Husband's Desperate Plea: Save Our Marriage or Face Divorce 😲

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Picture this: a seemingly perfect marriage, a beautiful house, a wonderful child, and two successful careers. But what if everything isn't as perfect as it seems? 😕 Our protagonist, a dedicated husband and father, is struggling to keep his marriage afloat as his wife becomes more distant and uninterested in their relationship. 💔 Despite his best efforts to reconnect, she shuts down every attempt to bring them closer. Desperate to avoid a life of unhappiness, he finally gives her an ultimatum: change or face divorce. 😱 But is he in the wrong for taking such drastic measures? Let's dive into their story...

The Perfect Marriage? 🏡

Key-Salamander5906 | Key-Salamander5906

The Good Life 🌟

Key-Salamander5906 | Key-Salamander5906

Work-Life Balance ⚖️

Key-Salamander5906 | Key-Salamander5906

Fit and Fabulous 💪

Key-Salamander5906 | Key-Salamander5906

Roommates, Not Lovers 💔

Key-Salamander5906 | Key-Salamander5906

Missing the Connection 🥺

Key-Salamander5906 | Key-Salamander5906

Once Upon a Time 💏

Key-Salamander5906 | Key-Salamander5906

Forgotten Special Days 📅

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Therapy Suggestion 🛋️

Key-Salamander5906 | Key-Salamander5906

Failed Attempts to Reconnect 💔

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Romantic Getaway? Nope. 🚫

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Simple Weekend Plans? Denied. 😞

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Exit Plan 💔

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The Ultimatum ⏳

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The Confrontation 😠

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The Fight 🥊

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For Our Daughter's Sake 👧

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Temporary Improvements 🔄

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The Perfect Marriage Crumbles 💔

On the surface, our protagonist and his wife seem to have it all: a loving marriage, a beautiful home, and a wonderful daughter. But behind closed doors, their relationship is suffering. 😢 For the past four years, his wife has shown no interest in their marriage, acting more like a roommate than a partner. Desperate to save their relationship, he suggests couples therapy, romantic getaways, and family outings, only to be met with rejection and excuses. 🚫 Unable to bear the thought of living in a loveless marriage, he gives his wife an ultimatum: change by the new year, or face divorce and a custody battle. 💣 But was he too harsh in his approach? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Wife dismisses husband's plea and doesn't seem to care 😔

CandThonestpartners | CandThonestpartners

Partner 1 screams into the void, but partner 2 ignores. 🤷

catinnameonly | catinnameonly

Suggests a gentle and blameless approach to couples therapy ❤️

Drunkendonkeytail | Drunkendonkeytail

Stay calm and act normal before filing for divorce. 🙌

oldsbone | oldsbone

Wife checked out of the marriage, three possible reasons explained.

HumanityIsBizarre | HumanityIsBizarre

Partner is taking without giving back. NTA.

CrabbiestAsp | CrabbiestAsp

Blunt advice to file for divorce and fight for custody.

BlueGreen_1956 | BlueGreen_1956

Co-parenting is key. Put your daughter's needs first. #NTA

lifelonglistener | lifelonglistener

Harsh truth: Marriage is over, wife may be cheating 😞

Defiant-Emu8369 | Defiant-Emu8369

Struggling with low libido, making effort but wife taking him for granted 🤷‍♂️

destiny_kane48 | destiny_kane48

Marriage is hard work, prioritize it before it's too late. 👨🏻‍👩🏻💛

Consistent-Tip-7819 | Consistent-Tip-7819

A sympathetic comment on a struggling marriage and the importance of therapy.

needcoffeeee | needcoffeeee

Husband tried fixing marriage but wife has no respect 😢

Outside-Ad-1677 | Outside-Ad-1677

Realistic advice for divorced parents sharing custody 🙏

3oogerEater | 3oogerEater

Don't waste time on a gaslighting partner. Move on. 💪🏻

btsterrie | btsterrie

Be careful and focus on therapy. Buckle up. NTA 🙌

Takeabreak128 | Takeabreak128

Co-parenting vs. full custody: What's the best option?

SpiritedLine2940 | SpiritedLine2940

Relationship is dead. Continue therapy and plans, don't discuss. 💔

IrshIz | IrshIz

Child of failed marriage empathizes with husband's situation 😢

DystopianTruth | DystopianTruth

Work stress affecting desire? Discussion on low libido.

TheCuteAlien | TheCuteAlien

Understanding burnout can help save your marriage 😊

theladyshady | theladyshady

Dealing with depression or having a secret life? OP needs guidance 😔

Ok-Many4262 | Ok-Many4262

Advice on saving a marriage from a bartender who's seen it all. 🤔

Any-Bottle-4910 | Any-Bottle-4910

Tips for the husband to save his marriage during midlife crisis 👏

surmisez | surmisez

Struggling in an unhappy marriage, advice on saving it 💔

mustang19671967 | mustang19671967

Don't fire warning shots in a failing marriage 🙎

snaptop43142 | snaptop43142

User advises NTA to leave and secure finances and custody.

