Girlfriend's UNBELIEVABLE Betrayal 💔 Man Devastated

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😱 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy tale of kinky quizzes, threesome troubles, and a relationship on the rocks! 💔 When this couple decided to spice things up in the bedroom, they never imagined it would lead to such a tangled web of desire, insecurity, and betrayal. 🕸️ Get ready for a wild ride as we dive into the details of this scandalous story! 🎢😏

🤔 Kinky Quiz Conundrum: Threesome Trouble Brewing! 😱

sherbobjoe | sherbobjoe

😏 He Likes Group Sex, She's Not So Sure...

sherbobjoe | sherbobjoe

🙅‍♂️ Boyfriend Backs Off: "It's Not a Need, Just a Fantasy!"

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😲 Plot Twist! Girlfriend Changes Her Mind... Or Does She? 🤨

sherbobjoe | sherbobjoe

🤷‍♂️ He's Cautious, She's Curious: Couple Swap Contemplation

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🔮 Girlfriend Hints at Exploring in the Near Future... 😏

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💥 Bombshell Dropped: Girlfriend's Threesome Confession! 😱

sherbobjoe | sherbobjoe

🤨 Her Reasoning? "I Was Insecure, Needed to Take the First Step!"

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😳 Next Stop: Swinger Dating Site! All Aboard the Threesome Train! 🚂

sherbobjoe | sherbobjoe

🏃‍♂️💨 Boyfriend Bails: "I'm Outta Here!"

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🤔 Cheating or Miscommunication? You Be the Judge! ⚖️

sherbobjoe | sherbobjoe

😱 Threesome Bombshell Rocks Relationship: Is It Cheating or Just Exploring? 🤔💥

Well, well, well... looks like this couple's kinky quiz opened up a can of worms! 🐛 Our confused boyfriend thought he was just sharing a spicy fantasy, but his girlfriend took it as a green light to jump into bed with another couple! 😳 Now she's claiming it wasn't cheating, just "taking the first step" to explore their desires. 🤨 But wait, there's more! She's ready to dive headfirst into the swinger lifestyle, while he's left reeling from the betrayal. 💔 The internet is abuzz with opinions on this scandalous situation. Let's see what the masses have to say about this threesome bombshell! 💥🍿

Red flag 🚩. Leave now before it's too late.

HerrTarkanian | HerrTarkanian

Partner's cheating: NTA comment implies betrayal and stupidity.

Sufficient_Cat | Sufficient_Cat

Partner's betrayal warrants break up, NTA

Huge-Negotiation-193 | Huge-Negotiation-193

Scathing criticism of girlfriend's betrayal. 🤯

Next_Prize_54 | Next_Prize_54

Cheating without boundaries, NTA. Dangerous precedent, walk away. 👍

Comfortable_Way_1261 | Comfortable_Way_1261

Partner premeditated cheating and gaslit the victim. NTA. 😠

Sebscreen | Sebscreen

NTA, run far away from the mansion-buying girlfriend 👋

Inshabel | Inshabel

Threesome gone wrong 😱. Time to end the relationship?

Dear_Parsnip_6802 | Dear_Parsnip_6802

Partner cheats, denies responsibility. Don't let her gaslight you 👏

motherandcoder | motherandcoder

Girlfriend said no to threesome, then cheated and lied. NTA 👍

ExtraLengthiness5551 | ExtraLengthiness5551

Trust violated, labeled as not cheating. Gaslighting at its finest 😠

fullmerben | fullmerben

Cheating confirmed, relationship over. NTA.

RefrigeratorPretty51 | RefrigeratorPretty51

Partner's intentional infidelity as a power move, time to move on. 🤪

bloodlikevenom | bloodlikevenom

No remorse, no trust. Move on and find someone better. 👍

bellaisa79 | bellaisa79

Cheating with mental gymnastics 🤔 NTA wins.

pancho_2504 | pancho_2504

NTA, obvious cheating. End it now, it's treason 👍

Sufficient-Isopod-33 | Sufficient-Isopod-33

Partner cheats and wants a threesome without consent. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner cheated by bringing in extra people without approval 😠

Nearby-Ad-6106 | Nearby-Ad-6106

Cheating girlfriend? NTA. Walk away for self-respect 👍🏻

GreenTeaShaman | GreenTeaShaman

Cheated with two people, no remorse. Leave her behind. 💔

5weetTooth | 5weetTooth

Threesome without consent is betrayal and definitely cheating 😡

Slave2themusik | Slave2themusik

NTA calls out potential polyamorous situation with witty sarcasm 😏

FireberdGNOME | FireberdGNOME

NTAH. Trust is broken, time to move on 👋

Ok-Confusion119 | Ok-Confusion119

Exploring ethical non-monogamy after cheating: salvage or end relationship? 💔

TheAnarchitect01 | TheAnarchitect01

Clear cheating, stupid girlfriend uses fantasy as excuse. #NTA

SigourneyReap3r | SigourneyReap3r

Sleeping with two people not cheating? Wtf! Insecurity=common reason.

