Ex-Wife's SHOCKING Request: 'Raise My New Baby As Your Own!' 😱

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Buckle up, folks! 🚨 We've got a doozy of a story for you today. 😳 Meet our main man, a 39-year-old dad of three, who's found himself in quite the pickle after his ex-wife's scandalous affair with a hunky fitness trainer. 💪 But wait, there's more! The ex is now pregnant with the trainer's baby and wants our guy to play daddy! 🍼 Can you believe it? 😱 Grab your popcorn, 🍿 settle in, and let's dive into this juicy tale of love, loss, and some seriously questionable decision-making. 🤔

🚨 Divorce Drama Alert! 🚨

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

💔 Attraction Gone, Marriage Over 💔

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

🏋️‍♂️ Enter the Fitness Trainer 🏋️‍♂️

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

🙅‍♂️ Therapy Rejected, Divorce Finalized 🙅‍♂️

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

🍼 Surprise! Josh's Baby on the Way 🍼

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

👶 Ex Wants Baby to Have My Last Name 👶

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

🤨 Wait, What? My Name on the Birth Certificate? 🤨

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

🙏 Ex Plays the 'Great Dad' Card 🙏

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

😤 I Only Care About MY Kids 😤

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

👨‍👧‍👦 But... The Baby Will Be My Kids' Sibling! 👨‍👧‍👦

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

🇨🇦 Location: Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

🖌️ A Colorful Situation 🎨

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

👀 The Baby Will Look SO Different 👀

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

😔 Not Trying to Be Cruel, Just Honest 😔

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

💔 Heartbroken and Healing 💔

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

👨‍👧‍👦 Focusing on My Kids and Our Mental Health 👨‍👧‍👦

Mission_Career1442 | Mission_Career1442

🚨 Internet Jury, What's Your Verdict? 🚨

Well, well, well... what a mess! 😳 Our poor protagonist finds himself in a sticky situation with his ex-wife's baby drama. 🍼 She wants him to play daddy to her love child with the mysterious fitness trainer, but he's not having it! 🙅‍♂️ He's got his own kids to worry about, and let's be real, that baby is gonna look nothing like him. 👀 But is he being heartless? 💔 Or just looking out for his own? 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this wild ride! 🎢 Buckle up, buttercups, and get ready for some hot takes! 🔥

Not your baby, NTA. You're not responsible for it.

RollRepresentative35 | RollRepresentative35

Get a lawyer before she puts you on the birth certificate 👀

shammy_dammy | shammy_dammy

Divorce advice: inform lawyer, avoid birth certificate. 🤔📝


Fight back in court before paying child support! 💯

Petefriend86 | Petefriend86

Giving the baby your surname doesn't mean you're the father. 😕

she_who_knits | she_who_knits

Protect yourself legally before agreeing to anything. NTAH 👍

mypreciousssssssss | mypreciousssssssss

NTA suspects ex-wife's baby isn't his, demands DNA test 🍒

wp3wp3wp3 | wp3wp3wp3

Protect yourself! Get a lawyer to avoid possible manipulation. 🙌

Disastrous-Sthe | Disastrous-Sthe

Block your ex-wife on parenting app and move on. NTA 👍

Ok_Tip_513 | Ok_Tip_513

NTA suspects ulterior motive in ex-wife's request for baby parenting.

Carolinamama2015 | Carolinamama2015

Don't sign anything! NTA, protect yourself 👍

yupyepyupyep | yupyepyupyep

Discussion on the significance of sharing a surname in parenting 👨🏻‍🎤

iolaus79 | iolaus79

A cautionary tale about ex-wife's shocking request 👀

rightbutbanned | rightbutbanned

Protect yourself legally and emotionally from ex-wife's manipulative plan. 🚫

Initial-Ad2243 | Initial-Ad2243

Be careful! Putting your name on the birth certificate has consequences! 😨

MaisieStitcher | MaisieStitcher

Heartwarming neighborly support for a good father ❤️

Additional_Act9688 | Additional_Act9688

Ex-wife leaves out baby, commenter calls her not smart 🤔

HypersomnicHysteric | HypersomnicHysteric

Protect yourself legally and emotionally. Don't sign the birth certificate. 🙌

Sugar_Mama76 | Sugar_Mama76

Consult a lawyer before the baby is born to protect yourself.

Prestigious-Oven-261 | Prestigious-Oven-261

User slams ex-wife for asking her ex-husband to raise her affair baby.

nw23reddit | nw23reddit

NTA! Get a paternity test and avoid 18 years of payments! 🙌

cassowary32 | cassowary32

Protect yourself! Get a good lawyer 💪

MikeReddit74 | MikeReddit74

Be careful, don't do anything that could be construed as responsibility 🚨

Mbt_Omega | Mbt_Omega

Don't be her backup plan to raise her affair baby. NTA 👍

junkdrawertales | junkdrawertales

Demand DNA test and shut it down hard. No compromises.

