Best Friends' Pregnancy Drama: Who's in the Wrong on the Boat Trip? 😱🚤

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Picture this: You and your best friend are both expecting your first babies with your wives. You're all excited, but you have different ways of treating your pregnant partners. You're the doting type, always trying to help out and make things easier for your wife. But when a boat trip with your best friend and his wife leads to a shopping mishap, you find yourself in hot water with your own wife. 😱 Was it just a misunderstanding, or did you really mess up? Keep reading to find out! 🍿

👶 Double Baby Expectations 🤰

Both_Warning_9529 | Both_Warning_9529

🤷 Different Parenting Styles 🤷

Both_Warning_9529 | Both_Warning_9529

🤔 Feeling Useless 🤔

Both_Warning_9529 | Both_Warning_9529

⛵ Boat Trip Gone Wrong 😬

Both_Warning_9529 | Both_Warning_9529

🤰 Wife's Anxiety 😟

Both_Warning_9529 | Both_Warning_9529

🚶 Stepping In for Polly 🚶

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🛍️ Shopping Trip 🛍️

Both_Warning_9529 | Both_Warning_9529

😠 Wife's Anger 😠

Both_Warning_9529 | Both_Warning_9529

🤷‍♂️ Confusion 🤷‍♂️

Both_Warning_9529 | Both_Warning_9529

😳 Didn't Hear Her 😳

Both_Warning_9529 | Both_Warning_9529

👂 Chris Heard Her 👂

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🔥 Adding Fuel to the Fire 🔥

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😞 Uncomfortable Situation 😞

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🤷‍♂️ Just Trying to Be Nice 🤷‍♂️

Both_Warning_9529 | Both_Warning_9529

🤦‍♂️ Doting Dad-to-Be Drama 🤦‍♂️

Our protagonist is a doting dad-to-be who always tries to help his pregnant wife. But during a boat trip with his best friend Chris and his wife Polly, he unknowingly causes some drama. 😬 While trying to be helpful, he ends up getting everything Polly asked for at a store, but completely misses his own wife's request. 😳 His wife is understandably upset, feeling ignored and embarrassed in front of their friends. 🥺 Now she's not comfortable hanging out with Chris and Polly for a while, and our protagonist is left wondering if he's in the wrong. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔

Friendship dilemma: YTA for not asking your wife. 😔

BrandonJTrump | BrandonJTrump

A husband's mistake during pregnancy leads to wife's outburst 😬

RIPseantaylor | RIPseantaylor

Friend called out for neglecting wife during boat trip 😡

ValkyrieSword | ValkyrieSword

YTA for neglecting your heavily pregnant wife on the boat trip 😠

WookiewiththeCookie | WookiewiththeCookie

Man accused of ignoring wife for another woman while on boat

TarzanKitty | TarzanKitty

User calls out husband's neglect of wife for friend Polly.

Poinsettia917 | Poinsettia917

Pregnant wife feels neglected while husband dotes on friend's wife 😢

balancedbreaks | balancedbreaks

Don't be a YTA. Respect your wife and friends' boundaries. 🙅👎

Sad-Bumblebee-3 | Sad-Bumblebee-3

Friend's "doting" behavior towards pregnant wife raises concerns. YTA.

RubSpecialist3152 | RubSpecialist3152

Ignoring your wife for friend's wife? YTA! Good luck fixing.

perfectpomelo3 | perfectpomelo3

YTA accused of having a thing for friend's wife 😱🚤

LovinInfo | LovinInfo

OP is the a**hole for not asking his wife if she wanted anything from the store 😠

Highrisegirl4639 | Highrisegirl4639

Spouse feels neglected on boat trip, YTA for not apologizing 🤷‍♂️

doglover507071956 | doglover507071956

Best friend's wife in labor, but he helps friend's wife first 😕

DataNo3353 | DataNo3353

Friend prioritizes heroism over wife, consequences ensue. 🤔

reddituser2907 | reddituser2907

Red-faced OP fails to live up to his own standards. 😳

[deleted] | [deleted]

Doting on another woman all day? Definitely weird 🤯

Casualpasserbyer | Casualpasserbyer

Neglecting your wife on a boat trip? YTA 🙄

heathelee73 | heathelee73

Forcing a 36-week pregnant woman on a boat? YTA, dude.

throwaway66778889 | throwaway66778889

Sparks fly as commenter accuses OP of infidelity with friend Polly 😱

JudesM | JudesM

Wife with 3 kids calls out YTA for forgetting pregnant friend's stuff 🚤

Ambitious_Mousse_235 | Ambitious_Mousse_235

Spouse comes first! YTA for prioritizing friend's wife over yours. 🙄

Local_Permission_516 | Local_Permission_516

Honesty is the best policy, even in a dick measuring contest. 🤷‍♂️

homewithplants | homewithplants

Man gets called out for neglecting his pregnant wife. YTA 😠

ihateeveryonetoo1 | ihateeveryonetoo1

Friend's boat trip causes drama. YTA for showing off.