Middle_Appointment20 | Middle_Appointment20

NTA. Cheating, gaslighting, and no trust. Time to move on.

chimera4n | chimera4n

End it. She cheated. Save dignity and leave. NTA ✌️

Quizzy1313 | Quizzy1313

Partner didn't cheat? Consider leaving anyway. 👋

ahhanoyoudidnt | ahhanoyoudidnt

NTA calls out cheating girlfriend for blame-shifting. 🤨

Waste_Ad_6467 | Waste_Ad_6467

Cheating confession: NTA calls girlfriend manipulative or dumb. 😑

Tias-st | Tias-st

Cheating in open relationships is still cheating 👋

Additional-Hand2028 | Additional-Hand2028

Cheating girlfriend used quiz as excuse. NTA.

Mysterious_Soft7916 | Mysterious_Soft7916

Non-monogamous person explains importance of clear communication in monogamous relationships. NTA

beanish23 | beanish23

NTA. She cheated on you and wants to join swingers site. 🤒

AdventurousMouse839 | AdventurousMouse839

Cheating girlfriend twists betrayal into something else. NTA.

Scar-Lux94 | Scar-Lux94

Partner's self-consciousness led to betrayal? Time to say goodbye. 👋

Ilovelamp_2236 | Ilovelamp_2236

Dump her 💔 NTA

HisDudeness316 | HisDudeness316

Run, man! 🏃‍♂️ Don't let her cheat you anymore. 👋

im4dukebb | im4dukebb

NTA. Cheating is never okay, especially without prior discussion. 👍

Status-Pear-5978 | Status-Pear-5978

Cheating girlfriend ruins threesome fantasy 💔

Flintred1983 | Flintred1983

Blunt advice: end the relationship and kick her out 👍

Critical-Bank5269 | Critical-Bank5269

Partner's infidelity and disregard for boundaries. Leave immediately. 👋

meisterkraus | meisterkraus

Cheating girlfriend? NTA. End things and move on. 👍

Sudden-Ad5275 | Sudden-Ad5275

Cheating is a dealbreaker, walk away and find happiness ❤

WeimSean | WeimSean

NTA, end it. Cheating and lack of communication is unacceptable 👍

Traditional_Ad4576 | Traditional_Ad4576

Partner's unilateral decision to have a threesome is cheating. NTA!

oxbison12 | oxbison12

NTA: Cheating is cheating. End it and move on.

Acrobatic_Business49 | Acrobatic_Business49

Red flags 🚩🚩🚩 She cheated. She's controlling. Move on 💔

Remarkable-Low-643 | Remarkable-Low-643

Cheating girlfriend? Run away and block her 🙌

Prestigious_Past2701 | Prestigious_Past2701

Cheating girlfriend refused threesome with him, but had one without. NTA.

bmyst70 | bmyst70

Communication is key. Cheating is unacceptable. 🤷‍♂️

EvaMohn1377 | EvaMohn1377

NTA with a humorous take on cheating excuses 😂

Prodiq | Prodiq

Cheating girlfriend betrayed trust. Is the relationship salvageable? 🤔

OthelloAoC | OthelloAoC

Cheaters always have excuses. Time to move on. 💔

Jitterbug2018 | Jitterbug2018

Partner broke agreement and cheated, leave for self-respect ❌

anna-molly21 | anna-molly21

Girlfriend planned betrayal for power. NTA. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cheating GF had a threesome and gaslights him. Move on. 💔

RepulsiveWorker3636 | RepulsiveWorker3636

Dump her sorry a**! 🚮

claire2416 | claire2416

NTA calls out girlfriend's cheating in group sex incident 🤯

Unsolicitedadvice13 | Unsolicitedadvice13

Clear NTA. Cheating without discussion, boundaries or agreement is unacceptable.

kaytiekubix | kaytiekubix

Girlfriend cheated in a non-open relationship, you're NTA.

United_Fig_6519 | United_Fig_6519

Threesome betrayal, NTA reacts to cheating girlfriend 🤨

[deleted] | [deleted]

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