He Gave Her an ULTIMATUM: Work or We're OVER! 😱😠

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy tale of marital strife that's sure to get your blood boiling! 😱 Meet our protagonist, a 26-year-old husband who's facing a major dilemma. 🤔 His wife of 2 years has suddenly decided she wants to be a housewife, despite their long-standing agreement to both work. 🙅‍♀️ The husband is having none of it and is ready to call it quits! 😤 Get ready for a wild ride filled with drama, heartbreak, and some serious soul-searching. 💔

🚨 Trouble in Paradise: Husband Refuses Wife's Housewife Dreams! 😱

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🙅‍♂️ Husband Shuts Down Housewife Idea Immediately! 🚫

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💰 Husband's Savage Response: "I Pay Professionals for That!" 🤑

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🏥 Wife's Health Deteriorates Amid Marital Strife! 😢

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😩 Wife's Stressful, Underpaid Job Takes a Toll! 😞

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🤔 FAQ: What About Kids? 👶

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🙅‍♀️ No Kids, No Problem! Couple's Agreement 🤝

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👨‍🍳 Who's the Chef in the House? 🍳

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🧹 Housework Split: Contracts and 50/50! 🧽

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🏠 Husband's House, Husband's Rules? 🤨

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💔 Husband's Heartbreak: "Do You Even Love Her?" 😢

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📜 Marriage: A Contract, Not Just Love 💍

Negative-Dog1600 | Negative-Dog1600

🚨 Husband Refuses Wife's Housewife Dreams, Marriage on the Brink! 😱

Well, well, well... looks like this marriage has hit a major roadblock! 😬 Our determined husband is sticking to his guns, refusing to let his wife become a housewife despite her pleas. 🙅‍♂️ The poor wife is so stressed out from her job that she's ended up in the hospital twice already! 🏥 The husband's savage response? "I pay professionals for that!" 💰 Ouch! 😳 But wait, there's more! The husband's got the upper hand with the house, cars, and finances all in his name. 🏠 Talk about a power play! 😏 So, what do you think, folks? Is this husband a total a-hole for not supporting his wife's dreams, or is he just sticking to their original agreement? 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this juicy drama! 🍿

Encouraging a career change? 🤔

life1sart | life1sart

Encouraging NTA comment about finding purpose beyond staying home.

Comfortable-Tell-323 | Comfortable-Tell-323

Agreeing with NTA: Housekeeping isn't a full-time job, no kids.

JanetInSpain | JanetInSpain

NTA for giving ultimatum, but suspicious of enthusiastic supporters 🤔

GroundbreakingTwo201 | GroundbreakingTwo201

Expecting her to pull her weight financially is fair. NTA 👍

HealthyBox5 | HealthyBox5

Suggesting a compromise for a draining job situation 👍

Drabby | Drabby

User questions husband's expectation of wife to stress for little money.

Norodia | Norodia

"Forcing her to work for the paltry 10% even though it's making her miserable? Maybe she'd make a great housewife without having to maintain her current miserable work." 🤔

The-Wise-Weasel | The-Wise-Weasel

Encourage her to find fulfilling work 👍

Equanimoustruth | Equanimoustruth

A commenter suggests a calm conversation over an abrupt ultimatum.

Booksalot_0919 | Booksalot_0919

Suggests supporting spouse to get educated and switch careers 🙌

MomofSlayers | MomofSlayers

NTA but needs to address wife's happiness and offer support 🙏

sassychubzilla | sassychubzilla

Redditor calls out OP for being condescending towards his partner.

ranchojasper | ranchojasper

Communication and therapy could help, but divorce is understandable. NAH ✌️

BeardManMichael | BeardManMichael

Unfair ultimatum given to housewife, YATH.

Mostly_lurking4 | Mostly_lurking4

Redditor calls out husband for being a crappy and unsupportive spouse. 🤦‍♂️

ChloeBee95 | ChloeBee95

User questions if the issue is conceptual or practical 👉🏻 suggests options

tellmemoreabouthat | tellmemoreabouthat

Spouse gives ultimatum to partner with mental health issues 😬

Wild-Meringue3713 | Wild-Meringue3713

Balancing finances and work can be tricky, but compromise is key.

Urban_Shogun | Urban_Shogun

Financial support for career change: a solution to ultimatum?

Technical-Onion-421 | Technical-Onion-421

NTA. No kids, no problem. Divorce the stay-at-home leech.

BlueGreen_1956 | BlueGreen_1956

Debunking the post: OP's schedule seems unrealistic 😒

International-Sea262 | International-Sea262

User questions if a housewife will do all the chores 🤔

Chewierice | Chewierice

Encouraging compromise and flexibility for a happy marriage ❤️

HighAltitude88008 | HighAltitude88008

Suggests finding a compromise before ultimatums and divorce. 🙏

litt3lli0n | litt3lli0n

Encouraging comment about career change, NTA. 👍

Thecatisright | Thecatisright

Invasion of privacy? NTA commenter's family/friends butt in. 🤔

2npac | 2npac

Opposing view on marriage as a business arrangement.

PowerUpBook | PowerUpBook

NTA, but valuing someone solely based on income is toxic 💯

string1969 | string1969

Encouraging NTA comment suggests finding new job with playful sarcasm.

Katana1369 | Katana1369

Jumping to divorce without communication? YTA. She deserves better 💔

FoxyFluf | FoxyFluf

Partner wants her to work, but NTA since it's preference.

