😠 Daughter's UNBELIEVABLE Reaction to Sister's Pregnancy Has Dad Seeing RED!

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🚨 Family drama alert! 🚨 Buckle up, folks, because this story is a wild ride! 🎢 Meet a family torn apart by the struggle of infertility and the joys of pregnancy. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Maggie and Quentin have been trying for a baby for years, while Adam and Lily just announced they're expecting! 🍼 But instead of celebrating, Maggie has gone off the deep end, screaming at her family and cutting them off completely! 😱 Now, dear old dad is considering the ultimate punishment: cutting Maggie out of the will! 💸 Is this tough love or just plain cruel? 🤔 Let's dive in and find out! 🏊‍♂️

😢 A Heartbroken Family's Dilemma

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Meet the Family: Angela, Maggie, Quentin, Adam, and Lily

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🍼 Maggie and Quentin's Struggle for a Baby

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💔 An Emotional Process for Everyone

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🎉 Adam and Lily's Joyous News

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🤐 Breaking the News Privately

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🤰 Angela's Concern for Maggie

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😡 Maggie's Explosive Reaction

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😤 Maggie's Perception of the News

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📞 Maggie's Outbursts and Blocking Spree

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⏳ Quentin's Advice: Give Maggie Time

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😢 A Family in Turmoil

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💸 The Ultimatum: Cutting Maggie from the Will

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🤔 WIBTA for Taking Drastic Measures?

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Family Feud: Will Maggie Get Cut from the Will?

Maggie's explosive reaction to Adam and Lily's pregnancy news has left the whole family reeling. 😢 Screaming at her mom, blocking everyone's numbers, and refusing all help? Yikes! 😬 It's been five long weeks of silence, and the family is at their wit's end. 🤯 Angela's in tears, Adam's missing his sister, and Lily's feeling lost and alone. 💔 But dear old dad has had enough! He's ready to drop the hammer and cut Maggie out of the will completely! 🔨 Is this the wake-up call Maggie needs, or will it only drive the family further apart? 🤔 The internet has some thoughts on this juicy drama! Let's see what they have to say.

Don't abandon Maggie during a dark time, give her space. 💔

Amiedeslivres | Amiedeslivres

Don't cut her out because she's struggling. Give her space. YTA 😠

savinathewhite | savinathewhite

User calls out OP for jumping to cutting daughter from will. YTA.

FlyoverState61 | FlyoverState61

Father faces backlash for considering disowning daughter. YTA.

T_G_A_H | T_G_A_H

🤔 Cutting off daughter during vulnerable time. YTA or NTA?

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA. Maggie needs time and space to process. Have some empathy 😞

Icy_Blueness1206 | Icy_Blueness1206

🤔 Why prioritize grandkids over daughter's pain? YTA.

AubreyP1234 | AubreyP1234

Parents' invasive behavior towards infertile daughter leads to conflict.

Away_Attorney_8361 | Away_Attorney_8361

YTA jumps to will in family dispute, needs to back off 🖕

jrm1102 | jrm1102

Give her time! Don't write off family for a minor thing 🙏

Deep_Royal_8906 | Deep_Royal_8906

Cutting her out of the will? YTA, not supportive 🤯

Arugula_Existing | Arugula_Existing

🤬 Overreacting? YTA dad threatens to cut daughter out of will.

AMerrickanGirl | AMerrickanGirl

Dad's reaction to daughter's pregnancy news is extreme. YTA.

celticmusebooks | celticmusebooks

👀 Red flags raised in response to harsh judgment of daughter's behavior

SkyComplex2625 | SkyComplex2625

🤦 Cutting her out of the will? Not father of the year.

kratzicorn | kratzicorn

🤨 5 weeks to cut her from your will? YTA needs to grow up.

North-Reference7081 | North-Reference7081

Critic calls out OP's toxic behavior and suggests daughter is better off without them 🔥

Nicolalala169 | Nicolalala169

User calls out OP's contradictory intentions in punishing Maggie.

buttercupgrump | buttercupgrump

🤔 Commenter criticizes OP's lack of patience and empathy. YTA.

Famous_Specialist_44 | Famous_Specialist_44

👍Agree! Punishing her during grief is unfair and unnecessary.

wisewoman707 | wisewoman707

Insensitive father gets called out for wanting to rush daughter's grieving 🤦‍♂️

[deleted] | [deleted]

User thinks cutting Maggie from the will would be too extreme.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Doubts raised about the authenticity of the post. YTA verdict.

WantToBelieveInMagic | WantToBelieveInMagic

👀 Commenter calls out parent for being insensitive and manipulative. YTA

Bitter_Animator2514 | Bitter_Animator2514

🤬 Commenter calls out OP for being insensitive to daughter's feelings

Ornery-Wasabi-473 | Ornery-Wasabi-473

Give Maggie space to grieve, YWBTA for pushing her. 😢

InappropriateAccess | InappropriateAccess

Empathy is key, YTA - put yourself in your daughter's shoes 🙏

74Magick | 74Magick

🤦 Cutting her out of your will? Give her time. YTA.

