Girlfriend's BRUTAL Decision 💔 BF Devastated By Vacation Snub

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🤠 Howdy, y'all! Saddle up for a wild ride through the mountains of relationship drama! 🏔️ I'm a professional horse rider who planned the trip of a lifetime - 10 days of horseback riding through rugged terrain. 🐎 But there's a catch... I started dating a city slicker with more health issues than a hypochondriac at a hospital. 🏥 He's got a bum knee, a sensitive stomach, and an aversion to plain water. 💧 When I told him about my epic adventure, he was more excited than a kid on Christmas morning! 🎄 But can this cowboy wannabe handle the ride? 🤔 Giddy up, let's find out! 🤠

🏇 Giddy Up, Buttercup! 🌄

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

🤠 Yeehaw, He's Excited! 🐴

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

🤔 Reality Check, Cowboy 🌵

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

🛍️ Shopping Spree at Boot Barn! 👢

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

🦿 Knee-Deep in Trouble 😬

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

🤕 It's Not Great Care, Y'all 🏥

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

🚶‍♂️ Can't Even Walk a Mile 🌄

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

🩺 Turning into His Medical Assistant 🏥

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

🐎 Saddle Sore After 2 Hours 😣

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

🚽 GI Issues Galore 🤢

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

😰 Dreading the Trip 🏔️

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

🏇 Professional Rider Goals 🌄

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

😠 He's Mad, Y'all 😤

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

💧 The Water Situation 🥤

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

🥤 Soda, Chocolate Milk, Oh My! 🍫

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

🍗 Picky Eater Problems 🍔

urgirlfriendsgf | urgirlfriendsgf

🤠 Yeehaw, We've Got a Dilemma! 🌵

Well, folks, it looks like we've got ourselves a real pickle here. 🥒 My boyfriend's got more health issues than a sickly calf at a rodeo, but he's rarin' to go on this 10-day horseback adventure! 🐎 I'm worried he'll be saddle sore, starvin' like a vegan at a steakhouse, and cripplin' me with his medical needs. 🩺 I had to put my boot down and tell him to stay home on this one. 🥾 He's madder than a wet hen, but I reckon I gotta do what's best for me and my trusty steed. 🐴 Let's see what the internet wranglers have to say about this wild west showdown! 🤠

Supportive comment challenges odd detail, questioning validity 🤔

medium_buffalo_wings | medium_buffalo_wings

Proving a point with a miserable horseback ride 😱

HelicopterPenisHover | HelicopterPenisHover

User confused about drinking plain water, supports OP's decision.

dishonestgandalf | dishonestgandalf

Prioritizing your partner's health on group trips is important ❤️

extinct_diplodocus | extinct_diplodocus

Suggests exit plan and humorously offers alternative water source 😂

Crazy_Past6259 | Crazy_Past6259

Traveling with IBS-D is miserable. NTA for declining.

74Magick | 74Magick

Is your partner holding you back from happiness? 😢

throwRA-nonSeq | throwRA-nonSeq

Gastroenterologist calls out BF's heartburn excuse for vacation snub 😂

inFinEgan | inFinEgan

User questions validity of man's water drinking habits 🤔

gimpzilla76 | gimpzilla76

Horseback riding trip requirements, NTA for denying invitation.

well_this_is_dumb | well_this_is_dumb

Healthy diet can help with heartburn and GI issues 👍

Abradolf1948 | Abradolf1948

NTA warns against bringing whiners on vacation 🍷

Impossible_Rain_4727 | Impossible_Rain_4727

Don't be his nurse! 🚫 NTA calls out BF's behavior.

PDK112 | PDK112

Planned trip just for her; BF must acknowledge limitations. NTA 👍

deadlygummibear | deadlygummibear

Prior experience shows NTA for not wanting unfit boyfriend there 🤷‍♀️

Certain-Use-3848 | Certain-Use-3848

Dealing with a picky-eater BF who throws tantrums 🤬 NTA

mugcupcinnamonroll | mugcupcinnamonroll

Devastated BF excluded from GF's non-negotiable physically demanding trip 😢

Glittering_Search_41 | Glittering_Search_41

NTA, assert your independence, it's your vacation, not his.

realitysuperb | realitysuperb

Understanding girlfriend chooses not to bring impaired boyfriend on trip

asianmufa | asianmufa

NTA considers boyfriend's physical ability for vacation, raises valid concerns.

lyrical_llama | lyrical_llama

Stand up for your partner's limitations. NTA 🙌

RandoCollision | RandoCollision

Partner's limitations shouldn't hold you back. NTA 👍

HappySummerBreeze | HappySummerBreeze

Savage comment shuts down entitled boyfriend's vacation hopes 👏

C64128 | C64128

Suggests alternative trip options, NTA for declining vacation request. 👍

fallingintopolkadots | fallingintopolkadots

Engaging in a 10-day mountain ride with no experience? 🤔

uniquename-987654321 | uniquename-987654321

NTA: Invitee's unreasonable expectations lead to justified vacation snub 🏝

External-Hamster-991 | External-Hamster-991

Risk to trip, others, and horses. Talk to outfitters quietly 👁

Morning-noodles | Morning-noodles

Concerned commenter questions vacation logistics, warns against disaster 👀

glynndah | glynndah

NTA. Taking care of him would ruin the trip 😕

Nericmitch | Nericmitch

A commenter recounts their physical limitations for a vacation trip.

