Shocking Parking Dispute: Housemate Demands Cash From Disabled Man 💰🤬

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🏠 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy house-sharing tale that's sure to get your wheels turning! 🚗 Four friends, one house, and a parking predicament that's causing quite the commotion. 😱 The original poster, let's call him the 'Parking Prince' 👑, is in a bit of a bind. He's been paying extra for that coveted parking spot, but now a new housemate, the 'Wheelchair Warrior' ♿, is rolling in and shaking things up! 🌪️ The Parking Prince is standing his ground, refusing to give up his spot without compensation. 💸 Is he being petty or principled? 🤔 Let's dive into this drama and see what unfolds! 🍿

🏠 The House-Sharing Dilemma: A Tale of Four Friends 🤔

spoon-enthusiast | spoon-enthusiast

🚗 The Parking Predicament: Who Pays More? 💸

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🚪 The Departing Roommate and the New Arrival 🆕

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♿ The Unanimous Decision: Parking for the Wheelchair User 🤝

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💰 The Extra Cost Conundrum: Who Should Pay? 🤨

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🙅‍♂️ The Refusal: Advertised Price vs. Suitability 😕

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🤲 The Compromise: Splitting the Difference 🪙

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🏠 The Landlord's Stance: Not Getting Involved 🤐

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😠 The Accusations: Petty and Inconsiderate? 🤬

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💸 The Deposit Dilemma: Misadvertised Price 😤

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🤷‍♂️ The Principle: Splitting the Difference 💯

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🚗💺 The Parking Prince vs. The Wheelchair Warrior: A House-Sharing Showdown! 🤼‍♂️

Well, well, well... looks like the Parking Prince is in quite the pickle! 😅 He's been paying extra for that sweet parking spot, but now the Wheelchair Warrior is rolling in and claiming it as his own. 😮 The Prince isn't backing down though, he's demanding compensation or threatening to keep using the spot himself! 😤 Talk about a parking power struggle! 🤜🤛 The housemates are calling him petty, but the Prince is standing his ground on principle. 💪 He's even holding the departing roommate's deposit hostage until this mess is sorted out! 😱 This is one house-sharing drama that's sure to leave skid marks! 🔥 Let's see what the internet has to say about this wild ride! 🎢

Friend falsely advertised parking space, NTA for refusing to pay.

Dont-trust-it | Dont-trust-it

Fairness questioned over high parking fee for disabled housemate 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Disabled man stands up for himself in parking dispute 💪

photosbeersandteach | photosbeersandteach

Supportive reply deems OP NTA in parking conflict 👍

Rhaynaries | Rhaynaries

Split the fee or pay the whole $100/month. NTA.

Lumpy_Ingenuity1287 | Lumpy_Ingenuity1287

Negotiating parking spot rent between roommates. NTA has leverage.

ms-xx | ms-xx

Fairness in paying for parking spot, disability not a factor 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate conflict over parking and rent, NTA wins.

bluebanisters422 | bluebanisters422

Disabled man stands up against entitled housemate's demand for cash 💰

Aromatic_Quail | Aromatic_Quail

Don't open someone else's wallet in the name of justice 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fairness questioned: NTA shouldn't pay extra for surrendered parking spot 📲

AvgHeight510 | AvgHeight510

Fairness prevails in parking dispute. NTA wins the spot 👏

mc_squared_03 | mc_squared_03

Former roommate is TA for false advertising accessible parking. Split cost.

Stuck_With_Name | Stuck_With_Name

Disabled man's entitled demand for parking space sparks debate.

Mundane-Grape9985 | Mundane-Grape9985

Kindness is not a blank check. NTA for not paying.

theDagman | theDagman

Former roommate's fault, don't return deposit. NTA 👍

vodka_philosophy | vodka_philosophy

New roommate not responsible for previous tenant's parking arrangement. #NTA

Georgiedoggie | Georgiedoggie

Roommate demands cash from disabled man for parking, NTA explains

katepig123 | katepig123

Fair to charge for parking space, person in wheelchair should clarify.

disruptionisbliss | disruptionisbliss

Creative solution for parking dispute involving disability ♿

marheena | marheena

Disabled man denied parking space, roommates are both at fault 😠

whyamistillhere17 | whyamistillhere17

Disabled person demanded free parking, commenter defends paying extra. NTA 👍

InternationalFlow890 | InternationalFlow890

Pay extra for space, not for being disabled. NTA.

