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Husband-Of-The-Year Surprises Christmas-Obsessed Wife With Giant Decorated Tree

Some people are so obsessed with Christmas, you would think they had moved down from the North Pole. Think Buddy the Elf, but it's not a movie. I really wouldn't put it past them if they only ate spaghetti with maple syrup for the whole holiday season.

One man just won the award for Husband-Of-The-Year when he surprised his wife with an early Christmas morning.

Many people can't wait for all the Halloween hype to be over and done with so that they can get the holiday party started on November 1.

For many, this entails getting the Christmas tree all set up.

However, no one is as Christmas-obsessed as one wife from Phoenix, Arizona.

Her husband knows that.

Every year, Troy Amdahl's wife, Kris, wants to get all the Christmas festivities going as soon as Halloween ends.

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And every year, he insists they set up after Thanksgiving.

This year was a whole different story.

Just like the Grinch, it appears that Troy's heart grew three sizes.

Kris, pictured here, woke up on November first to a massive Christmas tree fully decorated in her living room.

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But Troy's story about this picture is really what's amazing.

"This was last night, not last year. And this was her real reaction," Troy Amdahl wrote in a viral Facebook post.

"Actually, this was after tears, and after literally jumping up and down."

"You see, she loves Christmas more than anyone over 12 I know."

"She loves ALL of it, the Hallmark movies, the decorating, the gift giving, family, the meaning...ALL of it."

Kris certainly isn't alone!

"For years, I resisted., digging my heels in, insisting “no decorations until after Thanksgiving.” This year I surprised her with this."

Facebook | Troy Amdahl

"And by her reaction, my only disappointment is that I didn’t do this years ago."

"Heck, if it makes someone I love this much, this happy, it can stay up all year as far as I’m concerned."

I don't know how Troy is going to ever top this surprise! At least he has just over a month to think about it.