I Won't Let My Mother-in-Law Post Photos of My Baby Online 👶📵

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🍼 Attention all new parents and grandparents-to-be! 👋 Get ready for a wild ride as one couple navigates the joys and challenges of raising their first child in the digital age. 📱 From setting social media boundaries to dealing with a stubborn grandma, this story has it all! 😱 Buckle up and let's dive into the drama! 🍿

🍼 A Squishy, Wonderful Baby Arrives! 👶

sillybillyllamamama | sillybillyllamamama

👑 First Grandchild = Kind of a Big Deal! 🎉

sillybillyllamamama | sillybillyllamamama

🚫 No Social Media for Baby! 📵

sillybillyllamamama | sillybillyllamamama

🗣️ Explaining the Social Media Ban to Family & Friends 🤐

sillybillyllamamama | sillybillyllamamama

👵 Grandma Goes All-In... From 1000+ Miles Away! 🌎

sillybillyllamamama | sillybillyllamamama

📸 Daily Demands for Baby Pics! 🤳

sillybillyllamamama | sillybillyllamamama

😠 Take Them Down! The Cycle Repeats... 🔁

sillybillyllamamama | sillybillyllamamama

🤬 Fed Up Mama Lays Down the Law! ⚖️

sillybillyllamamama | sillybillyllamamama

😱 Grandma Blows Up! 💥 "You're Cutting Me Off!"

sillybillyllamamama | sillybillyllamamama

🙄 Over the Childish Behavior! 🤦‍♀️

sillybillyllamamama | sillybillyllamamama

🚪 Grandma Welcome to Visit Anytime! 🤗

sillybillyllamamama | sillybillyllamamama

🚷 But the Social Media Ban Stands! 🙅‍♀️

sillybillyllamamama | sillybillyllamamama

🚨 Family Feud Alert! 🚨 New Parents vs. Social Media-Loving Grandma! 👵📱

Whew, talk about a family showdown! 😅 Our new parents are trying their best to protect their little one's online identity, but Grandma just can't resist the allure of social media shares. 🤳 Despite repeated requests to keep those precious baby pics offline, Grandma keeps posting away, leading to some major family drama. 😬 Now, Mama Bear has had enough and is ready to cut off the photo supply if Grandma can't respect their wishes. 🙅‍♀️📸 But is that too harsh? 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this sticky situation! 👇

Mother-in-law equates social media attention with joy of grandparenting. NTA.

WhimsyFlamingo | WhimsyFlamingo

Setting boundaries with mother-in-law: NTA for enforcing them

markroth69 | markroth69

NTA. Responsibility of parents. Risks of posting baby photos online.

pioroa | pioroa

Protecting your baby's privacy online is important. NTA.

GordonG47 | GordonG47

A thoughtful solution for sharing baby pictures with family 👶📷

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protecting your child's privacy online is crucial 👶📵

GrannyWeatherwaxscat | GrannyWeatherwaxscat

Respect the parents' wishes for their child's privacy 👶

DancesWithHooves | DancesWithHooves

Protecting your child's privacy and safety online is responsible parenting. 👍

emanresuelbaliavayna | emanresuelbaliavayna

Respectfully setting boundaries for your child's privacy is important 👍

Appropriate-Energy | Appropriate-Energy

Respect for privacy and boundaries. NTA 👏

beisserchen | beisserchen

Setting boundaries with grandma 🚫📷 NTA

Nehault | Nehault

Setting up a private photo share helped avoid social media drama 📷

redpurplegreen22 | redpurplegreen22

Setting boundaries with mother-in-law, seeking advice from Reddit community.

wickedwitch9294 | wickedwitch9294

Stop arguing, report photos to Facebook, or stop sharing completely 📵

AmbivelentApoplectic | AmbivelentApoplectic

NTA, but is texting pics to friends any different than posting? 🤔

Turbulent-Bell | Turbulent-Bell

Setting boundaries with in-laws over baby photos. NTA wins 👍

BazTheBaptist | BazTheBaptist

Respect for privacy is basic. NTA for setting boundaries. 👍

CanIBeWillyWonka | CanIBeWillyWonka

Petty but effective solution to mother-in-law's rule-breaking behavior. 🙅‍♀️📷

Leialegnocchi | Leialegnocchi

Respecting boundaries shows love and respect 💜

LadyPundit | LadyPundit

Creating a shared google drive is a great idea 👍

highsierra31 | highsierra31

Why share on social media? Try Family Album app 📷

stormbcrn | stormbcrn

Respect the parents' wishes, grandma! NTA wins this one. 👶🏼🚫📷

noobface2000 | noobface2000

Grandma needs to respect boundaries on baby's digital footprint 👶

EmpressJainaSolo | EmpressJainaSolo

Respectful grandparent agrees with OP's decision to control child's photos 👶📵

5dog4cat | 5dog4cat

Protecting baby privacy - NTA. It's hard but worth it 👶📵

lexisplays | lexisplays

Grandma wants online attention, parents protect baby's privacy. NTA.


