He Waited TOO LONG To Propose...Now She Says It's TOO LATE 😱🙅‍♀️

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Buckle up, folks! 🚨 We've got a heart-wrenching tale of love, loss, and the complexities of tying the knot. 💍 Meet our star-crossed lovers, who've been together since they were sweet sixteen. 🍬 But as life threw them curveballs, their dreams of walking down the aisle took a backseat. 😢 Now, with the passing of her beloved father, the bride-to-be is left questioning if she even wants a wedding at all. 💔 Grab your tissues and let's dive into this emotional rollercoaster ride! 🎢😭

🌹 Young Love Blossoms 💕

taylortee101 | taylortee101

👰🤵 Different Upbringings, Different Expectations 🤔

taylortee101 | taylortee101

💔 Devastating News Strikes 😢

taylortee101 | taylortee101

🙏 Reassurance in a Time of Need 🤗

taylortee101 | taylortee101

💍 Proposal Plans Put on Hold 😕

taylortee101 | taylortee101

💔 Grief Changes Everything 😞

taylortee101 | taylortee101

👰🤵 Wedding Talk Falls Flat 😐

taylortee101 | taylortee101

💑 A Serious Talk About the Future 🗣️

taylortee101 | taylortee101

💔 Grief and Resentment Intertwined 😢

taylortee101 | taylortee101

💔 A Love Story Torn Apart by Grief 😢

Our lovebirds have been through thick and thin, but the unexpected loss of her father has left the bride-to-be questioning everything. 💔 The groom-to-be is left wondering if he missed his chance to make her his wife, as she now sees no point in a wedding without her dad by her side. 😢 It's a heart-wrenching situation that has left them both reeling. 😞 But wait, there's more! Let's see what the internet has to say about this emotional dilemma. 🤔 Grab your popcorn, because the drama is about to unfold! 🍿

Support her, give her space to grieve before bringing up marriage

NeoLitter | NeoLitter

Communication is key! But can they still work it out? 👉🏻😊

Blink182YourBedroom | Blink182YourBedroom

He prioritized his timeline over her dream wedding with her dad.

Dachshundmom5 | Dachshundmom5

Marriage is not for everyone. Respect her decision. ❤

LilGreenTurtle | LilGreenTurtle

Don't bring up marriage just months after her father died. YTA 🙅‍♀️

ThestralBreeder | ThestralBreeder

Pressuring her after waiting too long? YTA. Let her grieve. 🙅‍♀️

Miserable-md | Miserable-md

Selfishness in grief: YTA for making it about you 🙄

aspermyprevious | aspermyprevious

YTA for prioritizing your wants, not considering hers. 🙄

iamltr | iamltr

Encourage grief counseling, give her space and time 🙏

Craftyandtired70 | Craftyandtired70

Prioritizing education over marriage has consequences 😕

Consistent-Tip-7819 | Consistent-Tip-7819

Proposal delay and lack of empathy, YTA. Counseling needed ASAP! 🙅‍♀️💔

dncrmom | dncrmom

Harsh reply to a man who waited too long to propose.

lizziewrites | lizziewrites

Don't make promises you can't keep! YTA for waiting too long 🙄

FruitParfait | FruitParfait

Delaying the wedding for personal reasons was selfish and irresponsible 😒

georgialucy | georgialucy

11 years together, but afraid of commitment? 🤷‍♀️

Mysterious_Ad7461 | Mysterious_Ad7461

User thinks OP is the a**hole for stringing along girlfriend 😕

Used_Mark_7911 | Used_Mark_7911

🚨 YTA: You ignored her needs and are now pressuring her.

Muted-Ad6041 | Muted-Ad6041

User thinks OP is the a**hole for not caring about his fiancee's wishes. 😕

toastedmarsh7 | toastedmarsh7

YTA for giving false reassurance and waiting too long 🔥

WoodHammer40000 | WoodHammer40000

Ignoring her wishes was inconsiderate 🙄 Listen to your gf 👥

thecrawlingrot | thecrawlingrot

Harsh YTA comment advises to move on and find better 😡

NotSorry2019 | NotSorry2019

Be patient and show some empathy during her grieving process ❤

SnuffleWumpkins | SnuffleWumpkins

Waited 2 years after her father's diagnosis, now it's too late 😱

FiddleStyxxxx | FiddleStyxxxx

Promise broken after two years. YATAH. Don't make promises.


YTA broke promise to compromise with fiancee's MS-diagnosed father. 😢

Elelith | Elelith

Don't rush life's timelines, but consider your partner's wishes ⏳️

Xtinalauren12 | Xtinalauren12

Don't wait too long to propose or it might be TOO LATE 😱

Sun_Bee_ | Sun_Bee_

Give her time to grieve. Maybe suggest an elopement instead? 🙏

sheissonotso | sheissonotso

Waited too long to propose, now bringing it up is insensitive 😔

LocalBrilliant5564 | LocalBrilliant5564

GF might leave. YTA for waiting too long. 😢

SkaldCrypto | SkaldCrypto

11 years is a long time to wait. YTA for delaying.

itsminimes | itsminimes

User calls out indecisive partner for delaying proposal for 7 years

Some_BullCrap_Lurkin | Some_BullCrap_Lurkin

Delaying proposal ruined dream wedding, remarriage might be best solution 🙅‍♀️👰🏼

FireSpiritBoi | FireSpiritBoi

NAH. She had expectations, it's too little too late now 🙅‍♀️

professionaldrama- | professionaldrama-

Missed opportunity, now own it: YTA 🤢

Sensitive-Ad-5406 | Sensitive-Ad-5406

Timing is everything, but don't rush into marriage! ⌛

Civil-Piglet-6714 | Civil-Piglet-6714

A promise broken and a missed chance for a special moment 😔💍

Original-Worth-7499 | Original-Worth-7499

Poor communication skills will cost him in the future 🤷‍♀️

joan868 | joan868

Proposing right after her dad's death is insensitive. YTA.

