My Marriage is SEXLESS - Is an Open Relationship the Answer? 😳💑

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Buckle up, folks! 🚨 We've got a juicy tale of marital woes that'll have you on the edge of your seat. 😱 Meet our leading lady, a 46-year-old wife who's been hitched to her hubby for over two decades. 💍 You'd think with the kids out of the house, they'd be getting frisky 24/7, right? 🔥 WRONG! 😢 Our poor wife is stuck in a 6-month dry spell, and her husband's excuses are as flimsy as a wet paper towel. 🙄 Grab your popcorn 🍿 and let's dive into this sizzling story of a marriage on the rocks! 💔

🔥 Sparks Fizzle Out After 20+ Years of Marriage 💔

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😢 Empty Nest, Empty Bed - Wife's Hopes Dashed 🛌

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🥀 6-7 Months of Intimacy Drought Takes Its Toll 🏜️

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🍆 Hubby Wants BJs, But Won't Reciprocate 😤

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😞 Wife's Pleas Fall on Deaf Ears - 'I'm Tired' 😴

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💔 Husband Dismisses Wife's Insecurities 🙅‍♂️

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🚨 Wife Drops the D-Bomb: Divorce 💣

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😡 No Intimacy, No Compromise - Wife at Her Wit's End 🤬

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😤 Husband Can't Bear Thought of Wife with Another Man 🙅‍♂️

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😔 Wife Questions Her Morality Amidst Misery 🤔

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😱 Wife's Ultimatum: Open Marriage or Divorce! 💍💔

Well, well, well... looks like our desperate housewife has reached her breaking point! 🤯 After months of begging for intimacy and getting nothing but excuses from her hubby, she finally drops the bomb: open marriage or divorce! 💣 Hubby's response? 😤 'I can't bear to see you with another man!' Well, duh! 🙄 What did he expect after leaving his wife high and dry for half a year? 🤦‍♀️ Now, our conflicted wife is questioning her own morality for even suggesting such a thing. 😔 Is she the a-hole for wanting to get her needs met? 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this spicy situation! 🌶️🔥

Divorce seems like a better option 🙄

ThisReport877 | ThisReport877

One-sided intimacy causing trouble. Counseling or leaving options available.

Mysterious-Art8838 | Mysterious-Art8838

Take a solo holiday to find clarity on your desires 🏝

Significant_Fly1516 | Significant_Fly1516

Is staying in an unfulfilling marriage worth it? 🤔

bubbletrashbarbie | bubbletrashbarbie

Sexless marriage is a problem. If he doesn't care, leave. 😳

sagittarian_queen | sagittarian_queen

Focus on yourself, you matter. He's a taker. You're NTA. 👏

mamacracksherselfup | mamacracksherselfup

Couples counseling or divorce - husband's selfishness is unbelievable 😤

Badiamigo | Badiamigo

Open marriage or divorce? Lay down the law, find solutions. ✊🏼

Macchill99 | Macchill99

A sexless marriage is a hostage situation, divorce him. NTA.

joanclaytonesq | joanclaytonesq

Consider therapy or divorce instead of opening up the relationship. 👆

MrGubbelGubbelMan | MrGubbelGubbelMan

No oral for him, no relationship for you 👌

Trekkie_Mum20234 | Trekkie_Mum20234

Divorce is better than a sexless marriage. 👍🏻

anxious_labturtle | anxious_labturtle

Divorce may be the best option 💔 An open marriage won't work 🙅‍♀️

PlateNo7021 | PlateNo7021

"I'm going to have sex, you only get to decide whether or not it's with you" 😳

Alert-Potato | Alert-Potato

Demand satisfaction or open the marriage. Divorce is option C.

Kn0wMan | Kn0wMan

Communication and therapy could solve the issue 👍

Deep_Mood_7668 | Deep_Mood_7668

Partner's needs are important, but solutions and therapy matter too.

acres_at_ruin | acres_at_ruin

Sexual dysfunction leads to selfish husband. Reevaluate your relationship. 😭

Beneficial-Eye4578 | Beneficial-Eye4578

Consider getting a medical check-up for a simple solution 👨‍🔬

Plenty-Mountain-2066 | Plenty-Mountain-2066

Open relationship or divorce? NTA seeks advice on intimacy issues. 🤔

Good_Ad6336 | Good_Ad6336

Lazy and uncaring husband denying intimacy. NTA. 🙅🏼

TheRandomestWonderer | TheRandomestWonderer

Leave the dead bed relationship and find mental and physical love 💔

Upbeat_Vanilla_7285 | Upbeat_Vanilla_7285

Compromises offered, but spouse making excuses. NTA for seeking alternatives. 😊

Hlane05 | Hlane05

Partner's refusal to even discuss intimacy is a red flag. NTA 🙏

RedditNomad7 | RedditNomad7

Reciprocity is key. NTA suggests divorce due to oral imbalance.

