He SPIT in My Food 🤢 So I Threw Out ALL His Stuff 😈 Justified or Too Far?

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a wild roommate tale that's sure to make your jaw drop and your stomach churn. 🤢 Meet our protagonist, a 24-year-old guy who thought he had a pretty chill living situation with his roomie, Andrew. But oh boy, was he in for a shock! 😱 Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of spit, lies, and trashed belongings. 🗑️ This story is not for the faint of heart, but trust me, you won't be able to look away. 👀 So, grab your popcorn 🍿 and let's dive into this messy, drama-filled saga! 🍿😬

🏠 Roomie Drama Alert! 🚨

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

💸 No Formal Contract, Just Venmo 💸

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

🍽️ Dinner Party Disaster 😱

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

🗣️ The Shocking Revelation 😲

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

🤢 Straight-Out Spitting. On. My. Food. 🤮

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

😳 A Disturbing Demonstration 🙈

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

😅 Awkward Laughter Ensues 😬

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

🔥 The Heated Argument 🔥

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

🚪 Slamming Doors and Ultimatums 😠

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

📱 The Morning-After Apology Text 📝

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

🍦 The Disgusting 'Flavored' Ice Cream Joke 🤢

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

🤮 Stomach-Turning Thoughts 🤢

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

🗑️ Belongings in the Trash 🚮

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

🤔 Did I Go Too Far? 🤷‍♂️

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

😳 Too Embarrassed to Tell the Full Story 🙊

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

🤡 Not the Best at Getting Jokes 😅

SuperNicoRobyn | SuperNicoRobyn

🍽️ The Spit-tacular Showdown! 🤢

Well, well, well... looks like our tidy protagonist and his chaotic roommate, Andrew, had quite the falling out! 😱 It all started with a casual dinner party joke that turned into a stomach-churning revelation. 🤮 Andrew confessed to spitting on our guy's food whenever he got 'too annoying' about cleaning. 🗣️ And if that wasn't bad enough, he even demonstrated his disgusting habit right in front of everyone! 🙈 Cue the awkward laughter and heated arguments. 😅🔥 But the real kicker? Andrew's half-a**ed apology text followed by a revolting 'flavored' ice cream joke. 🍦🤢 Our protagonist had had enough and promptly trashed Andrew's belongings. 🗑️ Now, he's left wondering if he went too far. 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this spit-tacular showdown! 👀

NTA. Revenge is a dish best served... without spit 😏

Sebscreen | Sebscreen

NTA for kicking out roommate who defiled food, but overreacted by throwing out belongings. Valuable lesson learned on choosing trustworthy housemates. 🚡

JauntyJillian | JauntyJillian

Poisoning food for months? NTA. Contact a lawyer ASAP 👏

LibraryHaunting | LibraryHaunting

Throwing away his stuff may expose you to legal issues 💼

electrolitebuzz | electrolitebuzz

Spit in food, got what he deserved. Revenge not recommended.

LoveBeach8 | LoveBeach8

Justified. Spitting in someone's food is disgusting and unacceptable 🤮

bwiy75 | bwiy75

Throwing his stuff was well-deserved. NTA 😊

groovymama98 | groovymama98

Justified reaction but could have left the stuff outside instead 😉

Glum_Hamster_1076 | Glum_Hamster_1076

A hesitant response to a questionable revenge story 🤔

mifflewhat | mifflewhat

Spitting in someone's food is disgusting and a violation. NTA.

Jerseygirl2468 | Jerseygirl2468

Offer up your home for this charming dude? 😂

whatsmypassword73 | whatsmypassword73

NTA for throwing out stuff after being disrespected and harassed.

neogreenlantern | neogreenlantern

ESH. Spitting in food is disgusting, but throwing away property is illegal.

777joeb | 777joeb

Throwing out his stuff is a**hole-ish, but justified. 🗑️

MiserablyLiterate | MiserablyLiterate

Report him to the police! NTA and justified. 🙌

No_Performance8733 | No_Performance8733

Both are wrong but Andrew's behavior is HORRIFYING 🤢

Sarissa32 | Sarissa32

Petty roommate spat in food, NTA for throwing stuff out but watch out for squatter's rights 🤔

