Amputee EXPLODES at Friend Over UNBELIEVABLE Accusation 🤯💥

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🏃‍♂️💔 Buckle up, folks! We've got a tale of friendship, running, and a whole lot of drama. Meet our trio: me (the amputee), Lucy (the well-meaning but misguided friend), and Joe (the understanding running buddy). When a life-changing surgery put an end to my running days, things got complicated. Lucy just couldn't wrap her head around why I wasn't joining her and Joe on their jogs. 🤔 Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, accusations, and a friendship put to the test! 😬🍿

🏃‍♂️ The Running Trio: Me, Lucy, and Joe 👥

[deleted] | [deleted]

🦿 Life-Changing Surgery: Amputated Leg, New Prosthetic 🩺

[deleted] | [deleted]

🚫 Limitations After Surgery: Running Off the Table 🏃‍♂️❌

[deleted] | [deleted]

😖 Uncomfortable Prosthesis: Giving Up on Running 🏃‍♂️🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

🏃‍♂️ Former Running Partner: Joe's Understanding 👬

[deleted] | [deleted]

😢 Sad but Respectful: Joe Accepts My Wishes 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

🏃‍♀️ Lucy Starts Running: Questioning My Absence 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

❓ Confrontation: Lucy Asks Joe About Me 😕

[deleted] | [deleted]

🤨 Lucy's Offense: Accusing Joe of Discrimination 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

🗣️ Setting the Record Straight: My Stance on Running 🏃‍♂️🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

😤 Losing My Cool: Telling Lucy to Shut Up 🤐

[deleted] | [deleted]

🤬 Frustration Boils Over: "I Don't Want to Go F--king Running!" 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

😕 Reflecting on My Reaction: Was I Too Harsh? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

🏃‍♂️🚫 Amputee's Running Woes: Friend Accuses Another of Ableism! 😲

Well, well, well... looks like we've got ourselves a real pickle here! 🥒 Our amputee friend just wanted to live his best life, prosthetic leg and all, but Lucy had to go and stir the pot. 🥄 Joe was just being a good buddy, respecting his friend's wishes not to run, but Lucy saw it as discrimination. 😠 Talk about jumping to conclusions! 🤸‍♀️ Our guy tried to set the record straight, but Lucy just wouldn't let it go. 🙉 Things got heated, words were exchanged, and now everyone's in a tizzy. 😤 The internet has some thoughts on this one, and they're not holding back! 🗣️ Let's see what pearls of wisdom they have to offer our troubled trio. 💭

Friend accuses amputee of faking, commenter defends amputee's choices. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Calling out performative activism 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friend oversteps in attempt to be inclusive, gets mad at amputee. NTA.

mckinnos | mckinnos

Friend insists amputee run, but 'Lucy' screams prejudice. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending yourself against ableism, NTA 💪

Invisible-Pancreas | Invisible-Pancreas

Exclusion due to disability is unacceptable. NTA handled it well 👍

Sylversakura | Sylversakura

Respectful ex running partner and NTA amputee make wise decisions 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, but Lucy should have apologized and dropped it. 👍

tahsii | tahsii

Being inclusive doesn't mean speaking for someone. Listen first 👂

NewtotheYGK | NewtotheYGK

Radio show for disabled people, Lucy needs it. NTA.

anyanka_eg | anyanka_eg

Friend dismisses amputee's opinion, receives rightful call-out 🔥

86thesteaks | 86thesteaks

Friend creates non-existent problem, amputee is NTA

srslyeffedmind | srslyeffedmind

Disabled person defends themselves against unsolicited advice 💪

anxietymessofawoman | anxietymessofawoman

NTA shuts down hyper-woke accuser overlooking ableism. 💪

classactdynamo | classactdynamo

Friend accused amputee of faking, but commenters say NTA.

tier19345 | tier19345

Amputee shuts down ableism in powerful comment. 🤯

MagnesiumBlogs | MagnesiumBlogs

Friend's good intentions backfire for amputee - NTA

DonkeyDoodleDoo | DonkeyDoodleDoo

NTA - Friend accused of ableism, OP handles it gracefully ✌️

Cartoonslut | Cartoonslut

Don't mess with amputees. NTA claps back at patronizing friend.

forshipsngigs | forshipsngigs

Disabled person deserves to speak for themselves. Not ableism. 💪

herculaneum | herculaneum

Sometimes being harsh is necessary. NTA 👍

ChronicApathetic | ChronicApathetic

Lucy accused amputee of being ableist. NTA friend defends.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't assume offense on behalf of others, NTA.