Glittersparkles7 | Glittersparkles7

Empowered Wife book ❤️ & podcast can help with intimacy issues

Numerous-Dot-1530 | Numerous-Dot-1530

Spouse disregards feelings, open marriage worth discussing. You're NTA. 😢

erin1983r | erin1983r

Spouse isn't interested? Consider your feelings, not his. 💔

Nix-geek | Nix-geek

Sassy advice to a dead bedroom situation 😍

TiredRetiredNurse | TiredRetiredNurse

This commenter suggests leaving the dead marriage and finding love ❤️

Allyredhen79 | Allyredhen79

Clear ultimatum for selfish partner. NTA 👏

YomiKuzuki | YomiKuzuki

Spicing up a sexless marriage with a tit-for-tat proposal 😏

nite0001 | nite0001

Validating the need for intimacy and suggesting therapy. 👏

Affectionate-Top6752 | Affectionate-Top6752

NTA in a sexless marriage. Ethical cheating could save marriage. 👬👫

Guilty_Coconut | Guilty_Coconut

Encouraging advice to address a sexless marriage with empathy ❤️

imnotk8 | imnotk8

Stand up for yourself and give ultimatum for open marriage/divorce 👊

Impossible_Balance11 | Impossible_Balance11

Divorce may be the only solution according to this commenter 😞

Reasonable_Injury848 | Reasonable_Injury848

Wife shares her heartbreaking experience of sexless marriage. 😢

senna4815 | senna4815

Don't blame yourself. You deserve to be loved and valued. ❤️

chucky144 | chucky144

User suggests seeking medical help for sexless marriage. 💪

lotus49 | lotus49

Make him earn it! NTA, consider divorce, open marriage, therapy.

Imminent_Extinction | Imminent_Extinction

Encouraging advice to get a medical check-up for low libido.

yesitsmenotyou | yesitsmenotyou

A 73-year-old's sex life puts a 46-year-old's to shame. 😎

SimpleMan-007 | SimpleMan-007

Marriage counselling may help, but divorce is an option too. 👆💔

MrTash999 | MrTash999

Spouse unwilling to compromise, open relationship worth considering? 🤔

kevin_goeshiking | kevin_goeshiking

Taking a stand or going too far? 🤔

GrumpyPonyta | GrumpyPonyta

Suggests solving the problem or finding someone who will. 💪🏼

TheEvilSatanist | TheEvilSatanist

Empowering advice to leave a sexless marriage and live life 💪🏻

Odd-Experience2562 | Odd-Experience2562

When a sexless marriage is more than just lack of interest.

KawaiiLass | KawaiiLass

User shares similar experience and advises OP to leave for happiness 🙏

Bubbly_Cauliflower40 | Bubbly_Cauliflower40

Spouse not interested, open relationship isn't a one-way street 😒

Ashamed-Director-428 | Ashamed-Director-428

Spicy take on a sexless marriage, YTA called out 🤪

Howlermonkeyking | Howlermonkeyking

Denying conjugal rights is infidelity and a deal-breaker. Seek counselling. 💔

trailgumby | trailgumby

A man suggests seeking medical help for low libido and energy.

bloopie1192 | bloopie1192

Don't let sunk cost fallacy trap you in an unhappy marriage 😭💔

vocalboots | vocalboots

Low sex drive in a marriage, get your husband checked! 😳

chewiebonez02 | chewiebonez02

Honesty is key in a sexless marriage. 🤝

pjallefar | pjallefar

The comment suggests a sexual imbalance in the relationship 😔

No-Gene-4508 | No-Gene-4508

From sexless marriage to open relationship success 😳💑

fugelwoman | fugelwoman

User suggests steps to address sexless marriage, including trial separation.

Several-Try3162 | Several-Try3162

Suggests a final chance to see a sex therapist together.

burritogoals | burritogoals

Don't settle for a lazy partner! You deserve better 💪🏻

Raewynrh | Raewynrh

Partner's lack of concern in a sexless marriage - NTA

StrangeAd2606 | StrangeAd2606

Divorce may be the answer, not an open marriage 👍

PorridgeTooFar | PorridgeTooFar

Prioritizing happiness: Divorce or testosterone shots? 🤷🏻‍♀️

ObjectiveSituation17 | ObjectiveSituation17

Stop giving him BJ's until he pleasures you first. 😳

Sad-Bad-260 | Sad-Bad-260

Is her husband having secret extramarital affairs? 🤔

Specialist-Mode-6767 | Specialist-Mode-6767

Sexual needs unmet, no divorce, no open marriage, NTA. Counseling?

isupposeyes | isupposeyes

Communication is key for a healthy sex life. 😉

mystic_chihuahua | mystic_chihuahua

Taking control of her life at 50. 👏

txcowgrrl | txcowgrrl

Partner's sex neglect is unfair. Suggest doctor before separation. 😒

Yogurt-Bus | Yogurt-Bus

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