Key_Transition_6820 | Key_Transition_6820

NTA for calling a lawyer, but retaliating was illegal 😬

hardcandy8923 | hardcandy8923

Justified! He's a revolting creature and deserves to be trashed 😈

MapleTheUnicorn | MapleTheUnicorn

Spit in food = eviction. NTA. End of story. 😈

Blaze5VA | Blaze5VA

Document eviction process even if NTA, know tenant rights 👍

WholeAd2742 | WholeAd2742

Find a respectful roommate! 💪

leswill315 | leswill315

Tampering with someone's food is never okay. NTA. 💯

Own_Presentation6561 | Own_Presentation6561

Spitting in food is assault, tell everyone and cut ties 👍

EyeRollingNow | EyeRollingNow

Legal and moral implications of the situation, seek legal advice 👨🏻‍💺

theawkwardcourt | theawkwardcourt

Exposing a food spitter: justifiable or too far? 🤔

becauseofblue | becauseofblue

No trust, no food. Tossed his stuff too. NTA 😈

Lithogiraffe | Lithogiraffe

Screenshots of his confession can be your legal defense. NTA

wlfwrtr | wlfwrtr

🔥Bonfire revenge! NTA's justified anger at food spitter🤢

Plane-Foot-1489 | Plane-Foot-1489

Spitting in someone's food during COVID? Definitely NTA here 😷

Chloe-20 | Chloe-20

User receives backlash for throwing out ex's belongings. YTAH.

shugEOuterspace | shugEOuterspace

ESH but justified in asking him to leave. He's disrespectful and abusive.

Knee_Jerk_Sydney | Knee_Jerk_Sydney

Food spitting justifies but throwing away clothes goes too far 😬

Merigold00 | Merigold00

Press charges, throw out unsealed food, and sterilize everything. NTA 👍

Little_Penguin13 | Little_Penguin13

Kicking him out is the natural next step. 👍

Any_Weird_8686 | Any_Weird_8686

🚨 Taking legal action against food spitter is justified 🚨

boredredditorperson | boredredditorperson

Throwing out his stuff: justified or a step too far?

Glass_Bookkeeper_578 | Glass_Bookkeeper_578

Spitting in someone's food is disgusting 🤢 ESH for throwing out all his stuff.

Flat-Delivery6987 | Flat-Delivery6987

Spitting in food is assault and NTA was justified 🤢👍

maccers1969 | maccers1969

NTA. You had every right to throw out his stuff. 🤢

redsquizza | redsquizza

Admitting to spitting in someone's food is a crime 🚨. File a police report and get a restraining order for peace of mind 🙏

Forward_Pirate_5169 | Forward_Pirate_5169

Throwing out his stuff was justified. Go to the police! 👌

Entorien_Scriber | Entorien_Scriber

Roommate's action could be considered assault and illegal 😱

Positive_Parking355 | Positive_Parking355

Folded his clothes while he was still in them 😂

igotem23 | igotem23

Careless husband learns a lesson, NTA 🙌

SkaSanna | SkaSanna

Dumping his stuff in the rubbish was just spiteful. 😐

Pretzelmamma | Pretzelmamma

Kicking him out was justified 💪

ginger3392 | ginger3392

Not the a-hole, but throwing away belongings may have consequences 🤔

oceanhomesteader | oceanhomesteader

Getting revenge on a terrible roommate, but at what cost?

JarethsBuldge | JarethsBuldge

Throwing out his things was extreme, but spitting in food is disgusting 😷

Financial_Ad6744 | Financial_Ad6744

Never mess with someone's food, NTA for throwing out stuff 😈

Shai7809 | Shai7809

Don't commit crimes, but NTA. He has sociopath tendencies. 🤪

Key-Demand-2569 | Key-Demand-2569

Taking the high road or revenge? It's justified. 🤷

Immortal-Pumpkin | Immortal-Pumpkin

NTA, but watch out for legal consequences! 😊

Antelope_31 | Antelope_31

👍 NTA for throwing out stuff after being spat on. Consider pressing charges.

cassowary32 | cassowary32

Spitting in someone's food is disgusting and unforgivable. 🤢

11SkiHill | 11SkiHill

Exposing a disgusting act - justified or too far? 🤢

noccie | noccie

NTA. Find him a new roommate. Legal issues possible. 😊

Inner-Guava-8274 | Inner-Guava-8274

Throwing out his stuff was justified. NTA 😊

FriendlyFungi | FriendlyFungi

Justified revenge or too far? 🤔

YellowRocks67 | YellowRocks67

User calls out OP and deems them TA for throwing out ex's belongings 👎

PlasteeqDNA | PlasteeqDNA

Trash etiquette debate in revenge story 👀🗑️

MuffinOk5507 | MuffinOk5507

Throwing out his stuff may be extreme, but he deserved it 🗑️💩

Tausani | Tausani

Justified reaction to food spitting, but belongings-tossing went too far.

Owenashi | Owenashi

Justified. Trust is important, spitting in food is unacceptable 🙄

Sufficient_Lynx7869 | Sufficient_Lynx7869

Spitting in someone's food is never funny. NTA acted justly.

Famous_Walrus2536 | Famous_Walrus2536

🚨 Contamination by bodily fluids is a crime. Call the cops!

FluffyCaterpiller | FluffyCaterpiller

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