Friends OUTRAGED After She Declines Indian Food Due to Trauma 😠

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🌶️ Buckle up, folks, because we've got a spicy story that's sure to get your taste buds tingling and your emotions swirling! 🌪️ Our protagonist found themselves in a bit of a pickle when a simple hangout with friends turned into a cultural catastrophe. 😱 Get ready for a tale of food, friendship, and the perils of international cuisine! 🍛🌍

🌍 A Taste of Adventure Gone Wrong 🏔️🤢

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🎉 New Friends, New Plans 🍽️

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😰 The Awkward Moment 😬

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🇳🇵 Flashback to Nepal 🏔️🥘

[deleted] | [deleted]

🚁 From Mountain Top to Hospital Bed 🏥🤮

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🍛 Curry PTSD 🤢

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🤧 Nausea Strikes Again 🍲

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🥗 Salad for One, Please 🍴

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🤔 AITA for My Curry Aversion? 🍛❌

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🍛🚫 Indian Restaurants = No Go Zone 🙅‍♀️

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😞 I Should've Explained Better 💬

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🍛 Curry Conundrum: A Taste of Trauma 🤢

Well, well, well... it looks like our curry-averse friend has found themselves in a real pickle! 🥒 Who knew that a traumatic experience with Dal Bhat in Nepal 🇳🇵 could lead to such a dramatic fallout with friends? 😱 It's a classic case of food PTSD, folks! 🍛🤢 But the real question is, should our protagonist have sucked it up and faced their fears for the sake of their new Indian friend? 🤔 Or were they justified in their curry avoidance? 🙅‍♀️ Let's see what the internet has to say about this spicy situation! 🌶️🗣️

Trauma from food poisoning is valid. Friends should respect boundaries. 🚧

Galactic_Beans | Galactic_Beans

Traumatized by food: relatable experiences and advice. NAH.

CiniMiniMe | CiniMiniMe

Valid reason for declining Indian food, but tone matters. NTA.

Leifang666 | Leifang666

Indian Redditor supports declining Indian food due to trauma 👍

ConfusedFanGirl0502 | ConfusedFanGirl0502

Respectful food preference, NTA. Good on you for compromising.

witcher252 | witcher252

Indian commenter supports OP's decision to decline Indian food 👍

honPotato | honPotato

Curious Red Flag: Commenter leaves out crucial info, friends call racist?

ohsnapdragon22 | ohsnapdragon22

Valid reason for declining Indian food, not racist. NTA 👍

hips0n | hips0n

Indian Redditor defends OP's right to dislike Indian cuisine 💪

risfun | risfun

Friends call her racist for declining Indian food due to trauma 😒

m0v00mw | m0v00mw

NTA declines Indian food due to trauma and is disrespected.

reading_potato | reading_potato

Valid reason for declining food due to trauma. Friends overreacted 😠

courtnovo | courtnovo

Honesty wins: Commenter defends NTA's 'insensitive' answer 👏

Nothere3131 | Nothere3131

Engaging explanation of the term "curry" and Indian cuisine 🍟

Jannnnnna | Jannnnnna

Respect her food trauma, she's not an a**hole for declining. 🚧

ALT_enveetee | ALT_enveetee

Respectful decline of food is valid 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Confused Indian asks for definition of 'curry' in non-Indian context 🤷‍♂️

SubstantialSoft4 | SubstantialSoft4

Food trauma is real 😞. NTA for having preferences.

Blazekhan | Blazekhan

The lasting impact of traumatic experiences on our senses 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Eating too much lobster resulted in a traumatic experience 🤨

calmdownsamantha | calmdownsamantha

Respectful choice, not cultural disrespect. NTA wins the debate. 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Being understanding of food traumas and apologizing can help diffuse situations. 😊

KayakerMel | KayakerMel

Food poisoning trauma is valid, NTA! Friends need understanding 😊

Terds4Nerds | Terds4Nerds

Food aversions understandable, but can lead to hurt feelings 🤔

lickedmurderweapon | lickedmurderweapon

Friend explains how OP could have handled situation better.

idiggory | idiggory

Bullying over food choices is not okay. NTA 👍

the-happy-sisyphus | the-happy-sisyphus

Traumatized by curry, not racist. Get new friends. 🤷‍♀️

CynicalSheep34 | CynicalSheep34

Offered to eat elsewhere, explained and apologized. NTA 😊

GaseousConcept | GaseousConcept

NTA for declining Indian food due to past food poisoning 😠

TheTwistedCity | TheTwistedCity

NTA. Bangladeshi commenter empathizes with trauma towards Indian cuisine. 😍

UnkelGarfunkel | UnkelGarfunkel

Food trauma is real 😷, friends should be supportive 👍

Chadth3Mad | Chadth3Mad

Validating NTA's trauma and offering empathy for the situation.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Food preferences shouldn't offend cultures. NTA 🍔🌮🍕

moonlight-watcher | moonlight-watcher

Declining Indian food due to trauma is understandable. Friends overreacting? NTA 😠

foxtailavenger | foxtailavenger

NTA. Trauma is valid, friends should be more understanding 👍

all_ducks_given | all_ducks_given

NTA! It's common to have trouble eating after food poisoning. Apologize.

