He Chose His BFFs Over GF's Mom's B-Day...Now She's LIVID! 🤯

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🤔 Balancing relationships can be tricky, especially when it comes to prioritizing friends, family, and faith. One man found himself in a sticky situation when his girlfriend demanded he skip his sacred monthly meet-up with his buddies to attend her mom's birthday dinner. 🎂 But this wasn't just any ol' hangout - it was a cherished tradition that kept their friendship strong. 💪 Will he stand his ground or cave to keep the peace? 🙏 Let's dive into this juicy dilemma and see how it all unfolds! 👀

🗓️ The Sacred Second Saturday 🙏

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

👥 Friendship First! 🤝

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

🍔 Lunch, Laughs, and Life Updates 😄

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

💖 Cherished Connections 🤗

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

🙅‍♂️ Not Just "Me Time" 🕰️

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

🤝 Maintaining Meaningful Mates 👬👭

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🎂 Birthday Compromise Conundrum 🤔

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

🙏 Sunday Celebration Suggestion ⛪

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🚫 No Compromise, No Concession 😤

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🙏 Church vs Family Feud ⛪👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

⛪ Church Trumps All? 🤨

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

🙏 Priorities: Church > Family > Friends 🤔

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👶 Childish Childhood Chums? 🧸

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

🏠 Hypothetical Trap at Home 🪤

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💔 Incompatible Insights 😢

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

🙏 Grateful for Perspectives 🤗

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

😇 Wants vs God's Will ⛪

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

💔 Hurtful Words, Heartfelt Ending 😢

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😈 Devilish Influences & Devoted Bishops 👿

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

🏠 Reluctant Departure 🚪

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🙏 Gratitude for Eye-Opening Advice 👀

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

🌬️ Breathing Easier, Embracing Freedom 🕊️

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

🙏 Thankful for Perspectives 🤗

originalenthusiasm55 | originalenthusiasm55

😇 Friendship, Faith, and a Fractured Romance: A Tale of Tough Choices 💔

Well, well, well... looks like our protagonist found himself in quite the pickle! 🥒 Torn between his ride-or-die crew and his girlfriend's holy-rolling family, he tried to find a compromise. 🤝 But alas, his lady love wasn't having it - it was her way or the highway to hell! 😈 After a failed attempt to trap her in a hypothetical, he realized they were about as compatible as oil and water. 🌊 So, he mustered up the courage to end things, even as she cried devil's tears. 😢 In the end, he walked away with his head held high and his friendships intact. 👬👭 Let's see what the internet has to say about this wild ride! 🎢

Could they not attend both events? A scheduling conflict arises.

Reasonable_Minute_42 | Reasonable_Minute_42

Putting friendships first is fair when your partner is hypocritical. 👍

shenanigansco34 | shenanigansco34

Driving 4 hours for last minute dinner? NTA for declining.

megabucks68 | megabucks68

NTA. You're only dating for 9 months. Ignore those who try to tell you to ditch your friends. YOU ARE NOT THE A**HOLE. And that part where you asked to skip church has shown me GF is controlling type. Dump her. 🚩

Much-Increase-6073 | Much-Increase-6073

Protect your friend time ✊, NTA. GF is being unreasonable.

CynicalRecidivist | CynicalRecidivist

A cautionary tale about choosing friends over your significant other. 😔

No-Net8938 | No-Net8938

User suggests compromising with friends for GF's mom's birthday.

Chewbarkovvv | Chewbarkovvv

Respectful NTA who offered compromises, but GF seems unreasonable. 😕

KuriGohan0204 | KuriGohan0204

Prior commitments, not the a-hole for choosing friends over GF's mom's b-day 👍

nobrainsadded | nobrainsadded

Choosing BFFs over GF's mom's b-day: Is he the a**hole?

SiameseCats3 | SiameseCats3

Girlfriend can't dictate priorities. Celebrating on Sunday isn't weird. 👍

jammy913 | jammy913

NTA for choosing friend time over GF's mom's b-day.

monsteramoons | monsteramoons

NAH, but is this relationship sustainable? 🤔

demiurbannouveau | demiurbannouveau

Prioritizing friendships over GF's mom's bday - NTA wins!

Amaterasu_Junia | Amaterasu_Junia

Chosen family matters too! NTA for wanting to spend time with friends. 🙌

savvyliterate | savvyliterate

Prioritizing friends over GF's mom's b-day sparks debate 😜

PinkPrincess61 | PinkPrincess61

Prioritizing friendships over GF's mom's b-day: NTA, offered compromises. 👍

MuppetJonBonJovi | MuppetJonBonJovi

Girlfriend can't decide your priorities, value your friendships 👯

jwjnthrowawaykfeiofj | jwjnthrowawaykfeiofj

NTA for prioritizing monthly BFF celebration. Girlfriend assumed too much. 👍

Annual-Contract-115 | Annual-Contract-115

Compromise failed, NTA for prioritizing friends over GF's mom's b-day 👏

Chelular07 | Chelular07

User seeks clarification on details of the situation 🤔

iSouvenirs | iSouvenirs

Don't let celebrations ruin your relationships. 🙏

SpookyMirth | SpookyMirth

Enjoy your time with friends, let her celebrate with family 🎉

BluuBoose | BluuBoose

NTA - It's only been 9 months, you're not family yet.

twogaytwocare | twogaytwocare

NTA and uncompromising partner leads to incompatible relationship 🙄

TashiaNicole1 | TashiaNicole1

Choosing BFFs over GF's mom's b-day: NTA or selfish?

