Former Child Star SHUTS DOWN Jealous Actor's Attempts to One-Up Her! 😂

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🎭 Get ready for a showstopping tale of Broadway dreams, jealous co-stars, and a dash of sass! 😂 I was once a young starlet, gracing the stage with my presence... but now? I'm living my best life as an archivist extraordinaire! 📚 But when my friend's new beau tries to steal the spotlight with his one-upmanship, I couldn't help but call him out. 😏 Did I take my final bow as the a-hole in this performance? 🤔 Let's dive into this drama-filled story and find out! 🍿

🎭 From Broadway Baby to Archivist Extraordinaire! 📚

throwawaybwaybaby | throwawaybwaybaby

🕵️‍♀️ Staying Low-Key and Loving It! 😎

throwawaybwaybaby | throwawaybwaybaby

🎤 Saying Goodbye to the Spotlight 👋

throwawaybwaybaby | throwawaybwaybaby

🎭 Still a Theatre Lover, But Behind the Scenes 😍

throwawaybwaybaby | throwawaybwaybaby

🎭 Enter Jim: The Jealous Thespian 😒

throwawaybwaybaby | throwawaybwaybaby

🎭 Jim's One-Upmanship Begins! 🙄

throwawaybwaybaby | throwawaybwaybaby

🤷‍♀️ Wishing Jim Well, Despite the Weirdness 😅

throwawaybwaybaby | throwawaybwaybaby

🎭 Jim's Broadway Woes 😢

throwawaybwaybaby | throwawaybwaybaby

🎭 Jim's Final Jab 😠

throwawaybwaybaby | throwawaybwaybaby

😂 Calling Out the Competition 🎭

throwawaybwaybaby | throwawaybwaybaby

😳 Jim's Silent Response 🤐

throwawaybwaybaby | throwawaybwaybaby

😬 Abby's Accusation 📲

throwawaybwaybaby | throwawaybwaybaby

🤔 Unintentional Embarrassment? 😕

throwawaybwaybaby | throwawaybwaybaby

🙋‍♀️ AITA for What I Said? 🤷‍♀️

throwawaybwaybaby | throwawaybwaybaby

🎭 The Final Act: Internet's Verdict on the Broadway Showdown! 🍿

Well, well, well... looks like we've reached the climax of this Broadway-worthy drama! 😂 Our leading lady, the former child star turned archivist, has found herself in quite the predicament with her friend's spotlight-stealing beau. 🙄 After enduring his constant one-upmanship and snide remarks, she finally called him out on his behavior... but did she steal the show as the hero or end up as the villain in this tale? 😬 Let's see what the internet's critics have to say about this juicy performance! 🍿 Will they give her a standing ovation or boo her off the stage? 👏 The suspense is killing us! 😱

Actor's jealousy backfires, commenters side with former child star. 😎

Mera1506 | Mera1506

When it comes to embarrassing moments, NTA reigns supreme! 😂

EscalatingEris | EscalatingEris

Former child star shuts down jealous actor's attempts. NTA 😂

Lord_Blackstar | Lord_Blackstar

Actor gets served a taste of shame by former child star 😊

caripoi | caripoi

Former child star shuts down jealous actor. NTA wins!

Virulencer | Virulencer

Jealous actor's terrible attitude towards child Broadway star. NTA. 🙄

Mars1040 | Mars1040

Jealous actor tries to one-up former child star, gets shut down. NTA 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA shuts down insecure actor's attempts to compete on Broadway.

CaroAurelia | CaroAurelia

Former child star shuts down inappropriate behavior. NTA wins 👏

amitathrowa | amitathrowa

Former child star's mom gives harsh but necessary reality check ❤️

BabserellaWT | BabserellaWT

Jealous actor's plan backfires; former child star prevails. NTA.

ScammerC | ScammerC

Actor's insecurity exposed in comments, commenter slams him down. 😠

Interesting_Fall767 | Interesting_Fall767

Leaving the toxic culture of performing for a better life 💪

RumHamHavoc | RumHamHavoc

Budding historian praises former child star's archival career! NTA wins!

ZennMD | ZennMD

Former child star shuts down jealous actor with grace 😎

Narshalla | Narshalla

NTA shuts down jealous actor's one-upping and defends ensemble roles 💯

twilipig | twilipig

Savage suggestion for a peace offering. NTA approved. 🌱

Robot941 | Robot941

Former child star shuts down jealous actor's attempts to one-up. 🌟

Feeling-better2day | Feeling-better2day

Actor's jealousy of former child star hilariously backfires. NTA wins.

intervarsity | intervarsity

Congrats on landing two tough jobs in NYC! NTA 👏

sylvatron | sylvatron

Clarifying question shuts down jealous actor, NTA 👍

BrazilNut33626 | BrazilNut33626

Actor's jealousy towards former child star is hilariously pathetic. 🤣

speedstars | speedstars

Don't sweat the small stuff 😊 Let it go and move on.

MeltingALittle | MeltingALittle

NTA shuts down immature actor's attempt to one-up her 😂

thatonepersoniam | thatonepersoniam

Actor's jealousy backfires as former child star shuts him down 😎

MageVicky | MageVicky

Former child star shuts down jealous actor's Broadway credentials. 😎

dennismullen12 | dennismullen12

Actress shuts down jealous co-star, commenters side with her. 😍

DeltaBlep | DeltaBlep

Cheers to the confident archivist pursuing a PhD! 👏

Sea_Marble | Sea_Marble

Former child star impresses and inspires aspiring archivist. NTA.

Mando_The_Moronic | Mando_The_Moronic

NTA shuts down jealous actor's snobby comment with grace 😎

trans_mask | trans_mask

Calling out the truth: NTA shuts down jealous actor 😎

Thomaspappya | Thomaspappya

Actor compares himself to a child and denigrates her experience. NTA 👍

iseeisayibe | iseeisayibe

Standing up to jealous actors like a boss! 💪 NTA

djblli | djblli

Actor's insecurities exposed, former child star shuts him down 😂

Sexycornwitch | Sexycornwitch

Jealous actor gets served by former child star. NTA 😎

MurchadhCainneach | MurchadhCainneach

Former child star shuts down jealous actor's attempts to one-up her, NTA.

MesWantooth | MesWantooth

Actor gets put in their place for rude behavior. NTA!

re_nonsequiturs | re_nonsequiturs

Insecurity at its finest. NTA shut down the drama.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Acting is cutthroat and requires humility and networking skills.

backupbitches | backupbitches

Former child star shuts down annoying theatre kid, praised by commenter

Farfalle6 | Farfalle6

Embrace your emotions and be real! NTA 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA shuts down jealous actor with one raised eyebrow 😎

Terpsichorean_Wombat | Terpsichorean_Wombat

Former child star puts pretentious actor in his place. 😎

NeverRarelySometimes | NeverRarelySometimes

Actor's jealousy backfires on him, commenter defends former child star.

Dana07620 | Dana07620

Grown man trying to one-up a preteen? Not cool 😞

shades-of-gray312 | shades-of-gray312

Grammar police strikes again! 😂

ashpanda24 | ashpanda24

Jealous actor gets called out and shut down. NTA wins! 👏

TheCockatoo | TheCockatoo

Don't one-up if you can't handle the clapback! 🤣

DrDiarrhea | DrDiarrhea

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