Zieglest | Zieglest

Be patient and keep the door open. Infertility is tough. 😢

Reyvakitten | Reyvakitten

Both sides acting terribly 😒 ESH, cutting off daughter extreme 🤷‍♂️

Austen-aficionado | Austen-aficionado

Think twice before making permanent decisions in the heat.

UnusuallyScented | UnusuallyScented

Don't cut someone off because you don't approve. YTA 😒

AITAfangirl | AITAfangirl

ESH. Cutting her out of your will over one incident is AH move. Maggie needs intensive therapy and shouldn’t be a parent. Lily and Adam broke the news respectfully.

FatChance68 | FatChance68

🤔 Commenter questions cutting family out of will, deems YTA childish.

AquaticStoner1996 | AquaticStoner1996

Don't abandon your daughter during the hardest time of her life 😔

Euphoric_Travel2541 | Euphoric_Travel2541

🛑 Cutting family out of the will won't fix things. Give time.

RumSoakedChap | RumSoakedChap

User questions OP's priorities and motives. YTA.

Original-Winter9334 | Original-Winter9334

🤔 User calls out OP's knee-jerk reaction to sister's outburst

AdAcrobatic5971 | AdAcrobatic5971

🤔 YTA jumps from therapy to cutting daughter out of Will?

chubby-wench | chubby-wench

User calls out YTA for jumping to conclusions and being selfish 🤭

bomdiggybomgirl | bomdiggybomgirl

🤔 Commenter advises against using will to punish daughter after death

JaguarZealousideal55 | JaguarZealousideal55

User calls out OP for considering disowning daughter over hormones.

CatteNappe | CatteNappe

Support your upset daughter emotionally, don't exclude her financially 👏

KitFan2020 | KitFan2020

🤔 Cutting her from the will after 5 weeks seems extreme...

Beneficial-Ad-3955 | Beneficial-Ad-3955

Father's lack of unconditional love towards daughter sparks outrage 😡

StoneAgePrue | StoneAgePrue

Empathize with the hurting, be kind with your will decisions.

Key-Flatworm1578 | Key-Flatworm1578

Empathetic comment on jealousy and personal experience.

Logical-Volume6881 | Logical-Volume6881

Insensitive response to infertility, but leave her alone to process.

ichheissekate | ichheissekate

Daughter's infertility issues causing family drama, dad overreacts with will.

WholeAd2742 | WholeAd2742

🤔 Commenter points out everyone's selfish behavior in the situation.

micropedant | micropedant

Don't judge her for needing space during a difficult time 😞

Inevitable-Divide933 | Inevitable-Divide933

Don't cut off family, give her time to come around 🙏

buttercupfairy19 | buttercupfairy19

Insensitive behavior towards infertile sister. YTA big time. 😔

rheasilva | rheasilva

Struggling with infertility, commenter empathizes with daughter's outburst. YTA.

Moonlight_Charm | Moonlight_Charm

Consider the long-term effects of cutting someone from your will 😔

AliceInWeirdoland | AliceInWeirdoland

🚨 YTA Alert! Commenter calls out OP's immature behavior 🚨

Thick-Journalist-168 | Thick-Journalist-168

User calls out OP's potential asshole behavior during sister's IVF.

Vuirneen | Vuirneen

Show some compassion, not disinheritance. YTA if you do.

Zero_Fuchs_Given | Zero_Fuchs_Given

Infertility is painful. Let Maggie grieve and give her space. ❤️

Darkling82 | Darkling82

IVF hormones can take a toll, grieving takes time ❤️

Crafty-Shape2743 | Crafty-Shape2743

User questions OP's motive for threatening to cut daughter off

Electrical-Form-3188 | Electrical-Form-3188

Grandchildren over daughter's pain? YTA 😠

Impossible_Change973 | Impossible_Change973

Monetary threats are weak AF, says commenter. #BoomerParents 🙄

Sensitive-Whereas574 | Sensitive-Whereas574

NTA. Maggie is shoveling her pain onto everyone else 😠


Daughter's behavior for 5 weeks doesn't warrant disinheritance, be patient 🙏

ApprehensiveCream571 | ApprehensiveCream571

Infertility is painful. Don't cut her out, give her time 😢

TheCatDrankMyCoffee | TheCatDrankMyCoffee

Let them sort it out: no need for unnecessary drama 🙏

Confident-Bluejay883 | Confident-Bluejay883

🤬 A comment calls out a father for playing favorites. YTA.

LurkerBerker | LurkerBerker

Curious about Maggie's history of intense reactions to events?

EmotionalTower8559 | EmotionalTower8559

Confusion and questions galore in this comment section 🤔

yepyep_nopenope | yepyep_nopenope

User calls out parent's favoritism towards son's pregnancy, questions relevance of will

wren_boy1313 | wren_boy1313

Watch 'Bluey' episode 'Onesies' to understand daughter's situation.

Witty-sitty-kitty | Witty-sitty-kitty

Parent's reaction to daughter's pregnancy announcement deemed inappropriate. YTA 🚫

Waffles_ja | Waffles_ja

Give her time to grieve. Don't cut her out. 😞

voided_user | voided_user

❗️Lacking compassion? Give her time to sort through this❗️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Navigating the complexities of sisterhood and pregnancy 👨‍👩‍👧👶

Genderfluid_smolbean | Genderfluid_smolbean

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