveless Marriage 😢

Throwra_Vdaywife | Throwra_Vdaywife

🤷‍♂️ Trying to Fix Things, But No Luck 😞

Throwra_Vdaywife | Throwra_Vdaywife

😤 Frustration Builds as Wife Complains But Won't Change 😠

Throwra_Vdaywife | Throwra_Vdaywife

🐴 Beating a Dead Horse: The Struggle for Intimacy 💔

Throwra_Vdaywife | Throwra_Vdaywife

🙅‍♂️ Slowly Pulling Away: No More Loving Gestures 💔

Throwra_Vdaywife | Throwra_Vdaywife

🚫 Date Plans Cancelled, Valentine's Day Ignored 💔

Throwra_Vdaywife | Throwra_Vdaywife

😲 Wife Confronts Husband About Lack of Affection 😢

Throwra_Vdaywife | Throwra_Vdaywife

🤔 Questioning Coerced Affection in a One-Sided Relationship 💔

Throwra_Vdaywife | Throwra_Vdaywife

😞 Vindictive or Justified? Disillusioned by Wife's Lack of Effort 💔

Throwra_Vdaywife | Throwra_Vdaywife

🤷‍♂️ AITAH for Ignoring Valentine's Day in a Dead Bedroom Marriage? 💔

Throwra_Vdaywife | Throwra_Vdaywife

😲 Unexpected Support: OP Thought He'd Be Destroyed in Comments 🙌

Throwra_Vdaywife | Throwra_Vdaywife

🤔 OP Admits He Thought He'd Argue with Commenters 😅

Throwra_Vdaywife | Throwra_Vdaywife

🙏 Grateful for Understanding: OP Feels Seen and Heard 🤗

Throwra_Vdaywife | Throwra_Vdaywife

😲 Husband Ignores Valentine's Day, Wife Confronts Him! 💔 Is He the A**hole? 🤔

Well, well, well! 👀 It looks like our protagonist has found himself in quite the pickle! 🥒 After years of trying to revive the intimacy in his marriage, he's had enough and decides to completely ignore Valentine's Day. 🙅‍♂️ No gifts, no date plans, nada! 🚫 His wife, understandably upset, confronts him about his lack of affection. 😢 But our guy isn't backing down! He questions why he should be forced to give affection when it's not reciprocated. 🤔 Is he being vindictive or justified in his actions? 🤷‍♂️ The internet has some thoughts on this one! 💭 Let's see what they have to say about this juicy tale of marital drama! 🍿

Don't sacrifice happiness for taboo. Be brave and move on 👏

zazoubalou | zazoubalou

Life's too short for an unhappy marriage. Consider divorce ✨

EqualJustice1776 | EqualJustice1776

Breaking cultural taboo: NTA chooses happiness over misery 🙌

Traditional-Trade795 | Traditional-Trade795

Suggesting medical check-up for spouse's low libido 👨‍⚕️

Iaim2msbehave | Iaim2msbehave

When the bedroom dies: a possible reason and no kids?

Straight-Crying7626 | Straight-Crying7626

Bold commenter challenges man's excuses for sexless marriage 😏

sirlafemme | sirlafemme

User calls out OP for lack of effort in sexless marriage.

infinitely-oblivious | infinitely-oblivious

Blunt advice for a bitter marriage: separate and live happily 👍

softbunsss | softbunsss

Engage in open communication about likes and dislikes in bed 👀

Superutka | Superutka

Self-reflection is key. Maybe it's not just the wife.

GodOfTheHostofHeaven | GodOfTheHostofHeaven

Spouse's views caused a sexless marriage. YTA, my dude 🙄

snootsbooper | snootsbooper

Sounded like YTA treating her like s**t for no sex 😡

bodysugarist | bodysugarist

It's not just about sex. INFO needed. Don't be TA.

Francl27 | Francl27

Reddit advice: What you want to hear vs. what's best 🤔

No_Set1418 | No_Set1418

Staying in a loveless marriage and expecting sex? YTA indeed 🤨

LynnSeattle | LynnSeattle

User questions OP's intentions and advises to improve relationship.

Atomicleta | Atomicleta

Engage in a meaningful conversation. Set clear expectations. 👍

Odd_Welcome7940 | Odd_Welcome7940

Sex isn't everything. Communication and therapy can save a marriage 💌

MontanasQueen | MontanasQueen

User calls out OP for being childish and petty 😠

Andriannewonthebun | Andriannewonthebun

Uncovering underlying issues: household tasks and mental labor imbalance.

RedCapJen | RedCapJen

Curiosity about the backstory and future plans 🤔

celticmusebooks | celticmusebooks

Divorce may be the best decision for both of you 💔

Icegirl1987 | Icegirl1987

Don't use affection as a quid pro quo for sex 🙄

strivingforstoic | strivingforstoic

Spouse denies sex, husband denies Valentine's Day. YTA. 😒❌

Bartok_The_Batty | Bartok_The_Batty

Insightful comment on the potential reasons for sexless marriage.

Adorable-Substance21 | Adorable-Substance21

Communication is key in a partnership. ESH.

just_another_rbf | just_another_rbf

Suggestion to revive a sexless marriage with a helpful book 📚

NeighborhoodOpen8263 | NeighborhoodOpen8263

The importance of household duties and kids in sex life.

