Wife Brags About "Perfect Family" Online, Gets CALLED OUT for Hubby's Abandoned Son! 😱💔

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🔥 Strap in for a wild ride of baby daddy drama, y'all! 🍿 We've got a classic tale of a deadbeat dad, a new wife flexing her "perfect" family on Facebook, and a mama bear ready to unleash the truth. 🐻💣 Get ready for some serious tea spilling and a whole lot of shade! ☕😎 This story is about to get juicy, so grab your popcorn and let's dive in! 🍿👀

🚨 Buckle up for some baby daddy drama! 👶🍼

helloitsmeaway | helloitsmeaway

Co-parenting bliss turns to radio silence 📻🙊

helloitsmeaway | helloitsmeaway

New wife, new life, who dis? 💍🤰

helloitsmeaway | helloitsmeaway

Mama's gotta work, but daddy's gone AWOL 💼🏃‍♂️

helloitsmeaway | helloitsmeaway

Child support ✅ Actual support ❌

helloitsmeaway | helloitsmeaway

Facebook friend request from the other woman 👀🔍

helloitsmeaway | helloitsmeaway

Small town social media mom flexes her "perfect" fam 🏆👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

helloitsmeaway | helloitsmeaway

No boys allowed in this family! 🙅‍♂️💔

helloitsmeaway | helloitsmeaway

Praise for the "best daddy ever" pours in 🙌🏆

helloitsmeaway | helloitsmeaway

Daddy's girls only, no room for his son 💔🚫

helloitsmeaway | helloitsmeaway

Mama bear unleashes the truth bomb 🐻💣

helloitsmeaway | helloitsmeaway

Calling out the deadbeat dad for all to see 📢😡

helloitsmeaway | helloitsmeaway

No more pretending, the truth is out! 🙈🗣️

helloitsmeaway | helloitsmeaway

Wifey deletes the truth and goes on the attack 🗑️🤬

helloitsmeaway | helloitsmeaway

Excuses, excuses... 🙄🤥

helloitsmeaway | helloitsmeaway

Mama bear confronts deadbeat dad's wife on Facebook! 🐻🔥

Well, well, well... looks like our mama bear had enough of her ex's new wife flaunting their "perfect" family all over Facebook! 😤📱 She called out the deadbeat dad for abandoning their son and exposed the truth behind their picture-perfect facade. 🙊💥 The internet was shook, and the wife went on the defensive, making excuses for the dad's absence. 🤥🙄 But our fierce mama wasn't having it! 💪😤 Let's see what the internet thinks of this juicy drama... 👀🍿

NTA reminds OP to take responsibility for son's relationship with father.

WorkingMagpie | WorkingMagpie

NTA calls out wife's stupidity for bragging about perfect family

PhoenixRisingToday | PhoenixRisingToday

Supportive comment suggests public accountability for absent father is valid.

givethemwhatfor | givethemwhatfor

Woman gets called out for bragging about 'perfect family' online 🤥

Ananas_jabuka | Ananas_jabuka

NTA slams wife for abandoning husband's son in 🔥 comment

Willing_to_hear | Willing_to_hear

Father defends himself for calling out wife's ignorance about abandoned son.

ChoiceConfidence | ChoiceConfidence

Wife's 'perfect' family called out for husband's abandoned son. NTA.

starry_skyz | starry_skyz

When social media is more important than your stepchild. 😒

belleandbean | belleandbean

NTA stands up to entitled bragger, internet cheers with f-bombs. 💯

MaxJets69 | MaxJets69

ESH but OP handled it immaturely. Son deserves better.

dovahshy13 | dovahshy13

Supportive comment, defending OP's parenting and calling out husband's behavior.

EducatedOwlAthena | EducatedOwlAthena

NTA calls out wife's 'perfect family' brag and deadbeat hubby.

useruseruseruserusee | useruseruseruserusee

Ex-husband neglects his son, wife gets called out publicly. ESH.

Mattack64 | Mattack64

"Ballsy" move to post about "perfect family" & abandon son 🤨✭

SoulRebel726 | SoulRebel726

Abandoned child shares heartbreaking story, advises minimal damage control 😢

Exverius | Exverius

Dedicated parent defends against ex's abandonment, internet agrees ✌

StunGod | StunGod

Supportive comment applauds mother's defense of abandoned son. 💪

SydWinkle54 | SydWinkle54

Supportive response to a justified NTA verdict. 👏

Cassinderella | Cassinderella

Friend requested to erase evidence of her husband's abandoned son 🤯

HatsAndTopcoats | HatsAndTopcoats

ESH but commenter defends wife's ignorance. Ex looks foolish.

sutkurak | sutkurak

User questions wife's motivation for friend request and expresses concern for abandoned son.

ebwoods1 | ebwoods1

Man gets called NTA for exposing friend's abandoned son on FB.