Respectful NTA sets boundaries with mother-in-law over baby photos 👶📵

JimmyHeck | JimmyHeck

Let your husband deal with his mother 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

WinchesterFan1980 | WinchesterFan1980

Setting boundaries and prioritizing baby's safety. NTA here. 🙅👶

[deleted] | [deleted]

Grandma wants to post pics, but OP says no. NTA.

mdhzk3 | mdhzk3

Keeping your child's safety first and privacy respected. NTA 👍

MellyGrub | MellyGrub

Watermarking baby photos to enforce boundaries. 👍

loewentochter | loewentochter

Respect your child's privacy, and their legal rights. 📷🚫

glossolalia_ | glossolalia_

Grandma learns to respect baby's privacy, OP is not TA 👶📵

PricklyBasil | PricklyBasil

Stand your ground, mama bear 🐻👊

raoulfgonzo | raoulfgonzo

Respecting parents' wishes > keeping up appearances 👍

your_moms_a_clone | your_moms_a_clone

NTA suggests watermarking photos to stop MIL from disregarding boundaries 💦

[deleted] | [deleted]

Watermarking baby photos to stop MIL from posting online 📷

lavenderrabe | lavenderrabe

Respect your baby's privacy, not your mother-in-law's social media.

persiflage85 | persiflage85

Boundaries set for baby violated by MIL. Photo book alternative.

ChefofChicanery | ChefofChicanery

MIL's selfishness backfires, commenter calls NTA in baby photo dispute 👶📵

[deleted] | [deleted]

Set boundaries with in-laws and protect your child's privacy. NTA.

RoseTyler38 | RoseTyler38

Respectful NTA response to MIL's photo sharing disregard 📷

Yougotmail1 | Yougotmail1

Respect the parents' decision or no baby photos for you 👍

imabanddork | imabanddork

Being a grandma is about being present, not posting pics 👶

sk9592 | sk9592

Setting boundaries with family about baby photos on social media 👶

FeistyFiveFeetTwo | FeistyFiveFeetTwo

Respectful boundaries with in-laws for your child's safety 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respectful NTA comment suggests photo album compromise for MIL 👍

Recklessreader | Recklessreader

Future MIL alert! NTA OP sets boundaries for baby's privacy 👶📵

elizabif | elizabif

Struggling with MIL who posts baby pictures without permission 👶📵

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respectful family boundaries around baby photos. NTA 👍

EvilAuntBecky | EvilAuntBecky

Establishing parental boundaries against MIL's online baby photos 📷

Fmrlawyer1985 | Fmrlawyer1985

Setting boundaries with in-laws regarding baby photos 👶📵

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

Respectful DIL stands up to MIL's disregard for baby's privacy 👏

youre_a_rude_hoe69 | youre_a_rude_hoe69

Protecting baby from social media, NTA, her loss 📵

ohtheheavywater | ohtheheavywater

Respecting boundaries and privacy of children is crucial 👍

Critical50 | Critical50

Respect parent's wishes or buzz off 🙅‍♀️. Sad grandparents prioritize social media presence.

DetectiveMom | DetectiveMom

Responsible parenting and respect for privacy 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Clever idea to stop unwanted baby photos on social media 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Suggesting a thoughtful solution with a hint of compromise 👍

imgg77 | imgg77

Respect parent's rules or face consequences. NTA 👍

chubbyspoon19 | chubbyspoon19

Mom-in-law respected our privacy, mom was a self-absorbed AH 😡

benkyoudekinai | benkyoudekinai

Grandma doesn't have the right to see your baby. NTA. 👶

mutherofdoggos | mutherofdoggos

Respect parents' rules on social media or lose photo privileges 📸


Respectful NTA couple sets boundaries for baby's social media exposure 👶

wdh662 | wdh662

Establish boundaries early to avoid issues later. NTA 🙌

ZealousidealStay7 | ZealousidealStay7

Respectful NTA comment with supportive tone and helpful advice 👍

Raboooka | Raboooka

Protecting your child's privacy? NTA, more parents should follow suit! 👶🎖

Ayallore95 | Ayallore95

Take down MIL's baby pics on social media like a boss 👊

Cappuccinolover88 | Cappuccinolover88

Grandparents need to respect no social media rule for grandchildren 👶

kittiphile | kittiphile

Protecting your baby's privacy is important. NTA 👍

can-i-have-a-corgi | can-i-have-a-corgi

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