New Mom REFUSES to Send Baby Photos, Grandparents CRY 'Torture'! 😱📸

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Buckle up, folks! 🚗💨 We've got a wild ride ahead! 🎢 Meet our new mama bear 🐻, who just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy 👶. But wait, there's a twist! 😱 Mama and Papa Bear 🐻🐻 have decided to keep their little cub 🐻🍼 under wraps for now, much to the dismay of the eager grandparents 👵👴. Cue the drama, tears, and a whole lot of family tension! 😖 Let's dive into this juicy tale and see if our new parents are the a**holes for keeping their bundle of joy all to themselves! 🍿😏

🍼 Baby's Here, But Where Are the Pics? 📸

HaleyLupin | HaleyLupin

🚨 Mom's on High Alert! 🚑

HaleyLupin | HaleyLupin

🏡 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? My Parents! 😱

HaleyLupin | HaleyLupin

🙅‍♀️ Mama Says No Way! 🚫

HaleyLupin | HaleyLupin

📸 Pics Please! Pretty Please? 🥺

HaleyLupin | HaleyLupin

🤫 Shhh... No Pics For Now! 🙊

HaleyLupin | HaleyLupin

😰 Anxiety Alert: No Pics Allowed! 🚫📸

HaleyLupin | HaleyLupin

🎄 Christmas Card Tease! 🙌

HaleyLupin | HaleyLupin

😡 Grandparents Lose Their Sh*t! 💩

HaleyLupin | HaleyLupin

🏠 Honey, I'm Home! 🍼

HaleyLupin | HaleyLupin

😭 Mom's Sob Story 😢

HaleyLupin | HaleyLupin

🌎 But Mom, Everyone Else is Doing It! 🙄

HaleyLupin | HaleyLupin

🤷‍♀️ I Don't Care About the World, I Care About Us! 💑

HaleyLupin | HaleyLupin

😤 Mom Plays the Hormone Card 🃏

HaleyLupin | HaleyLupin

🍿 The Great Baby Photo Showdown! 📸🚫

Well, well, well... looks like we've got ourselves a classic case of new parents vs. overeager grandparents! 👵👴 Our mama bear 🐻 just wanted some peace and quiet after pushing out a whole human 👶, but her parents were having none of it! 😤 They demanded pics, tried to invite themselves over, and even threw a tantrum when they didn't get their way! 😡 But our new parents stood their ground 💪, even if it meant some tears and family drama. 😢 So, what does the internet think? 🤔 Are these new parents being unreasonable by keeping their little one under wraps? 🙊 Or do the grandparents need to take a chill pill and respect their wishes? 💊 Let's see what the masses have to say! 🗣️

New mom receives support for standing up to overbearing grandparents 👏

SkyChicken29 | SkyChicken29

Sending baby photos is a personal choice, not torture 👉🏻📷

blackcherrytomato | blackcherrytomato

Grandma wants baby photos for social currency, hold your ground. 👊 NTA

south3y | south3y

New parents set boundaries for baby photos, assert their authority. 👶📸

SeApps63 | SeApps63

Don't give in, set boundaries now to avoid future tantrums 🙏

coffeemom23 | coffeemom23

Setting boundaries with grandparents, odd but your right. 😎

deepwood41 | deepwood41

Drama over one baby photo? ESH needs to chill 🤷🏻‍♀️

Leourana | Leourana

New mom stands up for her rights as parents! 👏

MijiMosch | MijiMosch

A dissenting opinion: YTA for not sending baby photos 😔

ImJustAnonymousHere | ImJustAnonymousHere

User calls out new mom for being petty and creating unnecessary tension.

wizardofclaws | wizardofclaws

Sending a photo is standard, but boundaries are important. 👍

Whole-Fly | Whole-Fly

New mom sets boundaries, commenters support her decision. 🎉

Odd_Yogurtcloset2891 | Odd_Yogurtcloset2891

Think twice before putting someone in their place ❌

Responsible-Test8855 | Responsible-Test8855

New mom sets boundaries with grandparents over baby photos 📸

Lunar-Eclipse0204 | Lunar-Eclipse0204

New mom receives YTA judgment for not sharing baby photos 👶

JennyP1225 | JennyP1225

OP's mom might have shared unflattering baby photos without consent. NTA.

Rinzy2000 | Rinzy2000

New mom stands her ground against emotional manipulation from grandparents 👏

bamf1701 | bamf1701

Setting boundaries isn't about hormones, it's about respect. 🚫🤰

oksoimherenowyay | oksoimherenowyay

New mom not the a**hole for not sharing baby photos 👶🏻📸, but grandparents overreacted 🙄

AncastaOfTheRiver | AncastaOfTheRiver

ESH. Providing labor updates without a photo seems like a tease 😕

noble_apprentice | noble_apprentice

New mom not obligated to send photos, grandparents overreacting 👍

StillCockroach7573 | StillCockroach7573

Communication breakdown leads to ESH verdict for grandparents and parents.

