Disabled Man BANNED from Seeing GF Who Caused Accident! 😱💔

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a heart-wrenching tale of love, loss, and family drama that'll leave you on the edge of your seat! 💔 When a devastating car crash leaves a young man disabled, his world is turned upside down. But that's just the beginning of this emotional rollercoaster ride! 🎢 Get ready for a story filled with forbidden love, a mother's fury, and a brother caught in the middle of it all! 😱 Will true love prevail, or will family loyalty tear them apart? 💔 Let's dive in and find out! 👀

🚨 Tragedy Strikes: Brother's Life-Altering Car Crash! 😢

throwawbrother25 | throwawbrother25

🚫 Mom's Ultimatum: Girlfriend BANNED from Seeing Disabled Son! 😠

throwawbrother25 | throwawbrother25

📞 Desperate Girlfriend's Pleas Fall on Deaf Ears 😭

throwawbrother25 | throwawbrother25

💔 Disabled Brother's Heartbreaking Wish Denied by Mom 💔

throwawbrother25 | throwawbrother25

🚨 Mom's Orders: Don't Let the Girlfriend In! 🚨

throwawbrother25 | throwawbrother25

🚪 Desperate Girlfriend Shows Up at the Door! 😱

throwawbrother25 | throwawbrother25

🙅‍♂️ Brother Refuses to Disobey Mom's Orders 🙅‍♂️

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😢 Girlfriend's Emotional Plea: 'Put Yourself in My Shoes!' 😢

throwawbrother25 | throwawbrother25

🙏 'Do It For Your Brother,' She Begs 🙏

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📞 Girlfriend's Desperate Calls Met with Threats 📞

throwawbrother25 | throwawbrother25

😡 Brother's Friend Lashes Out: 'You Have No Morals!' 😡

throwawbrother25 | throwawbrother25

🤬 'You're a Bad Brother!' Friend's Scathing Accusation 🤬

throwawbrother25 | throwawbrother25

🤔 AITA for Following Mom's Orders? Or Are They Blaming the Wrong Person? 🤔

throwawbrother25 | throwawbrother25

🗣️ OP's Confession: Mom's Treating Brother Like a Grounded Kid 😬

throwawbrother25 | throwawbrother25

😡 Mom's Misplaced Anger: Taking It Out on Girlfriend 😡

throwawbrother25 | throwawbrother25

🙊 OP's Dilemma: Speaking Up Against Mom's 'Off the Rocker' Behavior 😬

throwawbrother25 | throwawbrother25

😱 Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Brother's Impossible Decision! 💔

Well, well, well... looks like we've got ourselves a real doozy of a situation here! 😬 Our poor protagonist finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place, with his mom's iron-clad orders on one side and his brother's desperate girlfriend on the other. 😢 It's a classic case of 'damned if you do, damned if you don't!' 🙈 But wait, there's more! Turns out, mom's been treating the disabled brother like a grounded kid, cutting off all contact with his girlfriend and taking her anger out on the poor girl. 😡 Talk about a dysfunctional family dynamic! 🤦‍♀️ Let's see what the internet has to say about this heart-wrenching tale of love, loyalty, and family drama! 👀

Sibling tries to control disabled brother's relationship, called out YTA 🔥

saltyvet10 | saltyvet10

User strongly disagrees with OP's actions and threatens to report.

Euphoric-Round-5182 | Euphoric-Round-5182

Passionate defense of girlfriend banned from seeing her injured boyfriend.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protecting disabled brother's rights against controlling mother is crucial. YTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Family bans disabled brother from seeing girlfriend. Heartbreaking 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Redditor calls out mom's controlling behavior towards disabled brother. YTA 😡

TerminalApathy | TerminalApathy

Sibling's girlfriend banned from seeing disabled brother. Commenter calls YTA.

MrsMcPoyle | MrsMcPoyle

Call the police, your brother is being held prisoner! 🚨

CarusGator | CarusGator

User calls commenter an a**hole for not standing up to mother

GrayTintedGlasses | GrayTintedGlasses

Sibling forbidden from seeing GF. Redditors say YTA & abuser.

Galind_Halithel | Galind_Halithel

Disabled man's family faces accusations of abuse and control. 😱

FoxUniCarKilo | FoxUniCarKilo

Brother's autonomy and communication should be considered. YTA.

ineros | ineros

Concerned commenter suggests involving adult protective services for disabled man

artemis1860 | artemis1860

Concerns raised about possible brain injury and controlling mother.

ConsitutionalHistory | ConsitutionalHistory

A controlling mother forbids disabled man from seeing girlfriend. YTA.

esmithedm | esmithedm

User calls out OP's mother for controlling brother's relationship.

BrinaGu3 | BrinaGu3

Redditors criticize family's treatment of disabled man. 👏

Gigafive | Gigafive

Considerate suggestion to prioritize the disabled man's wishes 👍

blueskittleskid | blueskittleskid

Caregiver abuse? Commenters call out controlling behavior towards disabled man.

rose_daughter | rose_daughter

Does the boyfriend need full-time care? Has the girlfriend recovered?

Beck2010 | Beck2010

Redditor calls out abusive mom for banning disabled man's GF

TheRealSkeeter | TheRealSkeeter

A disabled man's family tries to control his decisions. YTA.

lobosaguila | lobosaguila

Harsh criticism for commenter's enabling behavior towards mother's mistreatment.

Trauma_Hawks | Trauma_Hawks

Sibling's adult brother wants to visit GF, YTA for blocking.

