She Told Them SHOCKING Lies... All to Protect Herself from Her Toxic Parents! 😱

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Have you ever had to deal with someone who just won't respect your boundaries? 😤 Our protagonist here, a 36-year-old woman, has been trying to maintain no contact with her emotionally abusive parents for a year now. But someone in her life keeps giving them her new phone number! 🕵️‍♀️ So, she decides to set up a trap to catch the sneaky snitch. Will she find the culprit, or will her plan backfire? 🤔 Let's dive into this tale of lies, deceit, and family drama! 🍿

Cutting Ties with Abusive Parents 🚫

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The Four Mutuals 🕵️‍♀️

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The Lies Begin 😈

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The Trap is Set 🎣

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Cousin Busted! 🚨

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Mixed Reactions 😕

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Protecting Myself 🛡️

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A Cunning Plan to Catch the Rat 🐀

Our protagonist hatches a plan to catch the person who's been leaking her contact info to her abusive parents. She tells four different lies to the four mutuals she's still in touch with: her sister, aunt, childhood friend, and cousin. 🤥 The lies range from having an affair to moving back to her hometown. In just three days, she receives a text from her mom, revealing the cousin as the rat! 🚨 She then changes her number and cuts off contact with her cousin. While her aunt and childhood friend understand her actions, her sister is upset and feels insulted. 😔 Was our protagonist's plan justified, or did she go too far to protect herself? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

NTA comment imagines a wild alternate timeline, yikes 😱

Jbwest31 | Jbwest31

NTA for lies to catch parents, YTA for affair lie. 🤥


Sisterly love prevails amidst shocking lies. Apologize and move on. 🙏

angiehome2023 | angiehome2023

Choosing to lie about an affair caused unnecessary emotional pain. 💔

shadowfeyling | shadowfeyling

NTA comments show lack of empathy for protagonist's dilemma 😒

angiehome2023 | angiehome2023

Reader questions author's use of hurtful story, ESH verdict.

Broad_Respond_2205 | Broad_Respond_2205

Apologize to your sister, protect yourself, and move forward 👍

Ok_Double9430 | Ok_Double9430

Lying to family: YTA! Lies have consequences 😔

GWeb1920 | GWeb1920

ESH, OP's manipulative approach caused harm to sister, needs apology. 😕

ktjbug | ktjbug

YTA called out for exposing sister, sparking discussion about trust.

mathwhilehigh1 | mathwhilehigh1

Sister is hurt by suspicion, but hope for reconciliation. 🙏

000-Hotaru_Tomoe | 000-Hotaru_Tomoe

NTA praised for 'brilliant' plan to catch the rat 👍

FitOrFat-1999 | FitOrFat-1999

Empathy concerns raised in response to lying behavior. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Understanding NAH comment and empathy towards the sister's feelings 👍

kaymade94 | kaymade94

Apologize to your sister and value her companionship 🙏

WeWereAngels | WeWereAngels

A harsh judgement on a manipulative behavior. Seek help. 🚫

runtheroad | runtheroad

Sibling loyalty or honesty? Navigating family secrets 🤔

Poku115 | Poku115

Concerned commenter suggests therapy for questionable behavior.

ByronTheBlack | ByronTheBlack

Lying to protect oneself, but the impact matters more 😕

Historical_Agent9426 | Historical_Agent9426

Apologize to your sister for lying. YTA 😕

Gen_X_Diva | Gen_X_Diva

🤔 YTA for lying, but ingenious. Emotional labor involved in support.

Ladyughsalot1 | Ladyughsalot1

Admirable honesty, but questionable choice of lie for sister. Apologize.

Weaseltime_420 | Weaseltime_420

Lying is not cool 😒 but finding the rat is satisfying 😎


User questions the severity of lies with a touch of profanity.

cheeseburgerwaffles | cheeseburgerwaffles

Trust betrayed: Commenter doubts story, calls out emotional abuse.

AzureYLila | AzureYLila

Harsh comment accuses OP of being the abuser.

Sonnamedbort | Sonnamedbort

User calls out OP for being a narcissistic YTA 😱

beerocratic | beerocratic

Betraying trust to catch one person? YTA strikes again 😑

NeeliSilverleaf | NeeliSilverleaf

Apologize to your sister, Tyrion. Soft YTA 😕

HappyAndYouKnow_It | HappyAndYouKnow_It

Red flags raised as commenter calls out OP's behavior 🚩

Z0ooool | Z0ooool

Selective truths could have sufficed instead of shocking lies. 😐

sylbug | sylbug

Being a victim of abuse doesn't justify lying to family. 😔

shiva14b | shiva14b

Sister calls out OP for setting up selfish hoops to jump through. YTA 🤦‍♀️

Inkrosesandblood | Inkrosesandblood

Comparing people to rats is offensive, NAH in comments.