conuly | conuly

Trauma can have lasting effects on our senses 😢

Sabetwolf | Sabetwolf

Legit survival mechanism! Others have it with wine and aniseed.

aMoustachioedMan | aMoustachioedMan

Traumatic experience with food, hard NTA for declining Indian food 😠

capricorn40 | capricorn40

Food trauma is real 🤭

MadamKitsune | MadamKitsune

Defending a trauma-informed food preference against 'woke brigade' accusations 🤬

radleynope | radleynope

Taste aversions are real and NTA for declining food. Friends unfair 😠

emily303lover | emily303lover

Being honest about food trauma makes you NTA, get new friends 😒

Some_Respect3634 | Some_Respect3634

You're not the a**hole for declining Indian food. Friends overreacted.

minimie99 | minimie99

Trauma can affect our reactions to seemingly innocuous situations 😕

Justbecauseitcameup | Justbecauseitcameup

Sharing experiences and suggesting solutions to childish behavior 😊

cyberman0 | cyberman0

Respectful NTA declines Indian food due to trauma 🙏, offered alternative options 😋

asianinindia | asianinindia

Respecting food choices and traumas: NTA wins hearts 💛

shaily259 | shaily259

Valid reason to decline Indian food, NTA 🍛

philmcruch | philmcruch

Food trauma is a real thing! NTA, friends need to chill 😠

GothPenguin | GothPenguin

Declining Indian food due to trauma - NTA. Here's why 🤷‍♀️

TouchMyRustySpoon | TouchMyRustySpoon

Trauma can affect how we feel about certain foods 🤷‍♂️

Bubblesbean2827 | Bubblesbean2827

Valid reason for declining Indian food. Friends overreacted. NTA 😊

PleasantSquare8583 | PleasantSquare8583

NTA, Indian food not for everyone, hope you try desserts 🍭

Lykosftw7 | Lykosftw7

Traumatic experience with food can last a lifetime 😷

Hufflepuffknitter80 | Hufflepuffknitter80

Food trauma is real 😧

mustardsaucesausage | mustardsaucesausage

Nepali commenter supports declining Indian food, calls out friends' behavior.


Traumatic experience with Ethiopian food. Not racism, NTA.

Lullaby37 | Lullaby37

Food trauma is real 🤪. NTA for declining Indian food.

River_Song47 | River_Song47

Food trauma is real 😷

VincaRose | VincaRose

Traumatic childhood experience left lasting food aversion. NTA 😠

star-fire117 | star-fire117

Food trauma sticks with you for years 🤮

sadclownposse_15 | sadclownposse_15

Food trauma is real, empathize with her decision 😊

RioKye | RioKye

Food trauma is real 😖

MotherofJackals | MotherofJackals

Polite way to decline Indian food without revealing trauma. 👍

GrWr44 | GrWr44

Friends should understand and respect her aversion to Indian food 😠

As_It_Was_Foretold | As_It_Was_Foretold

Food trauma is real 😷

MaiganGleyr | MaiganGleyr

Respectful NTA declines Indian food due to past trauma 🙏

earthtoeveryoneX | earthtoeveryoneX

Food preferences ≠ racism. NTA, friends overreacting. 🍔🍟🥡

GrossWordVomit | GrossWordVomit

Overcoming food trauma is possible, NTA for declining curry 🤩

Khayria-xx | Khayria-xx

Respecting food aversions, NTA. Italian dressing aversion relatable 🤷‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Food trauma is real 😷 But NTA for declining Indian food

cassowary32 | cassowary32

Respectful NTA comment supports dietary choice with helpful resource link.

unabowler | unabowler

Traumatic experience with food can result in strong aversions 😠

Exclaimella | Exclaimella

Food poisoning PTSD is valid, NTA for declining Indian food

RAgrumpyhi8 | RAgrumpyhi8

Food trauma is real 😢 Subway is ruined for life

spyro-thedragon | spyro-thedragon

Trauma doesn't equal racism, NTA stands up for herself 👏

Froggetpwagain | Froggetpwagain

Indian Redditor explains cultural diversity and food preferences 🍚

SpecialistRude6675 | SpecialistRude6675

NTA commenter defends person declining food, criticizes overly sensitive culture 😤

Dyils | Dyils

Food trauma is real 🤮 but glad you're back to enjoying curry 🍲

wetastelikejesus | wetastelikejesus

NTA, but communication is key when declining food 🤔

Troll-Away-Account | Troll-Away-Account

Food trauma can last for decades 🤷‍♀️

Girldrgn8 | Girldrgn8

Conditioned taste aversion is common and it's NTA.

EmbarrassedFigure4 | EmbarrassedFigure4

Misleading title confusion leads to humorous comment 😂

lemyolee | lemyolee

NTA declines Indian food, friends get pissy. Go separate ways.

Meadow-fresh | Meadow-fresh

NTA declines Indian food due to trauma, gets support from commenters.

RumDel | RumDel

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