Cannabis_CatSlave | Cannabis_CatSlave

NTA: Don't let her irresponsible behavior become your problem! 🙅

Ambystomatigrinum | Ambystomatigrinum

Ex-wife's request to raise her new baby - NTA prevails! 👏

No_Fee_161 | No_Fee_161

Divorced but still responsible? NTA has a point. 👍

Snoo-74562 | Snoo-74562

Beware of the trap! Don't put your name on the birth certificate. 🚨

Bdeihc | Bdeihc

Be cautious and consult an attorney before signing anything 👀

Low-Grade2568 | Low-Grade2568

Heartbreaking story of a man's struggle after a cruel divorce 😢

HotGrabba | HotGrabba

NTA, don't act as dad or pay child support. Get lawyer ASAP!

United_Fig_6519 | United_Fig_6519

Don't take legal liability for your ex's new baby. 😱

Full_Committee6967 | Full_Committee6967

Don't let your name be put on the birth certificate 💼

Derwin0 | Derwin0

Don't fall for it! 🚨 NTA, keep your distance.

bmyst70 | bmyst70

Ex-wife wants me to raise her new baby as my own? NTA! 😱

countryboy1101 | countryboy1101

Ex-wife messed up, now wants help. NTA. Watch legalities. 😎

jacksonlove3 | jacksonlove3

Can't add you as father without consent. NTA wins 🏆

mags7683 | mags7683

Don't be fooled! Be cautious of ex's unusual request. 😱

SnooWords4839 | SnooWords4839

Protect yourself! Ask for DNA proof before agreeing.

jonfreakinzoidberg | jonfreakinzoidberg

Protect yourself: Lawyer up, get a DNA test, stay cautious.

seidinove | seidinove

Not your kid, not your problem. Baby daddy should support.

9smalltowngirl | 9smalltowngirl

Forced paternity test to avoid ex-wife's baby trap. NTA.

PermanentUN | PermanentUN

Protect your children and boundaries from ex-wife's request 🚨

cherrycokelemon | cherrycokelemon

NTA, but be careful. Don't give her an inch! 😱

AITAThrowaway4874 | AITAThrowaway4874

Demanding a DNA test to avoid child support? NTA move. 😎

Future-Nebula74656 | Future-Nebula74656

Naming the baby after you? Not cool. Consult a lawyer! 😒

Desertbro | Desertbro

Ex-wife's request denied, commenter calls out ex's poor choices. 🙄

Old-Ad3384 | Old-Ad3384

No obligation to raise ex-wife's baby. Hard NTA 👏

thatisicky5966 | thatisicky5966

Be prepared to stand your ground and protect your family 💪

nerd_is_a_verb | nerd_is_a_verb

NTA, but DNA test your kids and make Josh pay. 👍

wilsonreeves | wilsonreeves

Ex-wife wants her baby to have your name? NTA, say no!

DawnShakhar | DawnShakhar

Ex-wife's baby, ex's name? NTA for refusing to raise.

Electronic_World_894 | Electronic_World_894

Legal implications of ex-wife's request for baby's last name.

Safe_Variation_6689 | Safe_Variation_6689

Naming someone the father without consent? NTA dodges bullet 💯

Low_Monitor5455 | Low_Monitor5455

Don't let her guilt you into raising Josh's child. NTA.

Lazuli_Rose | Lazuli_Rose

User expresses concern about child's identity, ex prioritizes emotions.

Vivid-Collar-2282 | Vivid-Collar-2282

Demanding paternity tests before birth certificate? 🔬👶 Interesting idea.

QH96 | QH96

NTA commenter provides helpful legal advice for registering baby 👶

jetstarstream | jetstarstream

DNA test suggested to avoid raising someone else's child. 🤔

xxxPROXxxxx | xxxPROXxxxx

Don't support the child financially. Help ex find Josh instead.

Fun_Version827 | Fun_Version827

Divorce doesn't mean you're responsible for her mistakes. 🤷‍♂️ Remind her.

megacope | megacope

Ex-wife's entitled request to raise her baby with her ex-husband

TheRealCarpeFelis | TheRealCarpeFelis

User calls ex-wife 'f***ing idiot' for asking to raise baby. 😱

Own_Breakfast_570 | Own_Breakfast_570

Can she make him raise her new baby? Legalities explained 🤔

Used-Cup-6055 | Used-Cup-6055

Consult a lawyer, OP. Ex-wife's motives seem suspicious 😐

grumpygirl1973 | grumpygirl1973

Ex-wife cannot register child without consent, not AH for refusing.

Right_Hour | Right_Hour

Fellow Torontonian advises ex to contact lawyer and stand firm 💪

Spirited_Complex_903 | Spirited_Complex_903

Legal explanation on paternity rights, no drama here. 👨🏻‍💻

AmethystsinAugust | AmethystsinAugust

Protect yourself legally if you agree to ex's request. NTA 😊

The_Map_Smith | The_Map_Smith

Ex-wife's shocking request to raise her new baby as your own - NTA comment calls out her audacity, warns of future manipulation, and advises reiterating the truth about paternity to avoid child support. 🤯

Mountain_Monitor_262 | Mountain_Monitor_262

Ex-wife's shocking request to raise AP's baby. Commenter refuses. 😱

Bill2550 | Bill2550

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