MrsRainbowSunshine | MrsRainbowSunshine

Suggests low estrogen levels and advises to exhaust all alternatives. 🙌

MizWhatsit | MizWhatsit

Insensitive behavior towards wife, YTA 👎

emryldmyst | emryldmyst

Addressing the underlying factors can help with withholding affection 👍

AwkwardFortuneCookie | AwkwardFortuneCookie

When sex is the only glue, is there any love?

Beginning-Dress-618 | Beginning-Dress-618

User calls out OP for mistreating his wife, suggests underlying issues.

kittykowalski | kittykowalski

Live for yourself, not for the opinions of strangers or family 👍

Yani-Madara | Yani-Madara

User urges people to move on from repetitive AITAH posts.

sammy_anarchist | sammy_anarchist

Suggests visiting an OB/GYN before jumping to therapy 👨‍⚕️

BeachinLife1 | BeachinLife1

User calls out OP for disrespecting wife, suggests divorce instead. 💔

Njpwajpwvideos | Njpwajpwvideos

Fiery comment suggests divorce for trapped spouse. 🔥💔

CoveCreates | CoveCreates

Break free from taboo culture, move on and live happily. NTA 👏

Ill_Wait2063 | Ill_Wait2063

Communication is key in a marriage. Divorce might be best 👍

cstarrxx | cstarrxx

Exploring the struggles of a dead bedroom relationship 🤷🏻‍♀️

Fit_Faithlessness157 | Fit_Faithlessness157

Empathetic advice: prioritize your happiness ❤️

Beneficial_Front6173 | Beneficial_Front6173

Divorce is a better option than being a passive-aggressive child 👊

Roboworgen | Roboworgen

Divorce is better than a loveless marriage. Good luck 👍

Picklepuffy | Picklepuffy

Developing a strong friendship could improve your unhappy marriage 💔👫

IDMike2008 | IDMike2008

User suggests divorce due to sexless marriage, ESH.

BanannyMousse | BanannyMousse

A powerful response to a selfish and insensitive husband 👏

Euphoric-Coat-7321 | Euphoric-Coat-7321

Is it just a dead bedroom or lack of affection?

Jmovic | Jmovic

Honest communication and teamwork could save your sexless marriage 👍

tlyrbck | tlyrbck

Don't let a sexless marriage turn you into an a**hole 🚫

OrvilleTurtle | OrvilleTurtle

Important questions to determine if YTA or not 👉🏻

baffled67 | baffled67

Have you reflected on your behavior before blaming your partner? 🤔

PhillipTopicall | PhillipTopicall

Divorce may be the best option for a sexless marriage 🚫

RukusMom | RukusMom

Suggests possible reasons for partner's low libido and advises communication.

TheLibrarian23 | TheLibrarian23

Prioritizing happiness over culture in relationships ❤

hg_blindwizard | hg_blindwizard

Don't let tradition make you a**hole on Valentine's Day 🙏

Unfair-Owl-3884 | Unfair-Owl-3884

YTA for expecting sex, ESH for not communicating and seeking help 💔

nascent_aviator | nascent_aviator

Sex isn't everything in a marriage 👬🏻👨🏻‍👩🏻

AangenaamSlikken | AangenaamSlikken

Hormones can affect libido, leave if miserable instead of torturing.

Available-Seesaw-492 | Available-Seesaw-492

User questions OP's behavior and encourages accountability.

sen_yai_afroboi | sen_yai_afroboi

Life is too short to stay in a loveless marriage ❤

Intrepid_Laugh2158 | Intrepid_Laugh2158

Spouse prioritized sex over love, YTA according to comment.

ThornedRoseWrites | ThornedRoseWrites

Sex isn't everything. Don't throw away a good marriage 💓

tinfoilspoons | tinfoilspoons

Marriage advice: Fake it till you make it. Keep trying.

Extra-Ad2788 | Extra-Ad2788

Love isn't earned, it's felt. It's about everyday life ♥

hellhound1979 | hellhound1979

User suggests divorce or mutual agreement in sexless marriage 💔

ChuckyJo | ChuckyJo

Blunt advice: YTA, get a divorce or be miserable forever. 💔

jo1336 | jo1336

Don't give up just yet, put in some effort 💪

Careful_Oil6208 | Careful_Oil6208

Marriage is an agreement to not cheat. Get divorced instead. 💔

Bigbeardhotpeppers | Bigbeardhotpeppers

Marriage without intimacy. NTA for seeking happiness. 🙏

Ginger630 | Ginger630

Advice on fixing a sexless marriage and considering your partner's perspective.

Jaded_Flower6145 | Jaded_Flower6145

Divorce instead of being a passive aggressive d*ckhead. YTA 👎

Foreign_Sherbert_80 | Foreign_Sherbert_80

Have you tried understanding her problems and making her feel loved? 💜

DaisiesSunshine76 | DaisiesSunshine76

Engage in open communication with your partner before cheating 👍

JaggedLittlePill2022 | JaggedLittlePill2022

Sexless marriage doesn't work for everyone. Let's normalize communication 👍

Most_Discipline5737 | Most_Discipline5737

Take control of your life, don't blame culture 💪

Sudden-Ad3386 | Sudden-Ad3386

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