SnooGiraffes3591 | SnooGiraffes3591

Call adult protective services if your disabled brother is imprisoned 🚨

Worldsgreatestfrog | Worldsgreatestfrog

Brother's opinion matters, not mother's. YTA 🤦‍♂️

11phoenix | 11phoenix

Redditors call OP and mom out for ableist behavior 🔥

Usagi_Shinobi | Usagi_Shinobi

Brother's feelings ignored: commenter suggests therapy for all involved. 🙏

Rohini_rambles | Rohini_rambles

User calls out OP's mom for banning disabled man, empathizes with couple

BazTheBaptist | BazTheBaptist

Disabled man deserves freedom to see girlfriend, ESH for holding him.

ParsimoniousSalad | ParsimoniousSalad

Brother, a disabled adult, deserves freedom and right to choose. YTA 😒

JollyJoeGingerbeard | JollyJoeGingerbeard

Sibling feud over GF: YTA, but not as much as mom 🙄

SebrinePastePlaydoh | SebrinePastePlaydoh

Redditor calls out abusive mother keeping disabled brother hostage. 👏

Apple-pie_best-pie | Apple-pie_best-pie

Red flags for controlling behavior and emotional abuse 👉 YTA

Emmett_is_Bored | Emmett_is_Bored

Brother held hostage by mom, commenter calls out YTA behavior.

rowan1981 | rowan1981

Redditors call out OP for prioritizing mom's wishes over brother's

sanriohvre | sanriohvre

Should mom allow brother to see GF for his independence?

Pug_867-5309 | Pug_867-5309

A controlling mother in law? 🤔 Let's hear your thoughts.

MysticMusician5 | MysticMusician5

Empathize with the disabled man's situation and stand up against controlling behavior. YTA.

restin_victoria_face | restin_victoria_face

Family feud over disabled man's love life. 💔😡

Such_Management_2411 | Such_Management_2411

Tense family dynamic as mother bans disabled son's girlfriend. 😟

nothingclever4now | nothingclever4now

Harsh comment calls out enabling behavior in abusive family.

capnhawthorne | capnhawthorne

Mom forbids disabled man from seeing GF. YTA, Mom's an AH.

brandyanddeath | brandyanddeath

User accuses OP of abuse towards disabled brother's relationship 😕

dell828 | dell828

Brother wants to see GF, but mom forbid it. YTA.

lejosdecasa | lejosdecasa

Standing up against abuse, government intervention may be necessary. 💪

colealoupe | colealoupe

User calls out OP for not advocating for brother's wishes. YTA 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Court intervention needed to stop abuse of disabled brother. YTA.

brigiliz | brigiliz

Netizens bash commenter for exerting control over disabled man's life 👏

tialaila | tialaila

Sibling dilemma: To obey or disobey controlling mother? 🤔

kitkatbar38 | kitkatbar38

User calls out abusive behavior towards disabled brother. 🔥

Tanyec | Tanyec

Harsh criticism of commenter's family. No replies.

angeluscado | angeluscado

A commenter accuses someone of abusing their power and mistreating a disabled person. 🤨

Randa08 | Randa08

Heartfelt sympathy for disabled man, criticism for unsupportive family. 😢

chattymaquette | chattymaquette

Enabling abuse? Come-to-Jesus chat with adult protective services! 😱

CatlinM | CatlinM

Redditor calls out OP's illegal detainment of disabled brother

[deleted] | [deleted]

Brother wants to see GF but mom banned him. Commenter calls YTA.

Environmental_Arm526 | Environmental_Arm526

Brother's girlfriend banned from seeing him after accident. ESH except GF.

hel-be-praised | hel-be-praised

A commenter believes the mother is the real villain here 😠

MrJ_Sar | MrJ_Sar

Siblings' fight for autonomy, YTA for siding with the mom. 😠

Ok_Point7463 | Ok_Point7463

21-year-old criticized for helping mother keep brother hostage. YTA.

NowWithMoreChocolate | NowWithMoreChocolate

Overbearing mother tries to control adult son's love life. 😡

Krishnacat2663 | Krishnacat2663

Brother with disability being emotionally abused by mom. 😢

Resagarden | Resagarden

Is OP participating in a crime by preventing brother's visit? 🤔

Thuis001 | Thuis001

Questions raised about the situation with disabled man's care 🤔

throwaway-coparent | throwaway-coparent

User calls out commenter for enabling their mom's abusive behavior.

Emmiburr | Emmiburr

Harsh comment condemns abuse towards disabled brother. 💔

PrestigiousAd3081 | PrestigiousAd3081

Let him make his own choices, sudden disability is tough 🙏

oldt1mer | oldt1mer

Redditor judged YTA for keeping brother from his girlfriend 😒

FeralGinger | FeralGinger

Isolating disabled people is abuse! YTA needs to be reported 😠

Meedusa13 | Meedusa13

Redditor calls out controlling behavior of disabled man's mom. 🙌

Therealsuperman04 | Therealsuperman04

Disabled man banned from seeing GF. YTA for controlling behavior.

jski82 | jski82

Mother's control is causing added stress on brother's recovery. YNTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending the disabled man's right to see his girlfriend. 💔

floortoast316 | floortoast316

Harsh criticism for an uncaring brother. 😕

Punkin_Queen | Punkin_Queen

Sibling being called out for enabling abusive treatment by mother. 😡

itsallminenow | itsallminenow

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