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Billie Eilish's New Mullet Was A Total Accident

Oh, Billie...buddy...

She was recently spotted on a red carpet sporting what many are calling a mullet. And unfortunately for her, it was not a wig.

In fact, it was a total accident that landed her in the mullet hall of fame. Oops.

Meet Billie's mullet.

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Billie debuted her accidental mullet at the LACMA Art + Film Gala last weekend. You know, the same gala where everyone finally noticed Keanu Reeves has a girlfriend.

Okay, that thing is barely a mullet, first of all.

Second of's still barely a mullet!

Some layers are shorter in the front, but calling it a mullet is generous at best. It's more like super choppy layers circa the early 2000s.

TMZ caught up with her.


They found her at an airport, which is classic TMZ. When in doubt, corner a celebrity while traveling!

She had a hood over her hair, presumably to cover the aforementioned pseudo-mullet.

The camera guy asked her about it.

A ton of paparazzi met she and her party as they walked into the airport.

"TMZ: All your fans are loving the mullet. Are you gonna start a trend now?"

Well, that man fully just lied to Billie Eilish.


Twitter | @crying4billie

Anyone who's been on Twitter for five minutes knows that no one roasts their faves more than stan Twitter.

Searching for Billie Eilish + mullet only turns up Tweets from her fans saying they didn't say that. Justice! For! Billie's! Stans!

Billie laughed.


She legit had not heard that before, which proves the whole "we would have tagged her in memes" theory true.

"Mullet? What do you mean, mullet?" She asked.

The camera man continued, "That’s what they say, the mullet!"

They don't, tho.

She totally took it like a champ.


"That’s so mean!" She was laughing the whole time, so no worries. I'm guessing she wasn't really offended, considering what she revealed about her haircut later.

The TMZ guy was puzzled. "Is that mean?"

So, there may have been an accident...

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"No, listen you know what happened? Somebody dyed my hair, and they burned half of it off."

This lowkey makes me wonder if she had one of her friends dye it, rather than a professional. Or am I wrong? Let me know.

She did say it looked like a mullet, though.


"And now it looks like a mullet. That [expletive] not on purpose, though."

See? So there you go. It was not intentional, she is not happy about it, but she does think people thinking it's a mullet is funny.

The TMZ cameraman had some advice for her.

"Keep the mullet!" He yelled as she walked away.

Billie was not feeling that suggestion. "No! I’m growing that [expletive] out!"

I mean...of course she's going to grow it out after being told it looks like a friggin' mullet.

Her fans DID have memes for this video, however.

Not ones to be accused of dragging their fave when they fully did not, they took to Twitter to drag TMZ, instead.

Imagine telling Billie to keep a mullet and not expecting to be mocked on Twitter.

I'm so about this new video meme.

Everyone has been using it lately, but let's be real — this was the perfect deployment of it.

Billie Eilish stans: I frickin' salute you and all that you stand for, aka not mullets.

This is basically how it went.

You gotta love an artist who can be told it looks like she has a mullet, and her first reaction is to think it's funny.

This is why her fans can drag her and she'll just encourage them.

By far one of my favorite takes.

Who knew that a) people still had mullets, and b) someone could feel so passionately about mullets.

The frustrating thing is that some people truly can pull them off. I mean, Billie actually could, right?

You know what, this explains it all.

Alternatively, Billie is a secretly a stan herself, and really wanted to pay tribute to Billy Ray Cyrus in her own way.

Nah. But that was a great way to wrap up this article. May the mullet be with you.