KarenSlayer9001 | KarenSlayer9001

Friend accused amputee, NTA for standing up for themselves.

ollyator | ollyator

Amputee defends themselves against accusation of laziness 💪

dystopianpirate | dystopianpirate

Respecting someone's disability means respecting their desires. NTA.

LynnRic | LynnRic

Choosing to stop running doesn't make you the a**hole 👍

ExtraAbsolutePanic | ExtraAbsolutePanic

Friend starts drama, NTA calmly shuts it down 🤯

TofuDumplingScissors | TofuDumplingScissors

Asserting boundaries - responding to ableism with grace 🙌

Silicone-Julie | Silicone-Julie

Cringiest post on this subreddit? Lucy is the culprit 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't get offended on my behalf, it's not ableist. 🙅‍♀️

faenyxrising | faenyxrising

Friend won't accept no for an answer 🙅‍♀️

zgamer200 | zgamer200

Don't be offended for others, let them feel their emotions 🙏

matildaisdead | matildaisdead

Well-intentioned friend overstepped boundaries defending amputee friend 👍

ToastAbrikoos | ToastAbrikoos

Amputee claps back at ableist friend with fiery retort 🔥

Theresajanehall | Theresajanehall

Don't be stubborn, listen up! 👀

TheSilverNoble | TheSilverNoble

Standing up for yourself: a lesson in friendship 👊

kelerraba | kelerraba

Standing up for oneself against baseless accusations. 💪

LxSky90 | LxSky90

Don't be a fake ally 👍, let people speak for themselves

JordyGordyabcdefghij | JordyGordyabcdefghij

Being an ally doesn't mean ignoring real people's experiences. 👏

ultimate_hamburglar | ultimate_hamburglar

Explaining the reasons behind amputee's harsh response to friend 💥

Glasgowghirl67 | Glasgowghirl67

Friend accused amputee of being 'fake woke', NTA stands up

NotThor2814 | NotThor2814

NTA called out for irony in calling out ableism 😐

ormondhsacker | ormondhsacker

Friend ignores amputee's limitations, gets called out. NTA 👍

Cyclonic2500 | Cyclonic2500

Advocates should listen to people with disabilities ✌🏻

beckkers97 | beckkers97

Infantilizing disabled people is ableist. Lucy needs to stop lecturing.

wellies-in-the-rain | wellies-in-the-rain

Obsession with being a good person blinds people from reason 🤯

WetSunRays | WetSunRays

Disabled person shuts down ableist accusation with NTA response 🙌

Skyendmoons | Skyendmoons

Fighting ableism with virtue signaling? NTA shuts it down 💪

Mirror_Radiant | Mirror_Radiant

Don't be offended for others, it's silly 🙄

CandylandCanada | CandylandCanada

Disabled person stands up to friend's savior complex 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Minority speaks out against people being overly offended for them.

MrStealYourFrog | MrStealYourFrog

NTA commenter advises to ignore drama queen friend 😠

thiskateuntamed | thiskateuntamed

Don't be an ableist. Let people make their own decisions. 🙅‍♂️

CainnicOrel | CainnicOrel

Friend objectified amputee and spread false beliefs. NTA response.

95DarkFireII | 95DarkFireII

Friend accused amputee of a problem, NTA stands up.

HellcatPaz | HellcatPaz

Don't underestimate amputees, ableism is insidious 🤯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for someone without listening to them - not cool 😒

DorianGreysPortrait | DorianGreysPortrait

NTA shuts down drama-queen friend, advises to let it go 👍

MusenUse_KC21 | MusenUse_KC21

Don't be quick to speak for the disabled community 🚫

SightlessSenshi | SightlessSenshi

Misreading the headline caused confusion and amusement 😂

EkisDumb | EkisDumb

Don't be offended for someone who isn't bothered. NTA 👍

Horror-mrs | Horror-mrs

Misogynistic comment with no redeeming qualities 😠

Apollo0fTheSun | Apollo0fTheSun

Clumsy defense of different abilities backfires, NTA took it too far 🤯

ebwoods1 | ebwoods1

Defending blindly can make you obnoxious. Be an ally ✌🏻

Ikmia | Ikmia

Fragile snowflake called out for failed virtue signaling 👏

lilac-forest | lilac-forest

Amputee confronts fake social justice warrior 🤯💥

SubZeroIsNotHere | SubZeroIsNotHere

Standing up for yourself and acknowledging situations is important. 👍

emmz113678 | emmz113678

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