Scared-March7443 | Scared-March7443

OP waited too long to propose, now GF doesn't want wedding 🙅‍♀️

anonymous42F | anonymous42F

11 years together and still not married? YTA, dude. 😑

JizzGuzzler42069 | JizzGuzzler42069

Rejected proposal blamed on fragile health and poor timing.

Sassrepublic | Sassrepublic

Silly and annoying? YTA needs to listen and respect her grief. 🙄

ahraysee | ahraysee

Missed opportunity leads to heartbreak. YTA.

Fit_Measurement_1871 | Fit_Measurement_1871

OP is called out for being selfish and getting what he deserves 👏

SimplyPassinThrough | SimplyPassinThrough

Stringing her along with excuses? YTA. Brace for impact 😱

bhambrewer | bhambrewer

Dragging feet on proposal during father's illness. YTA.

ZealousidealRice8461 | ZealousidealRice8461

Ignoring her timeline and pressuring her makes you YTA 👎

GorditaPeaches | GorditaPeaches

You messed up and now she's checked out 🙄

mrsbundleby | mrsbundleby

Proposal delay, promise to late dad, and house sharing woes. YTA 😬

Comfortable_Clue_871 | Comfortable_Clue_871

YTA for prioritizing yourself over her dad's health and reassurance.

Corodix | Corodix

11-year wait, sick dad, and selfish timeline makes YTA 😒

-shandyyy- | -shandyyy-

"You prioritized yourself for so long when it came to marriage" YTA 🙅‍♀️

Nervous-Jury3715 | Nervous-Jury3715

Pushy partner prioritizes own timeline over grieving girlfriend's needs 💔

islandblue7 | islandblue7

Patience is a virtue, even in proposals ⏳️

Gosc101 | Gosc101

Don't push for marriage, be there for her in grief 🚧

Doyoulikeithere | Doyoulikeithere

10+ years to propose? Understandable if not ready, but... 💍❌

Own-Ad-247 | Own-Ad-247

Harsh but honest reply calls out selfish behavior 🔥

Belle_pc | Belle_pc

YTA for being deeply selfish and not considering her feelings 😠

valleyoftheballs | valleyoftheballs

Commitment issues? Commenter questions OP's intentions and actions 🤔

ButterflyLow5207 | ButterflyLow5207

Why wait so long? A wake-up call for wasted time ⏳️

John15v1 | John15v1

27-year-old man is YTA for waiting too long to propose. Grieving fiancé may not want to marry him now. 🙅‍♀️

DisembarkEmbargo | DisembarkEmbargo

YTA. You wasted her time and hope she realizes it.

Mero56 | Mero56

Waiting two years for proposal despite life circumstances - YTA 😠

WorkIsCringe | WorkIsCringe

Break up or be patient. YTA for inflexibility and timeline talk 🤷‍♀️

SufficientZucchini21 | SufficientZucchini21

Don't pressure her, give her time and respect to heal. YTA 🙅‍♀️

simplyaproblem | simplyaproblem

Be patient, give her time to grieve and reassess later ❤

Mermaid_Lily | Mermaid_Lily

Waiting for what? 🤔 OP's plan disrupted, GF won't commit.

Relevant-Poetry8479 | Relevant-Poetry8479

NTA but should have taken notice when GF's dad was diagnosed with MS 😢

Realistic_Head4279 | Realistic_Head4279

Don't blame school for delaying marriage, it's not a valid excuse 🙄

khaleesibrasil | khaleesibrasil

11 years is too long to wait for marriage 😱

ItsyDaShitsy | ItsyDaShitsy

Delaying proposal may signal lack of commitment, time management skills 😬

chagrinfalls1979 | chagrinfalls1979

Heartbreaking story of missed opportunities and regret. 😢

IncorrigibleShree | IncorrigibleShree

Let it go and let her grieve 💔

Poinsettia917 | Poinsettia917

Love trumps perfect timing. Family comes first ❤

star_gazing_girl | star_gazing_girl

Reconsider the idea of getting married and what it means 💛

CreativeWordPlay | CreativeWordPlay

You're the a-hole! Stop putting off your life 😑

Iwantmy3rdpartyapp | Iwantmy3rdpartyapp

Advice to prioritize love over timelines ❤️

Feeling-Alfalfa-9759 | Feeling-Alfalfa-9759

Be there for her during her grieving process 🙏

Acrobatic_Analyst429 | Acrobatic_Analyst429

Timing is everything. Rip off the bandaid and move on ⏳️

No_Arachnid5281 | No_Arachnid5281

Missed the timing and now paying the price 😢

Billytheca | Billytheca

Weddings don't have to be expensive; NTA for waiting.

sagegreendragon | sagegreendragon

Sometimes, waiting too long can cost you everything. 😢💍

Lunch_Time_No_Worky | Lunch_Time_No_Worky

Ignoring her fears cost you her trust. YTA 🚫

mephistopheles_muse | mephistopheles_muse

Let her grieve! 🤦 YTA for not understanding her feelings.

OMGoblin | OMGoblin

Stop making it about you. 👍 YTA.

fedupwithallyourcrap | fedupwithallyourcrap

Stop being afraid to lose her. That's the best advice.

s0ul_invictus | s0ul_invictus

Ouch! 🤕 YTA should have proposed earlier, now it's too late.

blackberrypancakess | blackberrypancakess

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