Teen Serves Entitled Brother-in-Law Dinner on TOY Plate as Payback! 😂

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🌈 Coming out can be tough, especially when it leads to getting kicked out by your parents. 😢 But sometimes, a silver lining appears in the form of a supportive sister who takes you in. 🤗 Little did I know, I was about to step into a household filled with drama, exhaustion, and a man-child of a brother-in-law. 🙄 Buckle up, folks, because this story is about to get wild! 🎢

🏠 Moved in with Sis after Coming Out 🌈

throwawaybil20223 | throwawaybil20223

👸 Sis Does it All, Hubby Does Nada 🤷‍♂️

throwawaybil20223 | throwawaybil20223

🗣️ BIL's Demands: Laundry, Dinner, Shower! 🚿

throwawaybil20223 | throwawaybil20223

🎧 Headphones On, Drama Unfolds 🍿

throwawaybil20223 | throwawaybil20223

🍽️ Dinner's Ready, But BIL Wants it Served 🙄

throwawaybil20223 | throwawaybil20223

🧸 Toy Utensils for the Man-Child 👶

throwawaybil20223 | throwawaybil20223

😠 BIL's Reaction: What the Hell? 🤬

throwawaybil20223 | throwawaybil20223

🗯️ Yelling, Storming Off, and Threats 😤

throwawaybil20223 | throwawaybil20223

😂 Sis Sees the Humor, Laughter Ensues 🤣

throwawaybil20223 | throwawaybil20223

🙏 BIL Demands Apology for 'Crappy Stunt' 😒

throwawaybil20223 | throwawaybil20223

🍽️ Serving Justice with a Side of Toy Utensils! 🧸

Well, well, well... looks like we've got a classic case of a man-child who thinks he's too good to lift a finger around the house! 🙄 Our hero, the sassy 17-year-old, decided to give this entitled brother-in-law a taste of his own medicine by serving him dinner on toy plates with toy utensils. 🍽️🧸 The internet is buzzing with reactions to this epic serving of justice! 😂 Some are cheering on the teen for standing up for his exhausted sister, while others think he might have overstepped. 🤔 But one thing's for sure, this story has all the juicy drama we crave! 🍿 So, let's dive into the comments and see what the world has to say about this toy utensil takedown! 🗯️

Engaging comment with a soft ESH. Valid point about abusive people taking it out on others.

Total-Being-4278 | Total-Being-4278

Be cautious, don't antagonize the abuser. Help your sister instead 🙏

halfbakedcaterpillar | halfbakedcaterpillar

Sibling drama alert! Commenter and others discuss repercussions of revenge.

LollipopThrowAway- | LollipopThrowAway-

NTA comment praises OP's actions and criticizes husband's behavior.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Humorous but ultimately ineffective payback on entitled brother-in-law. ESH-ish.

IrresistibleInsomnia | IrresistibleInsomnia

NTA for serving entitled BIL on toy plate but be careful 😱

ItsNotAna | ItsNotAna

Challenging entitled men can be risky. YTA for putting sister at risk 😕

Effective-Slice-4819 | Effective-Slice-4819

Supportive comment encourages sister to get a divorce.

plumwithantlers | plumwithantlers

Support your sister in other ways, don't antagonize the husband. 👍

Distinct-Practice131 | Distinct-Practice131

NTA! Apologize to keep peace with lazy a**hole brother-in-law 😑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Serving entitled brother-in-law on toy plate? NTA and hilarious! 😂

batsandrobins | batsandrobins

Compassionate suggestion to escape domestic abuse. NTA.

puddlespuddled | puddlespuddled

Satisfying revenge served with a side of concern for sister 🤔

S3xySouthernB | S3xySouthernB

A playful prank with unintended consequences and a call for help.

sparklyviking | sparklyviking

NTA, but be careful, your BIL could kick you out! 🤔

NotShockedFruitWeird | NotShockedFruitWeird

Warning against retaliation due to financial dependency. Be cautious! 🚨

Characterde | Characterde

Standing up to a bully on behalf of someone bullied. 💪

CastorBlackbox | CastorBlackbox

Apologize like talking to a kid, but be careful 🤫

endymion2300 | endymion2300

YTA gets called out for their entitled behavior and actions 🔥

Dummythick808 | Dummythick808

Using a toy plate to serve dinner to entitled BIL - NTA

ayriana | ayriana

A serious concern for the sister's safety, but a humorous revenge.

I_Suggest_Therapy | I_Suggest_Therapy

Serving entitled BIL on toy plate was funny but risky. Plan exit.