No-Staff-8892 | No-Staff-8892

Doubting OP's innocence in boat trip drama 🤔

kunjiman23 | kunjiman23

Husband forgets pregnant wife, commenters find it bizarre 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Trying to one-up your friend on a boat trip? YTA 😳

agreeableazalea | agreeableazalea

Friend ignores pregnant wife, YTA for trying to show off 😒

MaryAnne0601 | MaryAnne0601

Husband criticized for not getting pregnant wife snacks on boat trip 😕

Ok_Elevator9856 | Ok_Elevator9856

Unbiased commenter asks for more info before judging situation 🤔

Raemlouch | Raemlouch

The rollercoaster of hormones during pregnancy and postpartum 🤔

enema_anathema | enema_anathema

Don't assume, always double check with your pregnant wife first! 😜

TotalIndependence881 | TotalIndependence881

Wife feels unheard, husband coping with past trauma. 💔

american_amina | american_amina

Friend gets called out for competing with and neglecting wife. 😬

temp7727 | temp7727

Engaging comment about pregnancy drama with a touch of humor.

DebiMoonfae | DebiMoonfae

Man prioritizes friend over pregnant wife, internet not happy 😒

After_Top_9808 | After_Top_9808

User feels undervalued when partner doesn't ask for store orders 😢

Mi2015 | Mi2015

Sparks fly as commenter questions attention towards pregnant friend. 🤔

Biotoze | Biotoze

A scathing comment with no room for forgiveness. 💯

MadameBananas | MadameBananas

Hypocritical behavior sparks heated discussion 🤬

New-Conversation-656 | New-Conversation-656

Prioritize your wife, not another man's wife. It backfired 😞

starlynn1214 | starlynn1214

User doubts OP's perspective and calls him an a**hole

One-West-2224 | One-West-2224

Accusation of OP having feelings for Polly, awkward 🤔

Spiritual_Asparagus2 | Spiritual_Asparagus2

Overbearing friend? Let them be and stay out of drama. 👍

wadejohn | wadejohn

YTA receives harsh criticism for doting on friend's pregnant wife 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ignoring your wife and eavesdropping on another? YTA 🤔


Prioritize your pregnant wife's needs. YTA according to comment.

Slugbugh2345 | Slugbugh2345

Marriage advice given to oblivious husband by commenter. 💋

djscott95 | djscott95

Spousal communication fail: time to grovel and apologize 😭

7thatsanope | 7thatsanope

Friend ignores wife, plays 'white knight' to friend's wife. YTA.

Peanutsandcheese2021 | Peanutsandcheese2021

Is he really as helpful as he claims? 🤔

Imaginary_Coast_2084 | Imaginary_Coast_2084

OP gets called out for enabling friend's husband

larry1087 | larry1087

YTA for being too obsessed with your friend's wife 🔥

Glittersparkles7 | Glittersparkles7

Husband's care for friend's wife: YTA, focus on own wife. 🤦‍♂️

Pretty_Dimension_149 | Pretty_Dimension_149

YTA can't handle wife's concern about labor 😠

ulyssesintothepast | ulyssesintothepast

Friend needs to prioritize his wife, not create drama 🤷🏼‍♀️

Jsnightlife | Jsnightlife

Friend tries to show off but fails wife, causing discomfort 😓

PsychologicalHalf422 | PsychologicalHalf422

Learn from your mistakes and take care of your wife 👍

savemysanitylove | savemysanitylove

Pregnant girlfriend ignored on boat trip, guy in trouble 😱

Vegetable_Orchid4317 | Vegetable_Orchid4317

Friend's husband ignores his wife, OP is YTA. Keep apologising 🚫

Such-Perspective-758 | Such-Perspective-758

Partner lacks consideration: Commenter gives YTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA verdict.

MetalMilitiaMiki | MetalMilitiaMiki

Friendship and marriage rivalry gone wrong 😱🚤

brunettebhabi | brunettebhabi

"Mentally possessing your wife" 🚩 YTA drama on boat trip

AccomplishedAndReady | AccomplishedAndReady

YTA for neglecting your pregnant wife to impress your friends. 🚤

ScarletHarlotThe | ScarletHarlotThe

NTA and wife overreacted due to pregnancy hormones 😳

Space_Tibs | Space_Tibs

Pregnancy hormones can make things tough, NTA husband shines with empathy 👌

Demi9999 | Demi9999

NTA. Don't let your friend's drama ruin your relationship 👍

hondac55 | hondac55

OP's boat trip with pregnant friend's wife criticized as YTA 😱

LengzhaiCS | LengzhaiCS

Spouses can choose to sit out. NTA for wanting fun 😎

kahluakoala | kahluakoala

Misunderstood friend gets called out for overstepping boundaries 🤔

my_choice | my_choice

Friendship boundaries crossed? Accusations of affair and favoritism 😱

irrocau | irrocau

Friend doesn't offer pregnant woman food, wife overreacts 🤦‍♂️

Biquets | Biquets

User calls out man for neglecting his pregnant wife to dote on his friend's wife, accusing him of having feelings for her. YTA. 🚤

AdventurousReward663 | AdventurousReward663

Friend's husband accused of having a crush. 🤪 Drama ensues.

Even-Sheepherder7233 | Even-Sheepherder7233

When your partner shows favoritism towards someone else 😡

Weak_Baker4975 | Weak_Baker4975

Possible attraction to Polly causing wife's discomfort, apologize sincerely 😬

Live_Badger7941 | Live_Badger7941

Defending a husband's missed appointment, NTA comment stands out 💪

LordUzaki | LordUzaki

YTA for dismissing wife's pregnancy concerns and not listening on boat.

RaceMooseZ | RaceMooseZ

NTA. Don't let one missed drink order ruin your day 🚤

Shootandtap | Shootandtap

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