Dana07620 | Dana07620

Gentle YTA. Playing games with family is insulting and unnecessary 🙄

lordmwahaha | lordmwahaha

Delivering lies and failing to apologize? YTA confirmed 😑

MostlyPretentious | MostlyPretentious

Using a less disruptive lie would have been better. Soft YTA 😕

ArtichosenOne | ArtichosenOne

Choosing between protecting oneself and trusting a loved one 😔 YTA

ealowe88 | ealowe88

Lying to catch the rat? YTA and hurt your sister's trust 😔

AliceInWeirdoland | AliceInWeirdoland

User calls out OP for using a painful lie to test her sister's trust, highlighting the irony and suggests acknowledging the hurt caused. 🚨

WarmUsual7225 | WarmUsual7225

Trust issues, betrayal, and family drama. 🤯

Loose_Play_982 | Loose_Play_982

YTA called out for unnecessarily lying to sister about affair 💔

PhysicsMan12 | PhysicsMan12

YTA for putting your sister in a tough spot 😠

Tigerboop | Tigerboop

Protecting yourself doesn't always come without hurting others. 😢

Hanzo_The_Ninja | Hanzo_The_Ninja

The commenter sympathizes with the sister's hurt feelings, but suggests alternative options 🤔

Late_Butterfly_5997 | Late_Butterfly_5997

PTA admits to handling the situation poorly with multiple lies 😬

cookerg | cookerg

Protecting yourself doesn't always come easy. NAH understands, but sister hurt.

PD_31 | PD_31

Using big picture and small details to judge the judgemental 🤔

der_innkeeper | der_innkeeper

Choosing lies wisely to avoid emotional burden. NTA. 👍

Blacksmithforge3241 | Blacksmithforge3241

Using burner phones could have been a better solution. YTA.

rubystreaks | rubystreaks

YTA's comment sparks ethical debate about honesty in relationships.

Stravablitz | Stravablitz

Canary trap gone wrong? Commenter calls out poor execution. 🤔

ccarlen1 | ccarlen1

Cheating lie caused unnecessary stress and potential relationship fallout. YTA.

Disig | Disig

Lying to protect yourself: N A H or YTA?

conuly | conuly

Lying to test trustworthiness isn't worth damaging relationships. ☠️

Explogan | Explogan

Protecting oneself from toxic parents is tough but necessary. Empathy needed.

Gargantuan_Plant | Gargantuan_Plant

Protecting oneself from toxic family. NTA but sister upset 😔

pleasant_10 | pleasant_10

Emotions can override logic, but NTA for protecting yourself. 🙌

LoadbearingWallflowr | LoadbearingWallflowr

Testing trust: One person's sad experience with family and friends.

rykylynlan | rykylynlan

Cleverly protected herself from boundary violator. NTA 👍

theresbeans | theresbeans

Outing the cousin for giving your number to abusive parents: NTA 👏

Bamboozled8331 | Bamboozled8331

Breaking free from struggles, NTA for protecting oneself. 🙌

RichMan_HotWife | RichMan_HotWife

You did what you had to do to protect yourself! 💪

Suchafatfatcat | Suchafatfatcat

Validating everyone's feelings in a delicate family situation 🙌

l3ex_G | l3ex_G

Trust issues with sister after protecting self from toxic parents

Cosmic_Mind89 | Cosmic_Mind89

Trying to catch a rat, but a lack of trust fuels fury 😠

lizziewrites | lizziewrites

Protecting yourself from toxic parents is important. NTA 👏

OnlyAITAcomments | OnlyAITAcomments

Sibling support and detective work against toxic parents. 👏

RedshiftSinger | RedshiftSinger

Overcoming narcissistic abuse and helping others understand the struggle. 🙏

NefariousnessOk6494 | NefariousnessOk6494

A technical approach to avoid lying to toxic parents. 🤔

loftychicago | loftychicago

Red flags in the narrator's language and actions. Therapy recommended.

Broad-Office-1067 | Broad-Office-1067

YTA for lying to your sister and breaking her trust 🤢

wanttotalktopeople | wanttotalktopeople

Trust betrayed by close ones, NTA seeks closure and apology.

Sea_Supermarket_9728 | Sea_Supermarket_9728

Is revealing an affair unforgivable? Split opinions on judgement.

cloistered_around | cloistered_around

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