HoshiJones | HoshiJones

Is staying at home to save on childcare leeching? 🤔

Nedonomicon | Nedonomicon

Debate over paying job vs duties of house staff savings.

justsomeplainmeadows | justsomeplainmeadows

NTA commenter defends ultimatum as reasonable, advises finding a job.

Cannabis_CatSlave | Cannabis_CatSlave

Supportive comment suggests alternative career options and therapy.

LastFox2656 | LastFox2656

Encouraging NTA comment suggests career change and hiring help.

friendly-sam | friendly-sam

User calls out OP for being an a**hole for giving ultimatum

AgentWD409 | AgentWD409

Demanding partner wants miserable spouse to work for no reason. YTA 😠

NBQuade | NBQuade

Empathetic comment suggests supporting spouse in finding fulfilling career.

Choice-Fuel-9785 | Choice-Fuel-9785

Encouraging compromise and happiness for both partners 🙌

BabyFartzMcGeezak | BabyFartzMcGeezak

Agreement breach? NTA's ultimatum to stay-at-home wife sparks debate.

Livia11176 | Livia11176

NTA calls out entitled women who want to stay home with 👎

caryn1477 | caryn1477

Encouraging NTA comment suggests ex should consider new career path.

Vegetable-Cod-2340 | Vegetable-Cod-2340

Setting boundaries early on and sticking to them. NTA 👍

Daoffdutymermaid | Daoffdutymermaid

Husband gives ultimatum to burnt-out wife. YTA, offer therapy instead 😢

Bartok_The_Batty | Bartok_The_Batty

Healthy advice for a difficult situation. 👍

Small-Charge-8807 | Small-Charge-8807

NTA. Commenter suggests the wife intentionally misled the husband.

Lunchbox1142 | Lunchbox1142

Equal work expectations important for healthy relationship ✌️

ExtendedSpikeProtein | ExtendedSpikeProtein

FYI: It's not legal to kick her out without notice 👍

gloryintheflower- | gloryintheflower-

When a job seems trivial, is quitting the right solution?

EntranceComfortable | EntranceComfortable

NTA: Wife wants more free time and no financial burden. 🙅🏼

zoxzoxzo | zoxzoxzo

Encourage her to pursue a fulfilling career path instead ✊

Putasonder | Putasonder

Parent shares experience with autistic stepson, calls OP an a**hole.

Berserkyr0 | Berserkyr0

Don't expect your partner to stay the same forever, YTA. 😔

pumkinheadk | pumkinheadk

Encouraging NTA comment suggests alternate career paths for partner. 💪

youngmomtoj | youngmomtoj

NTA, but finding a job she enjoys is the solution 👍

ContemplatingPrison | ContemplatingPrison

Encouraging support for career change instead of ultimatums 👍

IanFoxOfficial | IanFoxOfficial

Suggests finding a less terrible job, questions condom use and authenticity.

CozmicOwl16 | CozmicOwl16

A vasectomy at 20? This story has more to unfold 🤔

Bigtimer1983 | Bigtimer1983

User calls out husband for giving ultimatum to sick wife

jbird2023 | jbird2023

Choosing career over relationship: a complicated situation 😕

sacdecorsair | sacdecorsair

No kids, no need for a housewife 😂👏

HighlanderSith | HighlanderSith

User thinks OP is being too harsh on their spouse ❤️

itsallmeeee | itsallmeeee

User calls out OP for being unreasonable and controlling 😑

No-Carry4971 | No-Carry4971

Let her not work, how does it affect you negatively? 🤔

Cookieisforme | Cookieisforme

User suggests discussing alternative careers and addresses potential depression.

abv1401 | abv1401

Why force your spouse to work a job they hate? 🤔

Alakasam | Alakasam

Encouraging education over laziness with a touch of humor 😂

Carolann00 | Carolann00

NTA warns of future financial implications in relationship ultimatums.

Letzes86 | Letzes86

Being a stay-at-home wife isn't as fun as she thinks 🤷‍♀️. NTA.

JustAnotherSaddy | JustAnotherSaddy

NTA for setting boundaries in relationship about working and housewife.

sausage-slicer | sausage-slicer

Suggesting a compromise for the couple's future with helpful tips. 👍

sabin357 | sabin357

Taking care of a household of two adults isn't a full-time job 💼

MamaFen | MamaFen

Partner's ultimatum justified, but also needs to support mental health. 👍

loweffortfuck | loweffortfuck

Is leaving over a job ultimatum too extreme? 🤔

bisikletci | bisikletci

Red flags raised over woman's career decision. 🚨

ice_wolf_fenris | ice_wolf_fenris

User disagrees with ultimatum and suggests communication instead. YTA.

cantaloupe-490 | cantaloupe-490

Controlling husband gives ultimatum to sick wife about her job 😤

kstoops2conquer | kstoops2conquer

NTA calls out entitlement, advises to leave for better opportunities.

Intrepid_Brick_2062 | Intrepid_Brick_2062

Choosing between SAH and working can strain relationships. Clean break easier.

Cross_22 | Cross_22

YTA for valuing marriage as a contract and not love 😠

SewRuby | SewRuby

User thinks ultimatum over partner's income is unreasonable. 😕

Specialist-Pear6953 | Specialist-Pear6953

Is being a housewife the key to a happy marriage?

clareako1978 | clareako1978

Supportive comment about how couples can grow and change together. 🙌

stoopid_username | stoopid_username

Marriage is a commitment, not a fantasy. NTA. 💍💔

Survive1014 | Survive1014

NTA- Relatable struggle balancing work and relationship finances. 👍

Silver_Bulleit204 | Silver_Bulleit204

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