Professional_March54 | Professional_March54

A neutral perspective on a troubled marriage and divorce.

Ok_Competition_564 | Ok_Competition_564

Reflections from a long-term marriage with advice on reconciliation ❤️

Poppy9683 | Poppy9683

Suspicious behavior and DARVO may indicate an affair 🤔

jphilipre | jphilipre

Harsh truth: You're the help, get a lawyer and leave 😒

Fragrant_Spray | Fragrant_Spray

Supportive comment applauds OP for trying to save marriage. 👏

stircrazyathome | stircrazyathome

A commenter shares their experience and advice on ultimatums.

Foreign-Bluebird-228 | Foreign-Bluebird-228

Two options: stay for the ride or get off now. 🌞

pa1james | pa1james

Blunt truth hurts, but it's time to move on 😢

Usual-Juice-2867 | Usual-Juice-2867

Lonely and considering divorce, NTA needs someone who cares 🤷‍♀️

somethingdarksideguy | somethingdarksideguy

OP's wife ignored his pleas for years, file for divorce 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

A blunt but practical approach to ending a miserable marriage 🤷‍♂️

OppositeTalk1135 | OppositeTalk1135

Neglected relationship needs effort from both parties to save marriage 💔

Juju0047 | Juju0047

Suggestion to hire PI to save marriage or gain leverage 🤔

Special-Parsnip9057 | Special-Parsnip9057

Speculation on possible affair and hidden motives in marriage crisis 🤔

ItsNotMe_ImNotHere | ItsNotMe_ImNotHere

Possible reasons for wife's behavior, get medical help. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Therapy is for your relationship, not just for her 👨‍👩‍👰

codepossum | codepossum

Going on work trip, he moves out. Counseling is fair 🙌

Key-Permission-317 | Key-Permission-317

Is she cheating? NTA expresses concern for husband's marriage.

RubSpecialist3152 | RubSpecialist3152

Red flag raised: Cheating or not, time to consider leaving 🚨

thatgirl3584 | thatgirl3584

Husband offers chance to save marriage, not manipulative to leave. NTA.

AuDHDiego | AuDHDiego

Wife prioritized career over family. Divorce may be inevitable 😔

Drgnmstr97 | Drgnmstr97

Prepare for divorce, prioritize daughter, and get a good lawyer. NTA!

WagglesMolokai | WagglesMolokai

Possible affair or single motherhood: husband's ultimatum ignored 💔

saymyname12345678 | saymyname12345678

Concerned commenter questions potential cheating in failing marriage. 🤔

MajorAd2679 | MajorAd2679

Communication is key 🔑, but some people refuse to listen 🙉

Buttercup_Bride | Buttercup_Bride

A blunt but possible explanation for the troubled marriage 🤷‍♂️

Agile_Profession_323 | Agile_Profession_323

Suspecting infidelity? Check her phone, prepare for confrontation 😱

Embarrassed-Ad1180 | Embarrassed-Ad1180

Leaving a relationship without mutual investment in happiness. ❤

Glittering-Leg5527 | Glittering-Leg5527

Possible infidelity and lack of appreciation. Divorce advice given. 🤔

Critical_Topic_1987 | Critical_Topic_1987

Could birth control be the reason for the loss of attraction? 🤔

LankyLimbsDontFit | LankyLimbsDontFit

Heartbreaking plea for love and marriage falls on deaf ears. 😢

CherryBlossomWander | CherryBlossomWander

Spouse's indifference & long work hours hint at infidelity 🤔

crimsonraiden | crimsonraiden

Suggests checking for infidelity and preparing for worst-case scenario. 🤔

twofourfourthree | twofourfourthree

NTA suggests separating and setting a time frame to save marriage 🤝

DBgirl83 | DBgirl83

Advice on divorce proceedings and tactical advantages, with a warning.

hu_gnew | hu_gnew

"WE need counseling" - A supportive comment for a struggling marriage. 👏

Conscious-Arm-7889 | Conscious-Arm-7889

Harsh truth: Ultimatums rarely work to save a marriage 🤷‍♂️

PrarieGoat | PrarieGoat

Supportive comment advises taking care of oneself and child. 💪

highstrungknits | highstrungknits

Suspicion of infidelity threatens their marriage 🤷🏻‍♂️

YaHuerYe | YaHuerYe

Affairs may be hiding in plain sight, says commenter 👀

TxLadee | TxLadee

A potential cheating wife or just depression? 🤔

Isitondaddyslap | Isitondaddyslap

Harsh reality check: divorce may be the only option 💔

mh2365 | mh2365

Red flags of affair, ultimatum won't fix deeper problems. Consider counseling.

AstroZombieInvader | AstroZombieInvader

Exiting an unhealthy marriage situation is hard on children 😢

Fit-Protection7719 | Fit-Protection7719

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