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13+ Funny Pics To Stare At While Some Guy In Khakis Tells You To Smile More

There's a chance that you may be wearing khaki pants yourself right now, and you may think that we're making fun of you. Well, you'd be right, now go out and buy some proper clothes that aren't aimed at dad's who think that "business casual" is a good look.

However, while those people are out rethinking their life's choices, let me distract the rest of you from the bleak 24/7 hurricane of misery that the news has become with 13+ funny pics to stare at while some guy in khakis tells you to smile more!


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Yelling "NOT A SQUIRREL!" sounds like the exact sort of thing that a squirrel in disguise would shout to try and cover its tracks. I'm not falling for it!

That Costs Extra

Reddit | JeffCentaur

Whatever their wage is, those are some extremely underpaid workers.

"Every year I get my boyfriend a cake for his birthday. This year I asked what type he wanted. He said 'I don’t care.'"

Reddit | shesafireball

I want this cake for every remaining birthday that I have. Never before has a cake so accurately represented how I feel inside. My soul is a pink-frosted, garish, pop-culture-obsessed nightmare laced with hateful comments.

"The Good Boy Party has the best treats!"

Reddit | strychnine28

The party is also strongly in favor of taxing the rich, universal healthcare, and plastic balls with bells and squeakers in them. They are passionately against fireworks 'cause they're very loud!

"Roomba Suicide in my House last night. It somehow wrapped up its sensors in TP and headed off the edge."

Reddit | nvoy_to_the_Stars

If you're an automatic cleaning machine with no purpose other than one which you were assigned by your lazy creator, then the "Existential Roombas Forum" may be the place for you.

Meet Logan, The Next David Attenborough!

Reddit | spongue

This could be the best essay that I have ever read in my life. He sets out his hypothesis, has a point to prove, and backs his argument up with facts. Marvelous.

"You've been warned"

Reddit | odyne9

If you've ever been in a relationship with someone who uses fabric scissors then you'll understand that this is not an empty threat. Dear lord, far from it!

"Wife asked me toss the sheets in the washer and set it to the hottest temp. I've been staring at my options for 2 hours"

Reddit | Mithmorthmin

Where on Earth did you get this washing machine from? The land that convenience forgot? I'd take a punt on "WarmWarm", it seems more reliable than "HotCold".

Guess He Misread The Memo

Reddit | sammifarnsi

He came so close to nailing it! Although in a manner, he did it more perfectly than any of them!

The Truth About Littering

Reddit | Wewwwwwwwwww

Pick up your damn trash people! It's not like bins are there for purely aesthetic purposes like gyms are!


Reddit | mehawhaw

Those 29% of people in the audience were clearly attempting to punish him for his stupidity. I mean, Llamathrust?! Can we all start calling it that now, please?

Speaking The Truth

Reddit | tacobelley

Yes, I'm sure that some people will be whinging in a nasally annoying voice about why it exists; but let's be honest, it only exists so the clock in your car is wrong half of the year.

Honk Honk, All Aboard The Relatable Bus!

Reddit | Sanslik

Everyone needs to stop standing there gawping, can't they see it's crying out for attention?

"Haven‘t found my fisheyelens for weeks. My mom used it as a clipper"

Reddit | ur1m

Well, I hope it at least kept your boring looking cereal fresh. Just give in and buy some Frosties or something else with sugar on and don't hate yourself so much.

They'll Stop At Nothing

Reddit | lickmybowls

Psycho violin screech

Tis The Season After All!

Reddit | jallen79to60

Deck the halls with boughs of— actually, you know what, probably better not.

Ah, The Wonders Of The Night Shift

Reddit | Simian_Garfunkel

How to destroy your social life in one move, offer to take overnight shifts!

Leave 'Em Smiling!

Reddit | Ldx123456002

Whenever you find yourself down, just look at this cat and think, "If that goofy cat can put a brave face on when it's clearly dying inside, then I can too!"

I Ain't Afraid Of No Sign

Reddit | GiaacomoTheKing

Actually, no, this sign has a very valid point and you definitely should be afraid of the meaning behind it.

"Found in Central Park. Stephen, if you're out there, keep doing you."

Reddit | foonsirhc

I wish I loved something as much as this guy clearly loves plaques. I guess I'm just dead inside.