Victim of Female Genital Mutilation CONFRONTS Mom: 'How Could You Let This Happen?!' 😢

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Imagine growing up in a new country, only to discover a dark secret from your past during a family visit back home. Our storyteller, a 32-year-old woman, shares her heart-wrenching experience with female genital mutilation (FGM) and the emotional rollercoaster that followed. With a family trip back to her African homeland, a shocking cultural practice, and a confrontation with her mother, this story is filled with conflict, drama, and raw emotions. 😔💔 So, let's dive into her story and see how it all unfolds...

A Trip Back Home 🌍

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A Shocking Cultural Practice 😨

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Grandma's Swift Decision ⚡

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High School Revelation 🏫

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Confronting Mom 😠

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Fast Forward to Today ⏩

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A Family Gathering 🎉

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Mom's Proud Statement 🗣️

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Silent Listening 😶

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A Burst of Anger 😡

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Unforgivable? 💔

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Mom's Defense 😢

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A Torn Heart 💔

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A Painful Past and a Mother's Tears 😢

Our storyteller recounts her family's trip back to their African homeland when she was ten, where she and her sister underwent FGM. It wasn't until high school that she realized the horrifying truth about what had happened to her. Fast forward to today, she's married with two daughters and has come to terms with her past. But at a recent family gathering, the topic of FGM came up, and her mom proudly stated that it's a disgusting act. Unable to contain her anger, our storyteller confronted her mom on the drive home, blaming her for allowing the procedure to happen. Her mom, in tears, explained that she didn't know any better and it was the cultural norm at the time. With a torn heart, our storyteller is left questioning whether she's in the wrong for blaming her mom. Let's see what the internet thinks of this emotional situation... 💭

Protect your daughters from Female Genital Mutilation ⛑

Impressive-Arm2563 | Impressive-Arm2563

Compassionate response to victim of FGM confronting her mother 👍

Narijea | Narijea

Mother allowed cultural and family pressures to mutilate her own children.

United_Fig_6519 | United_Fig_6519

Victim confronts mom over FGM, commenter doubts mom's innocence.

wlfwrtr | wlfwrtr

Heartbreaking account of FGM and a mother's failure to protect. 😢

ParkiiHealerOfWorlds | ParkiiHealerOfWorlds

Mother's fear of grandmother led to daughter's FGM. NTA.

BulkyCaterpillar4240 | BulkyCaterpillar4240

Confronting the mother's hypocrisy on FGM practice.

rheasilva | rheasilva

Empathetic reply to victim of FGM encourages therapy for healing 👍

Purple-Count-9483 | Purple-Count-9483

Confronting mother for FGM, questioning apology and responsibility. NTA 👍

gaurddog | gaurddog

Mother's pride in ending FGM after putting daughters through it - NTA

RigsbyLovesFibsh | RigsbyLovesFibsh

Acknowledging cultural pressure does not invalidate trauma and anger. 💔

3_wheeler_of_doom | 3_wheeler_of_doom

Protect your children at all costs! 🚨

thing_m_bob_esquire | thing_m_bob_esquire

NTA! FGM is inexcusable. Cultural upbringing isn't a valid excuse. 😠

saltpetersirras76 | saltpetersirras76

Powerful comment on the impact of FGM on mothers' decisions.

Particular-Try5584 | Particular-Try5584

Confronting mother for allowing FGM, commenter says NTA. 👍

trollanony | trollanony

A parent's decision not to circumcise their son in light of FGM

grinanbearit8 | grinanbearit8

Warning to never leave daughters alone with family 🚨

Happyweekend69 | Happyweekend69

NTA. Empathizing with the mom while acknowledging the victim's pain. 😢

No-Mango8923 | No-Mango8923

Mother prosecuted for FGM, comment supports victim. Powerful statement made.

kurai-samurai | kurai-samurai

Confronting mother for FGM, suggesting to sue for message sending 💪

Draigdwi | Draigdwi

Why blame only mothers? Fathers and husbands share equal responsibility. 🙅

Spoonbills | Spoonbills

Childhood sexual abuse trauma and ignorance of parents. NTA.

FartFace319 | FartFace319

Mother failed to protect daughter from FGM, NTA confronts privately 😢

IllustratorSlow1614 | IllustratorSlow1614

NTA confronts mom for not protecting her from FGM 😢

subnellyyy | subnellyyy

Heartbreaking comment on FGM - hypocrisy exposed 😢

FranLivia | FranLivia

Supportive comment to victim of female genital mutilation. 👏

TheMagdalen | TheMagdalen

Confronting hypocritical mother after female genital mutilation. NTA. 😢

bmyst70 | bmyst70

Expressing disbelief at the persistence of barbaric rituals. 😱

Single-Being-8263 | Single-Being-8263

Survivor confronts mother for allowing female genital mutilation. NTA.

