Friendship on the Rocks Over an iPad 📱💔

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We've all had our fair share of misunderstandings with friends, but this one takes the cake 🎂! Our protagonist received an iPad from her best friend after her own got damaged. She thought it was a gift, but things took a turn when the friend asked for it back. Let's dive into this rollercoaster of emotions and see how it all unfolded. 😬🎢

The Cracked iPad Dilemma 📱

fleshwadyt | fleshwadyt

A Friend's Generous Offer? 🤔

fleshwadyt | fleshwadyt

No Charge for Friends! 🚫💵

fleshwadyt | fleshwadyt

The Unexpected Request 😲

fleshwadyt | fleshwadyt

A Misunderstood Gift? 🎁

fleshwadyt | fleshwadyt

Pricey Predicament 💸

fleshwadyt | fleshwadyt

Can't Afford That! 😱

fleshwadyt | fleshwadyt

Keep It or Not? 🤷

fleshwadyt | fleshwadyt

Rude or Reasonable? 🧐

fleshwadyt | fleshwadyt

Returning the iPad 🔄

fleshwadyt | fleshwadyt

Giving It Time ⏳

fleshwadyt | fleshwadyt

Public Accusations 😢

fleshwadyt | fleshwadyt

Feeling Hurt 💔

fleshwadyt | fleshwadyt

Edit: The Real Price 💰

fleshwadyt | fleshwadyt

Almost New Condition 🌟

fleshwadyt | fleshwadyt

iPad Drama: A Friendship Crumbles 🥺

So, our protagonist thought she received an iPad as a gift from her best friend. However, when her friend asked for it back to sell and buy a new phone, things got messy. After a confusing back-and-forth about the iPad's value, she decided to return it and buy her own. But her friend didn't take it well, blocking her on social media and publicly accusing her of being a bad friend. 😔💔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Assertive NTA stands up to manipulative 'friend' over iPad gift 📱

FireInsideofMe | FireInsideofMe

Cutting off toxic friends on social media 👊

UniSquirrel13 | UniSquirrel13

Friendship saved by returning iPad, NTA 👍

maggienetism | maggienetism

Miscommunication over iPad purchase, NTA for returning product promptly 👍

BushyEyes | BushyEyes

Navigating confusing gift-giving: NTA for returning iPad. 👍

Fan_Berry | Fan_Berry

Returning the gift was the right move. NTA 👍

Dookwithanegg | Dookwithanegg

Confusing gift exchange leads to blocked friend. NTA.

pretty-good-figs | pretty-good-figs

Respectful actions cause hurt feelings over gifted iPad 🎁

SugarFreeHershey | SugarFreeHershey

Friend demands payment for gifted iPad, insults OP. NTA.

AngeloPappas | AngeloPappas

Generous offer turned gift, NTA. Money matters in friendship 💵

Flashy_Current2284 | Flashy_Current2284

Suspicious pricing raises questions in comment section 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't fall for transactional friendships, you're NTA for sure! 👍

DncgBbyGroot | DncgBbyGroot

Defending against unjust anger, NTA. No good deed goes unpunished.

jkl545454 | jkl545454

Friend tries to manipulate friend into buying overpriced iPad 💰

Azwozzle | Azwozzle

NTA. Friend lied about iPad and threw you under the bus 👎

zane910 | zane910

Declining expensive gifts from friends may prevent future conflicts. 👍

ankerous | ankerous

Handling a friend's financial crisis, NTA but not happy 💰

External_Set_1766 | External_Set_1766

Returning iPad should have resolved issue, friend overreacting 🙄

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

When playing the blame game, no one wins 👎

No-Passage546 | No-Passage546

Friendship saved from iPad scammer 👏

ShadyBookDealer | ShadyBookDealer

Returning the iPad was the right move, NTA 👍

2newForAGoodName | 2newForAGoodName

Friend asks for gift back, turns on friend. NTA.

8kijcj | 8kijcj

Buying a new phone for a friend? NTA, apparently.