Intelligent_Emu_9464 | Intelligent_Emu_9464

Advice for new mom to find support and let go 👍

LeahBeahPhdeah | LeahBeahPhdeah

NTA. Communicate your boundaries and prioritize your family's needs 👥🏻👶🏻

friendlily | friendlily

New mom has every right to privacy, NTA 👏

Radish_These | Radish_These

New mom rightfully defends her boundaries against overbearing grandparents. 👏

Mukeli1584 | Mukeli1584

Grandparents excited for baby photos, but boundaries needed. ESH.

gogo-gadget69 | gogo-gadget69

Setting boundaries with your baby's photos is reasonable. NTA 😊

craaackle | craaackle

New mom sets boundaries, grandparents throw a tantrum 😑

SuspiciousZombie788 | SuspiciousZombie788

Setting boundaries is healthy and normal. Respect them. 👍

Signal-Shop-4869 | Signal-Shop-4869

New parents receive support for refusing baby photo requests 📷🙅‍♀️

Negative_Reading_600 | Negative_Reading_600

Grandparents demand baby photos, mom refuses. Drama ensues 😱

pyesmom3 | pyesmom3

NTA, but consider your relationship with parents & their feelings 😊

123curious1 | 123curious1

New mom criticized for not sharing baby photos promptly 😑

Own-Safe-4683 | Own-Safe-4683

Drama-loving family gets called out for fussing over photos

WingShooter_28ga | WingShooter_28ga

New mom gets criticized for refusing baby photos. Everyone sucks here.

freedinthe90s | freedinthe90s

New mom hesitant to share baby pics, commenter thinks YTA.

BadlikeBarbie | BadlikeBarbie

Setting boundaries with grandparents over baby photos. 📸

KickIt77 | KickIt77

New mom rightfully sets boundaries with self-centered grandparents. 👏

Ok-Profession-9372 | Ok-Profession-9372

Navigating family boundaries with baby photos can be tricky 🙏

Greyattimes | Greyattimes

New mom asserts boundaries, faces backlash but stands her ground. NTA 👏

Illustrious-Shirt569 | Illustrious-Shirt569

Debate over sharing baby photos sparks YTA/NTA discussion

jumpsinpuddles1 | jumpsinpuddles1

Avoiding birth announcement phone calls 📵📞 is a mood 😅

Grouchy-Pea2514 | Grouchy-Pea2514

Advice on stubbornness and raising a child with healthy relationships.

Seahearn4 | Seahearn4

New mom defends decision to not send baby photos 📸

icecreampenis | icecreampenis

New mom defends her decision to not share baby photos 📸

n7shepart | n7shepart

New mom receives support for wanting privacy after baby's birth 💖


Protecting your baby's privacy is important. NTA 👏

SydStars | SydStars

Protecting your baby comes first, don't let anyone guilt-trip you! 🙅‍♀️

Sufficient_Mix_767 | Sufficient_Mix_767

New mom refuses to send baby photos and stands her ground. 💪

Natabel89 | Natabel89

New mom refusing grandparents' photo request causes family tension 👮🏻

nimble_ogre | nimble_ogre

Congrats on the baby! Take all the time you need 👏

Middle-Industry-8028 | Middle-Industry-8028

Grandma wants baby pics, but new mom needs boundaries. NTA

Owned_By_3_Kittehs | Owned_By_3_Kittehs

Protecting your child's privacy: NTA's photo decision.

FizzWizzSnug | FizzWizzSnug

Setting boundaries with parents is tough, but necessary for healthy relationships 👏

GoOutside62 | GoOutside62

Respect the parents' rules and boundaries 👍👍

WatchingTellyNow | WatchingTellyNow

New mom stands up to manipulative grandparents, NTA! 👏

SausageDogMama | SausageDogMama

Exploring mother-daughter relationship dynamics over baby photos 👥

Sisterinked | Sisterinked

New mom defends decision to limit baby photos. NTA 👏

idiocyengineer | idiocyengineer

New mom defends right to keep baby photos private. NTA 👏

ginger_ryn | ginger_ryn

New mom sets boundaries with photo sharing, internet cheers. 🙏

sewflamingo | sewflamingo

Cut off manipulative parents before they harm your son too! 🙌

badee311 | badee311

New mom receives support for not wanting to share baby photos

Anon_bunn | Anon_bunn

Set boundaries to avoid helicopter grandparents. NTA, not even a little bit.

DogsReadingBooks | DogsReadingBooks

Family upset over delayed baby photos, but NTA for setting boundaries 👏

bexcentric | bexcentric

Setting boundaries as a new parent is crucial for sanity 👏

TheatreWolfeGirl | TheatreWolfeGirl

OP's parents acting like immature narcissists. Protect your family. 🚨

One_Classic4298 | One_Classic4298

Protecting baby's privacy and enjoying family time is important. NTA 👏

mnbvcdo | mnbvcdo

Set boundaries with grandma attention seeker. NTA for refusing.

FlippingPossum | FlippingPossum

New parents defend decision not to send baby photos. #NTA

tmsaw | tmsaw

New mom receives no empathy from grandparents, praised for standing up.

xbleeple | xbleeple

A comment criticizing the parent's decision to impose boundaries.

Savings_Watch_624 | Savings_Watch_624

Setting boundaries with baby photos = NTA. 👍

rezmc | rezmc

Lie about your due date to avoid drama. NTA 😊

Neither_Most | Neither_Most

New mom stands up to entitled grandparents wanting baby photos 👏

Lauriesmagick | Lauriesmagick

Set boundaries with consequences for grandparents who disrespect boundaries. NTA.

ThatHellaHighHobbit | ThatHellaHighHobbit

New mom's refusal to share baby photos causes family heartache 😢

JustAnotherUser8432 | JustAnotherUser8432

Boundaries set for baby photos, but grandparents cry foul 😢

1962Michael | 1962Michael

New parents stand their ground, grandparents cry 'torture'. NTA 🙌

MyCatsmarterthanFido | MyCatsmarterthanFido

New mom sets boundaries with grandparents over baby photos 📸

Patient_Gas_5245 | Patient_Gas_5245

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