Gifted Girl's Dreams CRUSHED By Her Own Father? 💔

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🎓 Get ready for a family drama that's sure to spark some heated debates! 🔥 Meet our electrical engineer parents and their two brilliant kids - a history-loving son and a physics-obsessed daughter. 🧠 As the siblings prepare for university, a celebratory dinner takes an unexpected turn when Dad drops a controversial opinion about the 'gifted' label. 😲 Buckle up, because this story is about to get wild! 🎢

🎓 A Tale of Two Siblings: The Gifted Debate Begins! 🤔

notgiftedbutsmart | notgiftedbutsmart

📚 The Scholarly Siblings: Different Paths, Same Potential? 🧐

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💪 Hardworking Daughter vs. Gifted Label: Dad's Dilemma! 😬

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🎉 Proud Parents Celebrate... Until Dad Drops a Bombshell! 💣

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🗣️ Dad's Controversial Take: Hard Work Over 'Gifted' Label! 😲

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🚺 Affirmative Action Advantage? Dad's Bold Claim! 🤭

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👧 Younger Applicant, Better Odds? Dad's Admissions Theory! 🤔

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🚨 Dad's Warning: Don't Let 'Gifted' Label Ruin Your Life! ⚠️

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😡 Wife and Daughter React: Outrage and Agreement! 😳

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🎊 Proud Dad Clarifies: Celebration and Compliments Abound! 🥳

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🤷‍♂️ AITA? Dad's Dilemma Continues... 🙏

notgiftedbutsmart | notgiftedbutsmart

🚨 Family Feud: Dad's 'Gifted' Gaffe Sparks Outrage! 😱

In this jaw-dropping tale, a proud dad's attempt to keep his daughter grounded backfires spectacularly! 💥 Despite his best intentions, his controversial take on the 'gifted' label leaves his wife fuming and his daughter agreeing but wishing he'd kept quiet. 🙊 As tensions rise and emotions run high, the internet is left wondering: Did Dad go too far, or was he just keeping it real? 🤔 One thing's for sure - this family dinner will go down in history as the night the 'gifted' debate exploded! 🎇 Let's see what the internet has to say about this explosive situation... 👀

Father criticized gifted daughter; discouraging young teens is detrimental. YTA.

fabulousautie | fabulousautie

Father called out daughter as not gifted but said nothing about son, perceived as sexist. YTA.

SadCoderDreams | SadCoderDreams

Father's honesty crushes daughter's dreams, YTA 💔

Corporate-Bitch | Corporate-Bitch

Misogyny and lack of trust can crush a gifted child 💔

shuckyducked | shuckyducked

Father undermines daughter's confidence in STEM despite her accomplishments 🤨

Capable_Ad_976 | Capable_Ad_976

Ouch! Commenter calls out the father with a YTA verdict 😬

reesemarionette | reesemarionette

Dad's extreme definition of 'gifted' crushes daughter's dreams. YTA.

PopulationMe | PopulationMe

Don't crush your gifted child's dreams. YTA 💔

Ok-Profession-9372 | Ok-Profession-9372

Father belittles daughter's intelligence despite being identified as gifted 😠

neverthelessidissent | neverthelessidissent

Father's cautionary approach backfires, called 'YTA' for implying unintelligence.

und3t3cted | und3t3cted

A scathing reply to a demotivating and belittling comment. 👊

amish__ | amish__

Father criticized talented daughter; YTA and needs to apologize. 💔

PolarHavoc2 | PolarHavoc2

Misogyny in STEM? This gifted girl's father is the problem. 💔

Vegetable-Low-9981 | Vegetable-Low-9981

Father denies daughter's giftedness, called out for misogyny. 🤦‍♂️

Stormiealways | Stormiealways

Father is YTA for crushing gifted daughter's dreams. 🤦‍♂️

Comfortable-Focus123 | Comfortable-Focus123

Father's insecurity and sexist attitude crush daughter's dreams. 💔

voidexpert | voidexpert

Ouch! Harsh judgment on a terrible father. 😱

BabsieAllen | BabsieAllen

Father's unnecessary criticism damages daughter's self-esteem. Apologize. YTA 💔

Fearless-Golf-8496 | Fearless-Golf-8496

Misogyny accusation leads to YTA judgement. No apologies mentioned.

Thick-Thing-4506 | Thick-Thing-4506

Father accused of minimizing daughter's achievements. Commenter defends daughter's accomplishments.

LadyLightTravel | LadyLightTravel

Don't belittle her achievements or insinuate gender helped her learn. 🙅

Salt-Reason4555 | Salt-Reason4555

Discouraging daughter from STEM, YTA comment with empathy.

