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Lady Gaga Opens Up About PTSD, Chronic Pain, and 'Psychotic Break' In New Interview

Lady Gaga has always been an artist who values honesty and open communication between herself and her fans, which is so refreshing to see in this day and age.

In a new interview with Elle speaking to Oprah, Gaga got very real on some very personal subjects.

In the interview, Oprah asks Gaga about her response to winning an Oscar and being nominated for another for her work in 'A Star Is Born.'

Lady Gaga's answer was brutally honest. "When I won the Oscar for 'Shallow,' I looked at it, and a reporter asked me, 'When you look at that Oscar, what do you see?' And I said, 'I see a lot of pain.'"

"And I wasn’t lying in that moment."

She continued, "I was raped when I was 19 years-old, repeatedly. I have been traumatized in a variety of ways by my career over the years from many different things, but I survived, and I’ve kept going."

Gaga opened up about still dealing with the effects of this issue.

"I have PTSD. I have chronic pain. Neuropathic pain trauma response is a weekly part of my life. I’m on medication; I have several doctors. This is how I survive."

Gaga had an emotional message.

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"I kept going," she said, "and that kid out there or even that adult out there who’s been through so much, I want them to know that they can keep going, and they can survive, and they can win their Oscar."

Later in the interview, Gaga got real about a low point in her life.

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"I had a psychotic break at one point, and it was one of the worst things that’s ever happened to me. I was brought to the ER to urgent care and they brought in the doctor, a psychiatrist."

"I’m just screaming, and I said, 'Could somebody bring me a real doctor?'"

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"I didn’t understand what was going on, because my whole body went numb; I fully dissociated. I was screaming, and then he calmed me down and gave me medication for when that happens—olanzapine," she said. "It helped me that day, and that man and all my friends, they saved my life."