Ryan Reynolds Trolled Henry Cavill's Bad Mustache In 'Justice League' And He Responded

Yes, it seems that there's a little bit of tension between the two superhero worlds that are Marvel and DC.

Even though we as fans are probably sure who has won this battle, it's nice to see two celebs keep it up.

Let's have a chat about Marvel and DC.


It is one of the greatest rivalries in comic book history.

For years, you were either a bigger DC person or a bigger Marvel person, and the debates raged on between the two.

And in the early days, DC dominated the film world.


We had the early Christopher Reeves Superman movies, and of course the Tim Burton Batman movies.

Marvel was hardly a blip on anyone's radar before the year 2000, to be honest.

And even after 'Spider-Man' came out in 2002...


It still felt like DC was going to dominate into the future, mostly thanks to the Christopher Nolan Batman movies.

I mean, Dark Knight is still on IMDb's top movies of all time.

But then 2008 happened, and Marvel released a little known movie: 'Iron Man.'


This movie swept the nation and kicked off a whole series of movies that would change film forever.

Or, at least for the next ten years.

DC tried to get back into the race...


However, the movie-going public thought movies like Man Of Steel tended to be too dark, as opposed to the lighter, funnier and fluffier affairs that were in the MCU.

Sure, DC tried to copy them for a time...


Suicide Squad was obviously an attempt to capitalize on that aforementioned "fun" that ran rampant throughout Guardians of The Galaxy, but for some reason, it didn't resonate with audiences in the same way.

And they can't just blame audiences either...


They made some very questionable decisions in their time, most that alienated audiences.

So it wasn't really our fault, or even Marvel's fault, that we weren't enjoying their movies.

By the time they came out with their own ensemble movie 'Justice League,' it was already too late.


Heck, by that time, it had been about five years too late.

It was 2017, and Marvel was already coming out with their third ensemble movie a year later.

And so, the world of superhero movies seems to belong to Marvel for now.


But this article isn't going to be all about the rivalry between DC and Marvel that we never really got to experience.

No, it's more about a prank between two actors...

Part of the fun of having a rivalry between DC and Marvel is that the actors can sometimes bump heads with each other.


The latest example comes from Ryan Reynolds' latest Instagram post.

Ryan Reynolds is one of Marvel's greatest assets, playing Deadpool in one of the greatest superhero R-Rated comedies of all time.



It has done a lot better than most (looking at you, Joker) DC movies.

And as you also may or may not know...


Henry Cavill played Superman in... well, a couple of DC movies, but most notably Man Of Steel, the movie that started all of this DC debauchery.

Keep that in mind when you read on....

As you can see, he's making fun of the most iconic superhero of all.

Or rather, one of the bad moments in one of Superman's movies.

In this ad for his gin company, Ryan Reynolds sports a mustache that is covered up by bad CGI, much like Henry Cavill's was in Justice League.

Of course, Henry Cavill had to respond.

Instagram | @vancityreynolds

In the way that only someone from the DC Universe could: sadly admit defeat.

He posted the above comment under Ryan Reynold's video, and we can feel the pain through that comment.

Don't worry about Henry, he's got a lot on the horizon.


Specifically, he's going to be in that new Witcher.

If you're a fan of the video game, you're probably excited for the show, which seems incredible!

So what did we learn?


While the movie rivalry between Marvel and DC may be dead, it seems that the ones between their actors are certainly not.

It's all in good fun, we know, but it's still hilarious to watch the videos!