Chocobean | Chocobean

Guest called out for serving entitled brother-in-law on toy plate.

darkknight1729 | darkknight1729

Protect your sister, but don't poke the entitled bear 😱

solskuggi | solskuggi

Concerned comment urges OP to prioritize sister's safety ❤️

Angelawina | Angelawina

Advice to help sister but acknowledges payback on entitled brother-in-law.

Francie1966 | Francie1966

Supportive comment encourages helping sister and condemning entitled BIL. 👏

Capable_Voice_5479 | Capable_Voice_5479

Maturely bring up topics and have her back instead of instigating 🙌

DiscountVoodoo | DiscountVoodoo

Supportive comment warns of potential consequences, but approves of revenge 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Advice to consider consequences of actions when standing up for sister.

FartFace319 | FartFace319

Jerk brother-in-law, cool sister, and risky revenge. ESH 😬

Odd-Instruction-3528 | Odd-Instruction-3528

Grown man served dinner on toy plate, not the a-hole.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Plastic utensils are practical and hilarious revenge is sweet 😂

kievju | kievju

Toxic brother-in-law served dinner on toy plate, brother's revenge! 😂

Moirin8890 | Moirin8890

Meddling sister should let husband and wife handle their issues.

xDocFearx | xDocFearx

Sibling drama! ESH gets served on toy plate 😂

freedum6 | freedum6

Hilarious revenge on entitled brother-in-law for mistreating sister! 😂

Mily-Unicorn | Mily-Unicorn

User finds the situation funny but hopes sister leaves BIL 🤞

that_greenmind | that_greenmind

Replier calls out OP's actions as worsening the situation. 😐

Realistic_Bit6965 | Realistic_Bit6965

NTA serves up some truth and a side of sarcasm 🥳

SnakeJG | SnakeJG

Defending family from borderline abusive behavior. Hard NTA. 👍

kolibri22 | kolibri22

Redditors call out OP's petty revenge tactics, but admire nonetheless 🤩

jdh859 | jdh859

Teen serves dinner on toy plate, YTA comment section disapproves

Barry_McKackiner | Barry_McKackiner

NTA for standing up to abusive brother-in-law with hilarious payback 😂

caffeinated_girl | caffeinated_girl

Hilarious revenge on entitled brother-in-law, but could have consequences. ESH.

Galaxyartcat | Galaxyartcat

Standing up to toxic BIL with humor and caution. NTA!

Seabastial | Seabastial

Encouraging response to OP dealing with abusive family and lack of support. ❤️

Competitive-Rabbit-6 | Competitive-Rabbit-6

NTA. Sometimes a little humor is the best defense 😂

Head-Wrap7430 | Head-Wrap7430

Being NTA doesn't always mean you should act on it. 😐

LiLadybug81 | LiLadybug81

BIL deserved the toy plate, but OP is a mature kid 👍

lindsanity16 | lindsanity16

OP's entitled brother-in-law gets served on a toy plate! 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA if sister found joy in 'humiliating' entitled brother-in-law 😊

blurpdurpnurp | blurpdurpnurp

Encouraging support for a difficult family situation. 👏

PeepsDeBeaul | PeepsDeBeaul

Support for OP's NTA decision and suggestion for visiting another post

ElizabethHiems | ElizabethHiems

Sibling loyalty wins: Pitchforks and toy plates for entitled brother-in-law! 🤪

MindlessNote3735 | MindlessNote3735

Concerned commenter warns of abusive brother-in-law's isolating behavior.

Low-Location363 | Low-Location363

Entitled brother-in-law gets served on a toy plate! NTA wins.

InformalBumblebee283 | InformalBumblebee283

Serving entitled brother-in-law dinner on toy plate. NTA, but bad idea.

Mattriculated | Mattriculated

Entitled brother-in-law gets served on toy plate. ESH verdict.

Bletter2020 | Bletter2020

Satisfying revenge served on a toy plate! NTA wins.

kniferey | kniferey

Divorce lawyer needed ASAP! NTA for standing up to sis' AH husband 😈

Nerverbun | Nerverbun

Helping a sister in an abusive relationship 😞

misfitx | misfitx

Helpful reminder to support pregnant sister, NTA comment approved. 👍

miamia1965 | miamia1965

NTA stands up for mistreated sister with hilarious payback 🍽️😂

ImACarebear1986 | ImACarebear1986

Entitled brother-in-law gets served on TOY plate! 😂 ESH

nolechica | nolechica

Satisfyingly hilarious revenge against childish brother-in-law 😂

bboobbear | bboobbear

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