Visassess | Visassess

Cutting off toxic friends is sometimes the best decision 👍

Maxxil | Maxxil

Insuring an $800 iPad is a no-brainer 💰

silent_whisper89 | silent_whisper89

Friendship on the rocks over iPad, but NTA prevails 👏

Responsible-Paper-17 | Responsible-Paper-17

Cutting off toxic friends and taking legal action 💪

Wumbo-33 | Wumbo-33

Gift returned as requested, NTA wins this round 👏

bishkebab | bishkebab

Friend refuses payment but demands gift payment? NTA 👍

SassyBSN | SassyBSN

300 is still going strong! NTA for keeping it.

tkkdke2020 | tkkdke2020

Clear and concise NTA comment shuts down indecisive friend.

wotageek | wotageek

Friendship saved from insane and manipulative friend 👏

Jujulabee | Jujulabee

Friendship on the rocks over iPad. NTA calls out mind games.

Icantcommit4 | Icantcommit4

Generous gift doesn't entitle her to ask for money now 👍

yellowchaitea | yellowchaitea

iPad gift or not? Friend's demand is wild! NTA 👍

hammocks_ | hammocks_

Standing up to a fake friend who tried to sell iPad 👊

dennismullen12 | dennismullen12

Gifts turned into debts by relatives. NTA for stopping it. 👏

Calm_Initial | Calm_Initial

Friendship shattered over iPad gift turned demand 💔

seba_make | seba_make

Fair play: If no money was asked for, no money owed.

helluvahoe | helluvahoe

Gift-giving gone wrong, friend labeled trashy. NTA wins.

get-creative | get-creative

Returning iPad was right, friends should understand. NTA 👍

loxima | loxima

Friendship saved by setting boundaries and saying no 🙅‍♂️

ComprehensiveBand586 | ComprehensiveBand586

Toxic friend blocked commenter over iPad, but it's for the best 👍

aizawalover523 | aizawalover523

Clear communication is key. NTA for not giving in.

TheRacoonNinja | TheRacoonNinja

Mom wants money for gifted iPad, commenter says NTA 👏

catsnakelady | catsnakelady

Friend gifts iPad, demands money, gets angry when declined. NTA.

Tinkerrific | Tinkerrific

A gift is a gift, not an afterthought. NTA 👍

candles_0904 | candles_0904

Misunderstanding over iPad purchase leads to lost friendship 💔

ksarahsarah27 | ksarahsarah27

Friend blocked NTA friend to avoid facing her behavior 😒

noideaatall4real | noideaatall4real

Cutting ties with toxic friends is sometimes necessary 👍 NTA

Henry205 | Henry205

Friendship ruined over iPad gift and phone replacement demand 💔

Chromebookuser124 | Chromebookuser124

Harsh advice: Cut out the a**hole friend 👎

plantshavefeelingsto | plantshavefeelingsto

Friendship saved: commenter not the a**hole for denying friend's scam 👍

RocheCoach | RocheCoach

Friend wants cash, not iPad, gets mad when denied 💰

CanadianJediCouncil | CanadianJediCouncil

NTA. Friend's bizarre behavior reveals immaturity and instability. Good riddance! 😉

Electrical_Turn7 | Electrical_Turn7

Friendship ended over iPad drama, NTA prevails 👏

TheGreatNyanHobo | TheGreatNyanHobo

Friendship saved by fair selling practices 👍

honeymonster2014 | honeymonster2014

Friend refuses to pay for gift later. NTA. 👍

baggleboots | baggleboots

Friend accuses OP's art as hers on social media, NTA

Plantsandanger | Plantsandanger

Toxic friend alert! NTA. Confusing situation, you deserve better 👏

Throwaway41790a | Throwaway41790a

Return the gift to avoid a shady bill. #NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friendship on the rocks over an iPad. 📱💔 NTA for not giving in to tricky behavior.

littlemadclown | littlemadclown

NTA stands up to entitled neighbor kid over cable box.

Jimm120 | Jimm120

When a friend offers a chair but takes it back 👎

DatSalazar | DatSalazar

iPad payment leads to broken friendship, NTA verdict given.

RoseTyler38 | RoseTyler38

Preserve friendships by gifting, not loaning money 💰

Chasingdragons39 | Chasingdragons39

Friendship fallout over iPad reveals true character of manipulative friend 👊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friendship over iPad gift and money-making scheme. NTA.

NoApollonia | NoApollonia

Friendship saved by iPad upgrade 📱👍

brazentory | brazentory

Friend offers iPad as a gift, then asks for money? NTA 👏

Aggressive-Sample612 | Aggressive-Sample612

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