CheckIntelligent7828 | CheckIntelligent7828

Empathetic comment offers hope for surgical reconstruction after FGM trauma 👍

ashetonrenton | ashetonrenton

Heartfelt sympathy for victim of FGM, and condemnation of abusers.

fluffy_italian | fluffy_italian

Mother's negligence caused trauma and demands severe punishment. NTA.

Capn-Wacky | Capn-Wacky

Culture should never justify child abuse. NTA commenter agrees.

Silent_Cash_E | Silent_Cash_E

Victim confronts abusive mom for FGM, justice not served. 😢

SecretScavenger36 | SecretScavenger36

Empathetic comment suggests accountability for forgiveness in FGM confrontation. 😢

wonderwall07 | wonderwall07

NTA. Protect your daughters and cut off toxic family members.

anewlifeandhealth | anewlifeandhealth

Empathetic commenter warns against unsupervised visits with relatives. 🙏

LadyReika | LadyReika

NTA stands up to mother for FGM, advocates against MGM 👏

Gljvf | Gljvf

Confronting mom for FGM hypocrisy and lack of integrity. 😒

BunnyKusanin | BunnyKusanin

Heartbreaking account of FGM and its effects on women 😢

TinyTurtle42 | TinyTurtle42

Heartbreaking! Victim confronts Mom for grandmother's cruel act.

BornBluejay7921 | BornBluejay7921

Victim confronts mother over female genital mutilation, NTA.

dazed1984 | dazed1984

Confronting mother who allowed female genital mutilation, NTA comment agrees.

Nice-Background-3339 | Nice-Background-3339

FGM is a horrifying tradition. NTA for confronting family publicly. 😱

KeimeiWins | KeimeiWins

NTA, confronting the mother for FGM is justified. Eff patriarchy! 🚨

2dogslife | 2dogslife

Heartfelt response to victim of FGM, condemning the barbaric practice.

_WitchoftheWaste | _WitchoftheWaste

Reader recalls past efforts to prevent FGM, supports OP's stance.

Quarkiness | Quarkiness

Forgiveness is about you, not the other person. NTA 🙏

OnlyOnTuesdays289 | OnlyOnTuesdays289

Encouraging response to victim of FGM, offers song recommendation.

witchbrew7 | witchbrew7

NTA calls out mom for taking them back to get mutilated 😡

FingerprintFile513 | FingerprintFile513

Expose the truth and protect your children from FGM. NTA.

Impossible-Title1 | Impossible-Title1

Survivor confronts mother for FGM, sets healthy boundaries. NTA 🙌

TemperatureExotic631 | TemperatureExotic631

NTA. Commenter empathizes with victim of genital mutilation. 😢

Illustrious_Use_7039 | Illustrious_Use_7039

Accountability and hope for change in the aftermath of FGM. 🙏

TotallyTrash3d | TotallyTrash3d

A strong stance against FGM and holding enablers accountable 💪

FAFO-13 | FAFO-13

Culture shouldn't infringe on your body. NTA for confronting mom 👏

StatisticianNaive277 | StatisticianNaive277

Powerful comment denouncing cultural genital mutilation. 💪

Just_Getting_By_1 | Just_Getting_By_1

Confronting mother who allowed FGM, daughter is NTA. Emotional.

Fantastic_Fix_4701 | Fantastic_Fix_4701

Mother receives support for not circumcising son, condemning genital mutilation.

situationship321 | situationship321

Blaming the mom for FGM and her guilt-tripping tactics 🤯

Careful_Fennel_4417 | Careful_Fennel_4417

Supportive comment urges protection for future generations from FGM 🙏🏻

Egal89 | Egal89

Protect your daughters from barbaric extended family. 😱

Impossible_Leg9377 | Impossible_Leg9377

Opposing harmful traditions: NTAH

HeimdallManeuver | HeimdallManeuver

Heartbreaking comment about awful egg-donor 😢

Mobiosity | Mobiosity

FGM is child abuse and it's done everywhere in secret 😡

Octavia8880 | Octavia8880

NTA calls out mom's hypocrisy on female genital mutilation. 😠

190PairsOfPanties | 190PairsOfPanties

FGM still prevalent despite being less culturally accepted. 😢

AdSuccessful2506 | AdSuccessful2506

Daughter confronts mother for Female Genital Mutilation, NTA comment supports.

JanetInSpain | JanetInSpain

Empathetic comment offers support to victim of FGM.

Cak3Wa1k | Cak3Wa1k

Scathing comment calls out hypocrisy in FGM confrontation 🤬

King_Edison | King_Edison

Daughter confronts mother for FGM, commenters sympathize with daughter.

Seigmoraig | Seigmoraig

Mother lied about FGM laws in Canada, NTA for confronting her 🚨

fancy-bottom | fancy-bottom

Breaking the cycle of trauma: NTA confronts horrifying past 😢

FLmom67 | FLmom67

Confronting parents about past trauma. NTA strikes a cord.

justmynamee | justmynamee

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