dreamcatcher1966 | dreamcatcher1966

"Fair options offered. Whoever uses space pays. New roomie entitled" 🙌

hakeyh1956 | hakeyh1956

Fair point! Paying for parking space is reasonable. 👍

Calm_Initial | Calm_Initial

Rent advertised as $800, tenant demands extra cash for parking 💰

y3s1canr3ad | y3s1canr3ad

Reasonable offer made for parking spot, NTA 👍

TillyRogers | TillyRogers

Fair pricing, fair rules. New roommate can't change that 👍

Kab1212 | Kab1212

Got a point, NTA but leaseholder should be involved in rentals 👍

1RatQueen1 | 1RatQueen1

New guy wants parking space? He pays for it. 💰

KimmyStand | KimmyStand

Demanding payment for a parking spot from a disabled man 👎

fromhelley | fromhelley

Parking dispute reveals true colors of friend and new guy 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Disabled man not obligated to pay for housemate's parking. NTA 🚫💰

RGlasach | RGlasach

Clear and fair parking spot arrangement, NTA for enforcing it 👍

PrettyLilPeacock | PrettyLilPeacock

Housemate tries to demand cash from disabled man for parking spot

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fairness in parking payment. Disability doesn't exempt from payment. 👍

CutesPDX | CutesPDX

Fair solution proposed for parking dispute involving disabled man 💰

OpinionatedAussieGal | OpinionatedAussieGal

Fair point, sharing the cost was a kind gesture 👍

Glittering-Pomelo-19 | Glittering-Pomelo-19

Your house, your rules. Roommate can move on. NTA 👍

no_shirt_4_jim_kirk | no_shirt_4_jim_kirk

Fair or not? Charging extra for parking in shared house 🤔

Oscars_Grouch | Oscars_Grouch

Stand your ground! NTA. Your parking spot, your rules.

puppyfarts99 | puppyfarts99

Fairness in rent and parking: NTA stands up for themselves 💪

Green_Mix_3412 | Green_Mix_3412

Fairness prevailed. Disabled man not obliged to pay more. 👍

tarak8isgr8 | tarak8isgr8

Accepting reality of disabilities and accommodating is being NTA 👍

Barelyaberry | Barelyaberry

Fairness in parking fees debated in housemate dispute

dwells2301 | dwells2301

Stand your ground! Your parking space, your rules. NTA 💪

Not-a-Cranky-Panda | Not-a-Cranky-Panda

Others won't volunteer money but expect you to pay? NTA

TheBattyWitch | TheBattyWitch

Wheelchair user deserves fair parking even if it raises rent 👍

suchanirwin | suchanirwin

Disabled person not at fault for inaccessible housing extra cost 👏

ViSaph | ViSaph

Polite correction of ableist language in NTA comment.

queerhomemaker | queerhomemaker

Friend demands cash from disabled man for parking spot. NTA.

Flier982 | Flier982

Fair judgement, parking spot not advertised. Keep it for yourself 👍

ThatsItImOverThis | ThatsItImOverThis

Stand your ground, roommate pays if they want the spot. NTA 👍

zeiche | zeiche

Stand your ground! New roommate is a jerk 👎

[deleted] | [deleted]

Clearing up a parking dispute over $800 rent with 🔍info.

Marzipan_civil | Marzipan_civil

Questions around disability parking policy and advice not to pay.

Summoning-Freaks | Summoning-Freaks

Be firm and don't let them bully you into paying 💪

kbmeow0326 | kbmeow0326

Fair pricing debate in parking dispute - NTA takes stand

wannaspoilme35 | wannaspoilme35

Offering to split extra cost with unreasonable housemate. NTA.

Outside_Holiday_9997 | Outside_Holiday_9997

Suggestion to split cheaper parking cost without being TA 💪

dirtyfrank12292 | dirtyfrank12292

Roommate shouldn't demand cash for parking spot you gave up 👍

Dlyo30 | Dlyo30

Stand your ground and don't let them take advantage 👊


Accommodating disability doesn't rule out being TA 🙄

Sensitive-Stock-9805 | Sensitive-Stock-9805

Disabled man not at fault for housemate's parking dispute 👍

thymeraser | thymeraser

Disabled man not the a**hole for keeping his parking space

catsareniceDEATH | catsareniceDEATH

Disabled man stands up to unjust demand for parking payment 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand your ground and demand fair compensation for your spot 💪

BrokenIncubuss | BrokenIncubuss

Disabled man not entitled to parking space, housemate not the a**hole.

Miserable-Narwhal-53 | Miserable-Narwhal-53

Standing up against unjust demands 💪

nunya1111 | nunya1111

Keep using your space, NTA. New guy had his chance 👍

RoyIbex | RoyIbex

Housemate falsely advertised parking for disabled person, NTA not responsible.

chaotic_nuclear | chaotic_nuclear

Paying extra for disabled spot is ableist. NTA.

Maleficent-Yam4650 | Maleficent-Yam4650

Friend should have clarified parking cost, special arrangement not in writing

Coco_Dirichlet | Coco_Dirichlet

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