Resident_Canary1321 | Resident_Canary1321

Encouraging comment on hard work as the biggest talent ✌️

briashon | briashon

Father crushes daughter's dreams, YTA.

sharirogers | sharirogers

A heartbreaking story of a father's toxic behavior ❤️

sweariest | sweariest

Criticism for irrelevant and pretentious backstory. YTA confirmed. 🤨

Radiant-Ability-3216 | Radiant-Ability-3216

Internet strangers support girl after dad crushes her dreams. YTA 👏

BiegAnn | BiegAnn

Don't assume it's a lack of effort from other kids 🙅

BetterYellow6332 | BetterYellow6332

Breaking free from mother's lies, calling out bad father. YTA 👎

Live-Mail-7142 | Live-Mail-7142

Father criticized for crushing daughter's dreams. Apologize ASAP. 💔

cosmicdancer84 | cosmicdancer84

Father blocks daughter's gifted education, called out for being YTA 👎

everellie | everellie

Father's narrow definition of 'gifted' crushes daughter's hard work. 😔

lonnielee3 | lonnielee3

Father criticized daughter's achievement; accused of being sexist. YTA. 💔

Ecstatic_Media_6024 | Ecstatic_Media_6024

Father's harsh words crush daughter's dreams. YTA. 😢

myqueenharrydriver | myqueenharrydriver

Father possibly undervaluing daughter's giftedness and hard work. 💔

almalauha | almalauha

YTA comment receives no support from replies.

KTeacherWhat | KTeacherWhat

Father receives YTA judgement for crushing daughter's dreams. 👍

OrangeSockMonkey | OrangeSockMonkey

Father's harsh actions may harm daughter's future relationships. 💔

CCfromtheD | CCfromtheD

Father called YTA for crushing daughter's dreams of attending university

Worried-Decision-145 | Worried-Decision-145

Daughter's gifts unrecognized by illogical, insensitive father. 🤷‍♀️

Lagoon2468 | Lagoon2468

Criticism of father's actions with a clever MJ reference.

suddenly-scrooge | suddenly-scrooge

Praising hard work over innate intelligence, NTA is justified 💪

MySophie777 | MySophie777

Father criticized gifted daughter's university admission, called her not remarkable. YTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father shames gifted daughter, internet says YTA. 🤦‍♂️

YogurtclosetFair8450 | YogurtclosetFair8450

Parental comparison still hurts after 30 years. YTA confirmed. 😢

SoftServeMonk | SoftServeMonk

Harsh criticism for patriarchal and oppressive behavior. 💯

100thusername | 100thusername

Father accused of hindering daughter's education, mother supportive. 👍

hyteskatyamattel | hyteskatyamattel

Being labeled as 'gifted' can take a toll later on. 😔

Otherwise-Problem-71 | Otherwise-Problem-71

Father's dismissive behavior towards children's success is hurtful. YTA 💔

SubarcticFarmer | SubarcticFarmer

Overprotective dad crushes daughter's dreams, YTA commenters agree.

SpruceGoose133 | SpruceGoose133

Don't crush her dreams, YTA. Listen to your wife. 👍

Dear_Ad_9640 | Dear_Ad_9640

15-year-old gifted girl faces sexist criticism from father. YTA.

Embarrassed-Panic-37 | Embarrassed-Panic-37

Calling out misogyny in gifted education, promoting self-confidence 🚺

SnooRabbits9770 | SnooRabbits9770

Parent criticized for diminishing kids' accomplishments by hair-splitting over giftedness.

napthia9 | napthia9

Insensitive parenting leads to shattered dreams of a gifted child. 💔

Obvious-Block6979 | Obvious-Block6979

Father plays favorites, internet says YTA. Terrible parenting 😠

KaiXan1 | KaiXan1

Father of the year? More like father of the century 🙄

Alda_ria | Alda_ria

Encouraging equality in academic accomplishments 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father gets called out for being emotionally abusive. 👏

WifeofBath1984 | WifeofBath1984

Father receives YTA judgement for crushing daughter's dreams 😠

writingisfreedom | writingisfreedom

Hard work beats 'giftedness'. Encourage effort and discipline 💪

Wuhan_Floo | Wuhan_Floo

Father criticized for crushing daughter's dreams. 😠

diarchys | diarchys

Not every 15-year-old can learn college-level math/physics. YTA 😕

boooooooooo_cowboys | boooooooooo_cowboys

Toxic gender bias in parenting. Daughter deserves better. 💔

KaiXan1 | KaiXan1

Intelligence shouldn't be diminished as 'gifted'. Hard work matters. 👏

hopingtocatchadream | hopingtocatchadream

Parent's words crush gifted child's dreams. YTA for underestimating abilities.

snoozebuttonon | snoozebuttonon

Father awkwardly expressed himself but daughter understood. NAH 👍

Southern_Screen_5579 | Southern_Screen_5579

Understanding the definition of 'giftedness'. 🤔

HardNope1789 | HardNope1789

Father criticized for dismissing daughter's impressive achievements at 15 🤔

whichwitch9 | whichwitch9

Father's negative comment towards daughter's giftedness is damaging and unnecessary.

TheBookishFoodie | TheBookishFoodie

Sometimes silence is better than knocking a child down. 🤷‍♀️

mackeyca87 | mackeyca87

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