Kitchen_Name9497 | Kitchen_Name9497

Suggests horseback trip to prove worthiness of vacation invitation 💪

Super_Reading2048 | Super_Reading2048

Solo trip okay but BF's feelings matter too 😔

CorgisNDragons | CorgisNDragons

Savage comment: Outfitter won't let him on horse. NTA

rexicle | rexicle

Why be with someone who doesn't match your lifestyle? 🤔

cottonmouthnwhiskey | cottonmouthnwhiskey

Safety first! Offer him a milder trip alternative later 😊

Wvfarmer250-3000 | Wvfarmer250-3000

Build up to the trip. NTA. Does he have FOMO? 🤔

RocketteP | RocketteP

Prioritizing compatible lifestyles in relationships 🤔

rhill2073 | rhill2073

Engaging in separate hobbies is fine in a relationship. 👍

BackgroundPublic2529 | BackgroundPublic2529

NTA. Suggest a future 2-day trip or solo trip for self-care. 🙌

rudyjohnsonpdx | rudyjohnsonpdx

Professional rider declines boyfriend's vacation plan, NTA according to comment.

Particular-Try5584 | Particular-Try5584

NTA commenter warns girlfriend about high-maintenance boyfriend 🚩

trblcdn | trblcdn

Choose you and your dream vacation. Don't let him ruin it. NTA 👏

TreysToothbrush | TreysToothbrush

Being active could make the relationship incompatible in the long run 😐

Kuromi-rika | Kuromi-rika

Mismatched interests and priorities may be a dealbreaker 👍

AlternativePlay5898 | AlternativePlay5898

Encouraging comment advises NTA to not baby BF with GI problems.

Ixpen | Ixpen

Overcoming a rare food allergy and swallowing disorder 🙌

Helpful-Map507 | Helpful-Map507

Suggesting a half-day trail ride to shut down clueless BF 😉

Fun_Habit8756 | Fun_Habit8756

Is the boyfriend really worth the effort? 🤔

klmoran | klmoran

NTA. Commenter questions dietary issues, suggests local ride as solution.

Fit_Following_6841 | Fit_Following_6841

Setting boundaries for mental health is important. Compromise for quality time 👍

krfc87141721 | krfc87141721

Boyfriend acts like a child on vacation, NTA called out 👏

Informalformalities9 | Informalformalities9

Dealing with picky eaters during camping/hiking 🌳 NTA

WanaWahur | WanaWahur

Vacation without partner for a better experience 👌

Solid-Object1661 | Solid-Object1661

Eliminating wheat helped with heartburn and improved overall health 🌾

JohnnieTimebomb | JohnnieTimebomb

Stick to your plans, but don't limit others. NTA 👍

Cutewitch_ | Cutewitch_

NTA with a humorous take on boyfriend's terrible diet 🍔

Wtfdidistumbleinon | Wtfdidistumbleinon

Horseback riding trip requires skilled riders. NTA for saying no. 🐴

AmazingReserve9089 | AmazingReserve9089

NTA, but is he a good fit for your active lifestyle? 🤔

Independent-Length54 | Independent-Length54

Long-term compatibility concerns in new relationship. Chemistry vs lifestyle.

realfuckingoriginal | realfuckingoriginal

New relationship sparks debate over 10-day vacation plans 😐

Tianoccio | Tianoccio

BF has unrealistic expectations and sounds very childish. 😑

MajorAd2679 | MajorAd2679

Partner's GI issues caused by diet, NTA for needing break

BenevolentTyranny | BenevolentTyranny

Unhealthy diet may worsen GI issues 🐮🏻🤷🏻‍♀️

Outrageous_Grass541 | Outrageous_Grass541

NTA commenter explains the importance of physical preparation for trips.

LittleRedPooka | LittleRedPooka

NTA commenter warns of dangers of unprepared hiking companions 🏃

LittleRedPooka | LittleRedPooka

Brutal advice to dump unhealthy BF, better for future self 💔

Black-Dynamite888 | Black-Dynamite888

NTA, commenter advises BF to improve diet before joining trip 🍔🥤

Martinelis | Martinelis

Advice on diet for digestive issues, supportive NTA judgement 👍

AstronomerForsaken65 | AstronomerForsaken65

Empathetic NTA comment on health limitations and hobbies. 🙏

Top-Cut-369 | Top-Cut-369

Partner's eating habits causing problems on vacation - NTA comment

Routine-Tea8495 | Routine-Tea8495

Girlfriend stands her ground on vacation, BF needs to grow up 🚫👨‍👩‍👧

Fearless_Ad1685 | Fearless_Ad1685

Healthy beverage choices, NTA comment gives heartburn solution 😂

NothingTooSeriousM8 | NothingTooSeriousM8

Being considerate doesn't guarantee compromise. 🤷‍♀️

LowAdvisor9274 | LowAdvisor9274

Heartburn and physical limitations justify vacation snub. NTA. 🏝🤷‍♀️

zipmcnutty | zipmcnutty

Healthy habits could solve heartburn. NTA for vacation decision.

ToastetteEgg | ToastetteEgg

Tips for severe heartburn shared by fellow picky eater. 💊

BestAd5844 | BestAd5844

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