LovedAJackass | LovedAJackass

Heartbreaking story of a father abandoning his own son. 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Moving 2 hours away doesn't justify abandoning child. 🤨

lulu1982ca | lulu1982ca

Supportive comment, applauding controlled response to heartbreakingly cruel situation. ❤️

ClaZim92 | ClaZim92

Woman brags about 'perfect family' excluding abandoned son. NTA called out.

pinkawapuhi | pinkawapuhi

NTA called out wife for bragging about 'perfect family' on FB 😱

Many-Rest | Many-Rest

Step-mom shares experience and calls out ex and his wife. 👏

inneedoftherapy-67-4 | inneedoftherapy-67-4

Outraged commenter calls out couple for abandoning husband's son

ILikeHornedAnimals | ILikeHornedAnimals

Internet is forever, imagine how son would feel reading this 😱

jmckay2508 | jmckay2508

Supportive comment applauds mom for standing up for her son.

rattus-domestica | rattus-domestica

Commuting 2 hours a day for work, but still a good mom. NTA.

newlifeC13 | newlifeC13

Father calls out wife's denial of abandoned son on Facebook 🤭

fiendishthingysaurus | fiendishthingysaurus

Heartbreaking Comment Exposes 'Perfect Family' Lie 😢

unitofenergy | unitofenergy

Calling out a mother's hypocrisy for ignoring abandoned child. 👏

babygrlnad | babygrlnad

User justifies OP's decision to cut ties with wife and suggests going no contact, finds wife's post laughable.

Crolleen | Crolleen

Friend request backfires after bragging about "perfect family" 🤯

larla77 | larla77

ESH for public shaming and false accusations. Not cool. 😑

LateralThinker13 | LateralThinker13

Parent's anger towards ex's behavior overshadows logical advice. ESH. 🤯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dad abandons son, wife ignores it, and commenter calls out

MerryGifmas | MerryGifmas

Hypocritical wife gets called out for image obsession and lies 🤪

mockingbird82 | mockingbird82

Redditor admits desire to get revenge on absentee father, finds post amusing 😈

BroadElderberry | BroadElderberry

Friend posts online, gets called out for husband's actions. 🙄

soundspretty | soundspretty

Cut ties and move on, drama isn't worth it. 👋

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom stands up for abandoned son, praised for being Superwoman 🥳

SuperPineapple123 | SuperPineapple123

Sister's stepmom behavior questioned. NTA.

redheadeddisaster | redheadeddisaster

Calling out fake perfect families on social media 👏

MsBaseball34 | MsBaseball34

Online bragging backfires as commenter calls out negging behavior. NTA.

Reichiroo | Reichiroo

Heartbreaking story of a deadbeat dad and his abandoned son 😢

Drathmar | Drathmar

Don't brag online if you can't handle the truth! 🤷‍♀️

starwarschick16 | starwarschick16

Heartbreaking comment about child abandonment and terrible parents.

your_moms_a_clone | your_moms_a_clone

The commenter stands up for their son against a petty wife.

StuckonStuck | StuckonStuck

NTA comment defends absent father, shares own experience.

SouthernCanada2012 | SouthernCanada2012

Truth-telling commenter defends themselves against entitled wife. NTA 👏

DtownBoogiette | DtownBoogiette

This commentator is fed up with fake people on Facebook.

green4clover | green4clover

Wife gets called out for ignoring husband's abandoned son 😬

StarDatAssinum | StarDatAssinum

NTA defends calling out wife's deadbeat husband. 👏

Civil-Claim | Civil-Claim

Defending your son makes you NTA, sister needs perspective. 👏

drkrthnthspeedofliht | drkrthnthspeedofliht

Single mom praises ex's visitation despite other issues. 👏

burnmecrisp | burnmecrisp

Dedicated Dad drives 3hrs to see son, deserves more time. 👏

davilaen01 | davilaen01

Online bragging backfires as commenter exposes Fred's deadbeat behavior. 😒

EhDub13 | EhDub13

Father's lack of effort and stepmom's defensiveness exposed. NTA 👏

4vengers | 4vengers

Rejected friend request leads to perfect family hypocrisy. NTA wins.

relevantinterests | relevantinterests

Step mom shares parenting experience, calls out lazy dad. 👏

heymomlookatme13 | heymomlookatme13

Step-mom empathizes, calls out wife for ignoring step-son. 👏

whiskeyinmysippycup | whiskeyinmysippycup

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