Both_Cartographer831 | Both_Cartographer831

Balancing friends and girlfriend can be tough 🤔

CantChangeThisLater0 | CantChangeThisLater0

GF's mom's birthday ruined over religion? NTA wins.

ScarlettSparrow | ScarlettSparrow

Prior engagement makes NTA, but compromise could show consideration 👍

No_Rope_8115 | No_Rope_8115

Choosing friends over GF's mom's b-day: NTA for some, divisive for others. 😐

mysafespace123 | mysafespace123

Having supportive friends is important for personal growth and happiness. 👍

hey_nonny_mooses | hey_nonny_mooses

Importance of monthly plans and offering alternatives.

Just_the_doctor1988 | Just_the_doctor1988

Choose wisely, YTA. Relationships require sacrifices for loved ones ❤️

Playful_Angle_5385 | Playful_Angle_5385

User thinks OP is YTA for prioritizing friends over GF's mom's b-day

CapN_Tyin_Knots | CapN_Tyin_Knots

Choosing BFFs over GF's mom's b-day: NTA or ESH?

djternan | djternan

Ending the relationship: NTA. Friends vs GF's mom's b-day.

TheDialectic_D_A | TheDialectic_D_A

NTA, atheist BF ignores your friends and mom's bday, break up.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Choosing between mom and friends, NTA according to commenter.

Individual_Map4805 | Individual_Map4805

GF's mom's b-day or BFFs? NTA prioritizes monthly plans.

TwoCentsPsychologist | TwoCentsPsychologist

Choose wisely: GF's mom's b-day or hanging out with friends? NTA.

sociallyawkwardjess | sociallyawkwardjess

Prioritizing BFFs over GF's Mom's B-day: NTA stands firm 💪

Bubblegum389 | Bubblegum389

Choosing between BFFs and GF's mom can damage relationship. NAH.

human060989 | human060989

"Dodging a massive bullet" - OP's GF's mom is overbearing 😱

Nazmazh | Nazmazh

Getting to know the girlfriend and her family 👉 🤔

Queen_Sized_Beauty | Queen_Sized_Beauty

Defending his friends over GF's mom's b-day, NTA.

Specialist-Leek-6927 | Specialist-Leek-6927

Solving MIL drama: Bring present to BBQ and apologize in advance 👍

DagnyTheSpencer | DagnyTheSpencer

Sassy comment calling out illogical religious beliefs. 😏

Disastrous-Day-6733 | Disastrous-Day-6733

Prioritizing important events over trivial ones. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Majority agree he's NTA despite attempts to paint him as AH 😜

L-Anderson | L-Anderson

Pre-existing plans trump newer ones, even if it's GF's mom's b-day. NTA 👍

TatteredCarcosa | TatteredCarcosa

No compromises? 🤔 NTA for choosing friends over GF's mom

Aladdin_Caine | Aladdin_Caine

Supportive comment defends OP's choice in birthday dilemma. 💪

Mean-Reaction6354 | Mean-Reaction6354

Marriage is between two people, not their families. NTA! 👍

Verkielos | Verkielos

Long-term married person advises to leave due to controlling behavior.

username-generica | username-generica

NTA, but controlling girlfriend may lead to a breakup 💔

MackvsYertle | MackvsYertle

Is the girlfriend overreacting? 🤔

Prestigious_Blood_38 | Prestigious_Blood_38

Choosing between BFFs and GF's family for future prospects 👍

whiporee123 | whiporee123

Prioritizing BFFs over GF's mom's birthday: NTA or ESH?

PsychedelicWario | PsychedelicWario

Suggests celebrating the birthday on 4th of July, not red-white-blue cake. 🎂🎉

DagnyTheSpencer | DagnyTheSpencer

User advises on girlfriend's demanding behavior, suggests decision-making.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Skipping one bday? Maybe not a big deal. 🤔

Glittering-Cellist34 | Glittering-Cellist34

Toxic mother-in-law accuses commenter of devil influence 😈

occamslizard | occamslizard

Defending his choice, commenter suggests reasonable compromise 👍

Successful_Moment_91 | Successful_Moment_91

GF's mom's b-day or 'me time'? NTA deserves space 🙅‍♂️

Realistic_Low_1577 | Realistic_Low_1577

True friends should understand and not end a friendship over this.

mewillia44 | mewillia44

Red flags in a new relationship, break up advice 👍

w0ck0 | w0ck0

Incompatible values lead to a breakup. 🚪👋

Moonjock2 | Moonjock2

When friends vs. partner becomes a loyalty dilemma 😐

redwarriorexz | redwarriorexz

Setting boundaries with friends is okay. NTA for choosing them 👍

Creative_Trick_3818 | Creative_Trick_3818

Being flexible is important in a committed relationship 👨‍👩‍👦, but planning other hangouts is possible 👍.

reixxy | reixxy

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